shellac design 2016

Shellac has gained wide popularity not by chance — this technique allows you to create an interesting nail design, it helps girls enjoy a beautiful manicure for quite a long time. In addition, shellac is currently used not only in salons, but also at home, which, of course, cannot but please fashionistas who are not ready or do not want to spend a lot of money on a manicure.

Nail design — shellac 2016

In addition to the fact that shellac lasts for a long time and looks good on nails, it has another wonderful advantage — it makes nails more aesthetic and visually strong.

The design of shellac in 2016 is diverse, so girls can only choose which style and pattern they like:

  1. frenchis still relevant. It has been in trend for several years now due to the fact that it looks spectacular and allows you to create various patterns on your nails. In 2016, you have the opportunity to wear both classic and reverse jacket.
  2. ombre could be a stylish solution this year. Trendy shellac design 2016 welcomes this technique. Particular attention should be paid to bright combinations, to varnishes of red, orange, burgundy, green, blue colors.
  3. Gold and silver flecks effectively complement the festive options for manicure. Brilliant manicure will help to create such fashionable jewelry as rhinestones, stones, broths. This summer, they will fit into a complex multi-color manicure and perfectly complement a plain shellac.

New design shellacs 2016

This year, naturalness continues to reign on the catwalks. You will not lose if you make a colorless or light shellac manicure — beige, light yellow, pink. In this color scheme, stylists also recommend using soft lines — lace pattern, leaves, flowers look good.

Not often there is a manicure with photo printing, but it is also in favorites. Take a closer look at it — such a manicure will not remain without a positive assessment of others. Photo printing is applied to several nails, which allows you to consider it everyday, but at any festive event, this design will be a great addition to the image. The new design of shellac on nails 2016 is stamping — stamps on the nail plate. The most fashionable in this direction will be linear and geometric patterns.

Shellac design 2016 is characterized by both calm and bright colors. And the girls are free to choose the drawing depending on fashion trends, which, by the way, do not limit their fantasies at all.

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