New Year's makeup - the best ideas and latest makeup trends for the New Year

During the meeting of the New Year, every woman wants to look better than others. The fair sex begins to think over their image for a long time, and they should choose not only an outfit, but also shoes, accessories, manicure, hair and makeup. All this should emphasize the beauty of its owner and make it bright and as effective as possible.

Makeup for the New Year 2018

When creating an image, many women pay special attention to the study of makeup. Proper use and application of cosmetics can transform any fashionista beyond recognition and make her a real queen of the evening. To look great and at the same time please the symbol of the upcoming season, New Year’s makeup 2018 for the New Year must comply with the following recommendations:

  • The yellow earth dog is the symbol of 2018, so most makeup products used to create a make-up should be in a yellow-brown color scheme. So, beige, terracotta, sand, mustard, gold and other shades are very well suited;
  • Universal tones that never lose their relevance will also be appropriate — black, white, gray and all nudes;
  • any New Year’s makeup should be correctly combined with hair, clothes and the whole image as a whole;
  • this year one should not give preference to too bright and defiant “coloring”;
  • Finally, to create a beautiful make-up, you need to prepare the base. Treat and nourish the skin in advance, correct the shape of the eyebrows and, if possible, hide any natural flaws from prying eyes.

makeup for the new year 2018

Makeup for New Year’s corporate party 2018

The question of what should be the New Year’s makeup 2018 very often arises among girls on the eve of festive corporate parties. At such events, every beautiful lady wants to look magical in order to outshine all her colleagues and interest the opposite sex. To match the tone of the holiday, it is useful to adhere to the following rules:

  • New Year’s make-up for a corporate party should be done in the evening range, while it should be discreet and delicate;
  • the emphasis in such a make-up can be placed only on one part of the face — on the eyes or on the lips;
  • to add shine, it is recommended to use gold, bronze or silver tones, however, there should not be too many of them;
  • black color when creating this type of makeup should be avoided. An exception may be classic mascara and eyeliner;
  • before applying cosmetics, you should even out the tone as much as possible using a suitable base and / or highlighter;
  • New Year’s smoky-eyes makeup is considered an excellent choice for a corporate party. In 2018, this win-win option can also be used by making it in brown or eggplant tones.

makeup for New Year's corporate party 2018

Makeup for New Year’s photo shoot 2018

A photo shoot on the eve of the New Year in many families has become a tradition that adults and children try to strictly observe. Having such shots in a family album, one can observe with interest how all family members change, and what unites them. If you are going to appear in front of the camera lens, it is very important to make a competent make-up, because all the photos will remain for a long time, and after receiving them it will be impossible to change anything.

Fashionable New Year’s makeup 2018, which will allow you to get incredibly beautiful and high-quality pictures, must comply with the following recommendations from stylists:

  • to create it, the most intense and saturated tones should be used. Do not be alarmed, in the finished photographs such a “war paint” is not visible, while the usual everyday make-up will look inconspicuous on them;
  • upper eyelashes need to make up as thickly as possible. At the same time, try not to overdo it with the lower ones, otherwise you can get the effect of circles under the eyes;
  • too brightly painted eyes, even in the pictures will look vulgar. For this reason, it is necessary to blend the shadows and eyeliner lines very carefully to avoid bright spots;
  • for shooting in a professional studio, mother-of-pearl shadows can be used; with the right lighting, they will give the eyes an elegant shine. If the photo shoot will be held at home, corporate or on the street, this type of decorative cosmetics should be avoided;
  • To create the perfect New Year’s makeup for a photo shoot, it is extremely important to choose the right shade of foundation. A too light color scheme will look like painful pallor in the pictures, and a dark one will visually age the face. To prevent this from happening, treat the choice of tone as carefully as possible or seek help from a specialist;
  • for lips, it is best to choose a matte lipstick, and to make the lips look more seductive, it is recommended to add a little gloss to the middle of the lower lip.

makeup for New Year's photo shoot 2018

Evening New Year’s make-up

The vast majority of the fair sex prefers to do New Year’s evening makeup with an emphasis on the eyes. At the same time, the correct use of decorative cosmetics helps girls to make their eyes more expressive, and the eyes themselves — visually larger. New Year’s eye makeup is crucial, because it determines how the girl will look — spectacular or restrained. To achieve the best result, make-up of this area should be done taking into account the color of the iris.

evening New Year's make-up

New Year’s makeup for brown eyes

Owners of the most beautiful brown iris will suit different make-up options. So, you can make up for a New Year’s corporate party for brown eyes in the «indigo» style, which is one of the most preferred today. The following step-by-step instructions will help you create it:

  1. Take a purple pencil and draw an arrow line from the inner corner of the eye to the outer, giving the organ of vision an almond shape.
  2. Using a flat brush, blend the pointed arrow towards the crease of the moving eyelid.
  3. On the crease of the moving eyelid, apply a dense shade of blue, emphasizing the shape of the eye.
  4. On top of the arrow, as well as on the lower eyelid, apply light lilac shadows with a mother-of-pearl shine.
  5. Gently blend the shadows from the inner corner of the eye to the outer, avoiding sharp borders and transitions.
  6. Apply blue eye shadow to the outer corner of the eye.
  7. Apply liquid eyeliner to the mucous membrane of the upper eyelid.
  8. The final step should be the application of black mascara in several layers.

Christmas makeup for brown eyes

New Year’s makeup for green eyes

Green-eyed beauties can do makeup for the New Year according to the following scheme:

  1. Adjust the shape and size of the eyes with matte shades of plum or gray tones.
  2. Blend the shadows with a soft brush towards the outer corner of the eye.
  3. On the entire upper eyelid, apply a thin layer of sparkling white or silver shadows.
  4. Using vinyl eyeliner, draw large arrows with long «tails», which must be symmetrical on both sides.

Christmas makeup for green eyes

New Year’s makeup for blue eyes

Makeup for blue eyes for the New Year can be done in various ways. So that it does not lose its appearance throughout the festive night, only high-quality cosmetics must be used to create it. In addition, it is useful to use the following technology:

  1. Apply foundation on the upper eyelid. This will help the rest of the make-up to last a long time.
  2. Next, apply shadows, while it is better not to use blue shades, so as not to make the look dull. An excellent choice for blue-eyed beauties will be brown, silver, purple or golden shades.
  3. To make the look more expressive, refer to the eyeliner, and you can safely make the arrow thicker than usual.

Christmas makeup for blue eyes

New Year’s makeup trends 2018

The main trend of the coming season will be yellow and all its many shades. However, this does not mean that yellow should be the only one. On the contrary, color combinations should be designed in such a way that a bright, festive and unsurpassed impression is created. Although all girls should look great this night, New Year’s makeup for brunettes can be made a little brighter and more expressive.

new year makeup trends 2018

New Year fantasy makeup

For a theme party dedicated to the main night of the year, New Year’s creative make-up fits perfectly. It will allow you to create a bright and memorable image that distinguishes its owner from the crowd. To make up in this way, you can apply several large snowflakes to your face or use rhinestones to create frost. It will be useful to paint your eyebrows in a snowy color.

Christmas fantasy makeup

Gentle New Year’s make-up

For girls who do not like to paint brightly, a light New Year’s make-up with a delicate mother-of-pearl shine is perfect. As a rule, pastel colors are used to create it — pink and peach, cream and pearl. Gentle New Year’s make-up for blondes is preferable, but some girls with dark hair color also apply it with pleasure.

delicate Christmas make-up

New Year’s makeup with sparkles

The most common makeup on New Year’s Eve is always created using decorative cosmetics with a pronounced mother-of-pearl shine. It actively uses sparkling shadows, sparkles and rhinestones. New Year’s brilliant makeup fits perfectly into the conditions of a corporate party or celebration of the main night in a restaurant, but at home it will be out of place.

New Year's makeup with sparkles

Bright New Year’s makeup

For many girls, make-up helps to demonstrate their individuality and stand out from the crowd. Ideas for New Year’s makeup that draws attention to its owner can be different, for example:

  • metallic style;
  • smokey ice in bright, «flashy» colors;
  • colored arrows;
  • white.

bright Christmas makeup

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