novelties in manicure 2015

Fashion does not stand still. It changes and every day brings us something special. So, the novelties in the manicure of the spring-summer 2015 season are no exception. Moreover, the popularity of the color scheme, which was adored by all the girls in the late 60s of the last century, is reviving.

Latest manicure trends 2015

  1. Nude. Everyone knows that many people adore a style that emphasizes naturalness, natural beauty. This season, nails covered in a delicate color palette get the palm. It can be beige, light pink, milky. In addition, if you want to give the image elegance, a drop of natural sexuality, it will not be superfluous to fix the manicure with glossy varnish. It is worth taking note that pastel colors can visually enlarge the nail plate. It is important to add to this the fact that owners of light, porcelain skin are advised to give preference to light shades (pink, milky). On the nails of dark-skinned beauties, a creamy, coffee-colored lacquer would be appropriate.
  2. New french manicure 2015. Classic white in combination with pink or translucent varnish does not give up its positions. In addition, it can be safely decorated with a brilliant scattering, lace decor. As never before, a jacket made in dark colors is in demand, and such a novelty of manicure in 2015 cannot but please lovers of grunge style. As for color design, shades of red, blue, chocolate are popular here.
  3. Lunar manicure. This season, the pointed form of such nail art is popular on the fashion wave. The main trends of this season are a duet of burgundy shades and delicate pastel colors. In addition, the metallic color has gained considerable popularity not only in the design of clothes, shoes, but also in manicure. To look stylish, it will not be superfluous to decorate a narrow strip with silver or gold glitter. Adding sequins, glitters or foil will help complete the charming look for a party, any celebration.
  4. Shellac manicure novelties 2015. Making short nails, do not get carried away with applying too large or small patterns. In addition, a monochromatic coating is appropriate here. When designing a classic jacket, it is important to remember that the main part of the nail plate should be covered with Negligee color. When choosing a color scheme, you should start from the main fashion trends and do not forget that pastel shades, sunny colors and contrasting combinations are at the peak of popularity.

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