removing gel polish at home

Now gel polishes are widely used, characterized by long-term durability, rich color and shine. However, despite its strength, the coating begins to crack over time. Therefore, many are interested in removing gel polish at home. After all, you want to get rid of cracked varnish immediately, and not everyone has the opportunity to go to a specialist.

Required Tools

When carrying out the procedure, you need to understand that working with this material is much more difficult than with the usual one. After all, the gel is practically absorbed into the top layer of the nail plate, so you should not just peel it off, because of the likelihood of seriously damaging your nails.

To carry out the procedure, it is necessary to prepare the following materials:

  • nail polish remover or ordinary liquid with acetone, the use of products without acetone will not bring any effect;
  • cotton pads, previously cut into two parts;
  • orange manicure stick (in its absence, you can use a plastic one);
  • foil will also be needed to remove the gel polish coating, it can be a special foil for baking or the one in which chocolate is wrapped;
  • sanding file.

Removing gel polish at home

The process is carried out by performing the following steps:

  1. First, you should remove the gloss by passing the nail file over the nails. It is not necessary to press hard on the tool. This step is skipped if shellac has been applied.
  2. Hands are lubricated with any fat cream. This is to protect the skin from the effects of acetone.
  3. Halves of cotton pads are moistened in a liquid prepared in advance and cover the nail with them.
  4. Then caps are made from foil by wrapping each finger with it.
  5. After holding for 10 minutes, the cap is removed and cleaned with a stick removing gel polish at homecoating. The procedure is done with each nail. It is important to remove the varnish sequentially, since when removing the foil, you need to have time to clean off the coating so that it does not freeze again.
  6. At the final stage, hands are washed and processed with a nail file, giving the necessary shape. If irregularities occur on the plates, they are carried out with a nail file-polishing. After that, it is recommended to make an oil bath.

How long to keep the gel polish remover?

In the situation when a special liquid is used, the caps can be removed after ten minutes. If an ordinary liquid with the presence of acetone is used, then the time should be increased by 5-7 minutes. Also, the time increases in the case of removing varnish in saturated colors.

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