shellac with rhinestones

Nail polishes have long gone into the background, which, after a couple of days, strive to get off the nail, spoiling the mood of the fashionista. They were replaced by shellac, which, in combination with shiny rhinestones, looks very stylish, and lasts for a very long time. In addition, today, in order to have such beauty, it is not necessary to visit beauty salons, you just need to purchase a bottle of shellac of the desired color.

Benefits of shellac nails with rhinestones

Before talking about the features, the advantages of this nail procedure, it is worth mentioning one single and such an insignificant minus. So, gel polish lasts for more than a week, and this suggests that if you want to change the image, then shellac must be removed with special means, and not with the usual acetone solution.

The perfect combination of useful and pleasant — can anything be better? Such a varnish will protect the nail from the negative effects of various detergents, and will give even an everyday look a “zest”. After all, shellac will make the nails sparkle, and if nail art is complemented by sparkling rhinestones, then with such a manicure any look will be irresistible.

Shellac ideas with rhinestones

First of all, it is impossible not to mention the novelty among cosmetic products — Bluesky Termo gel polish. Its main feature is that it is able to change the shade, depending on the ambient temperature. So, with its help, you can create a breathtaking jacket or manicure with such a popular ombre effect. For example, red varnish will change to pink when the temperature changes, and gray to black.

Using a single-phase varnish, which is both a base coat and a base, and acts as a fixer, you can not only save your own time, but also achieve unsurpassed results. On nails with such shellac, along with rhinestones, you can create simple patterns.

Gel polish with silver pollen can be safely used to create a festive mood. And in the sunlight, the nails give off unthinkable beauty, blinding everyone around with it.

Using permanent shellac, not only a mirror shine is created, but the nail plate also receives additional strength. Its main feature is that it does not leave streaks or any uneven areas. Moreover, glossy shine remains on the nail for up to 25 days. And this saves not only the time of the fair sex, but also money.

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