stamping for nails

Almost every owner of long well-groomed nails strives to have a perfect, attractive manicure. The modern industry of nail design allows not only to build up claws of any shape and length, but also to decorate them with an original pattern. Rhinestones and sparkles, various varnishes and paints, stickers and translations are used for this. Recently, nail stamping or stamping manicure is gaining more and more popularity.

Manicure with stamping

This foreign word is translated simply — stamping. The essence of the method is very simple, it is, indeed, applying drawings to the nails with the help of special stamps. The technology is so simple that you can do stamping with your own hands, at home. It is enough just to purchase a special set of stencils and stock up on a little free time.

A distinctive feature of such a manicure is that you do not need special skills and drawing talent. The use of various cliches allows you to fantasize and experiment, and the procedure itself takes very little time.

How to use stamping?

First you need to do a classic manicure and cover your nails with a base varnish, it can be transparent or colored, it is better to refuse mother-of-pearl tones so that the picture looks more advantageous. The kit for this design includes several special paints, a special stamp and stencils for stamping.

On the disk with pictures, select the one you want to see on your nails. Apply paint to the stencil, attach the stamp to it, pressing it well, and then immediately attach the stamp with the imprint of the pattern to the nail. All! To remove excess paint, you will find a special scraper in the kit, and a couple of attempts will make you a master of stamping manicure. To fix the effect and preserve the manicure, it is better to cover the finished result with a transparent varnish.

Using several disks with drawings, drawing pictures on top of each other, color combinations — all this opens up huge scope for your imagination. Creating a unique pattern on the nails is now easy. In addition, in nail design stores you can not only choose the set you like, but also additionally purchase discs with stencils and paints, as well as diversify your collection of manicure tools or stock up on sparkles, rhinestones and other decor materials.

What varnish is needed for stamping?

To apply patterns on nails using stamping, it is best to purchase special paints. Their main difference from varnish is the density and saturation of color. It is in order to make even the most delicate pattern attractive and bright that the paint has a very rich color. When choosing colors, think about how you will use them. The most popular, of course, are black, white and red. However, original drawings can be obtained with completely stencils for stampingunexpected shades, especially if the base is made colorless. Bright berries or unusual prints, lace on the tips of nails or traces of animals, hieroglyphs or all kinds of flowers — now the beauty of your nails is completely in your hands.

Create your own atmosphere at your fingertips, spending quite a bit of time, come up with and implement any manicure design, please your friends with a quick and neat nail art. Stamping not only frees you from the need to go to beauty salons for drawings on your nails, but also gives you the opportunity to decorate the manicure of all the women you know that you are not indifferent to.

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