new shellac colors 2014

An excellent manicure on well-groomed hands is an important part of any image of a modern girl. After the fashion weeks have ended, we can draw conclusions about the fashionable colors of Shellac 2014, which will become real trends in modern manicure.

New collection Shellac 2014

The new Shellac palette of 2014 was presented by CND. The latest spring collection, called Shellac Open Road, consists of six trendy shades that fit perfectly into the trendy color palette of the new season. Half of the colors of Shellac 2014 are a real reflection of spring freshness, bright sun, that is, it is more catchy and eye-catching. The second half is distinguished by delicate pastel shades that resemble the first spring buds. Shellac 2014 novelties include: mint (Shellac Mint Convertible), peach (Shellac Desert Poppy), dark mint (Shellac Sage Scarf), lemon yellow (Shellac Sun Bleached), translucent beige (Shellac Powder My Nose) and pastel pink (Shellac Clay Canyon). In addition, the new collection of these products also includes a long-term varnish called Vinylux CND. All varnishes are sold individually or in special sets in the same color range.

Fashionable manicure Shellac 2014

For the design of Shellac 2014, special latest pigments Copper Mine, Denim Geode, Desert Chameleon, Emerald Mirage, Amethyst Flash were also released. These pigments are sold in a set with stylish cases for smartphones. With such special products, Shellac nail design 2014 becomes an even more fashionable and stylish addition to any feminine look.

Do not forget that the fashionable manicure of the new spring-summer season has its own specific trends. The length of the nails should be short, they can be short or very short. As for the shape of the nails, it is better to choose oval or round. The color scheme can be different, the choice is simply huge: shades of milky, white and cream, red, beige, white and black tones. It is better to refuse decorating nails, since in the new season the main emphasis is on naturalness and naturalness, that is, everything should be done simply, efficiently and tastefully. It is also worth knowing what to refuse, creating an original and feminine manicure. Forget about modeling on nails and extended long options. No Chinese and Japanese painting with various decorations. Also, there should not be too many beads or rhinestones on the nails.

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