Navy blue dress - 50 photos of models for all occasions

A navy blue dress is one of the most stylish and versatile wardrobe items. It can be used to make everyday, office, evening bows, it all depends on the features of a particular model. Any fashionista will be able to choose the appropriate design of the thing.

Fashionable dark blue dress

Many collections of eminent couturiers feature a stylish dark blue dress. When creating it, the following design solutions are used:

  • a model made of lace or guipure looks incredibly feminine;
  • in the cool season, a knitted product will be a real find;
  • a thing made of velvet looks truly luxurious;
  • for going to the office, a case model will be a great solution;
  • if you want to create a romantic bow, you can use a dark blue silk dress;
  • a casual look will organically complement the style of a shirt;
  • it is advantageous to emphasize the dignity of the figure with the help of the noodle style;
  • a dark blue suede dress can be used for an evening out;
  • a product decorated with sequins will become a magnificent harmonious outfit.

fashionable dark blue dress

Fashionable dark blue dress

stylish dark blue dressbow with dark blue dress

Navy blue lace dress ChangeClear

A dark blue dress with lace looks extremely feminine and romantic:

  • the product can be completely made of lace fabric or contain separate openwork inserts;
  • in most models there is a lining, which is located under the bottom and excludes the translucence of body parts;
  • lace can contain a variety of patterns, both small and large;
  • there are combinations of different types of lace or a combination of this material with guipure.

dark blue lace dress

Navy blue shirt dress ChangeClear

One of the most popular variations of models in which a dark blue dress is presented is the “shirt” style:

  • the product is characterized by a special cut, this is expressed in the presence of fasteners in the form of buttons, which can be located only in the upper part or along the entire length of the thing;
  • the product can be supplemented with a belt that emphasizes the waistline;
  • a thing can be asymmetrical, for example, shorter in the front and elongated in the back;
  • as for the colors, it can be a dark blue striped dress, a cage or a plain model;
  • the denim model made in this version looks very organic. It can be decorated with lace inserts, contain embroidery with colored threads or a variety of applications. Denim inserts of a different color may be present, for example, a combination with a blue tint is considered traditional.

navy blue dress shirtshort dark blue dress

Navy blue sheath dress

To create business bows, a dark blue midi dress made in a sheath style will be a great solution:

  • the model is characterized by a length reaching the level of the knee;
  • may contain a spectacular edging, made in white;
  • the item may contain an overlaid snow-white rounded collar, softening the outfit and making it look like the image of a schoolgirl;
  • the product can be made from different types of materials, for example, it can be cotton, lace, other types of fabrics, both dense and light. There are variations of knitted patterns, which also have the shape of a case.

dark blue sheath dressnavy blue midi dress

Navy blue velvet dress

A dark blue velvet dress looks truly luxurious:

  • with the help of such a thing you can make incredibly bright everyday bows. For this, mini or midi models are suitable;
  • to create outfits intended for solemn exits, a dark blue evening dress made of velvet will become indispensable. It is often made in the maxi version, the product can be fitted or with an extended skirt.

dark blue velvet dress

Navy blue sequined dress

Another stylish and bright solution will be a dark blue shiny dress:

  • shine can be achieved through the use of a special fabric structure that contains sequins in its composition;
  • small or large sequins can be sewn over the fabric;
  • another decoration option is rhinestone decoration;
  • sequins can evenly cover the entire surface of a thing or be located in a certain part, for example, decorate the bodice of a product, sleeves or a skirt.

dark blue dress with sequins

Dark blue velvet dress

For a solemn appearance and going to a party, a dark blue velvet dress is perfect:

  • the product can be sewn exclusively from velvet or act in combination with any other material;
  • a velvet thing can look even more vivid by decorating with rhinestones;
  • An extremely important point is to choose the right tights for a dark blue dress. The ideal choice would be the addition of black or a skin tone that matches the skin tone as closely as possible.

navy blue evening dress

Navy blue silk dress

Lovers of romantic sophisticated bows will appreciate this option as a dark blue dress made of silk:

  • silk is a material flowing along the figure with soft folds, it looks incredibly feminine;
  • a short dark blue dress will be appreciated by young women of fashion who will have the opportunity to demonstrate slender legs;
  • the product can have a free flowing silhouette, a trapezoid shape, a fitted style, it can be complemented by a belt that emphasizes the waist area.

dark blue silk dress

Navy knitted dress ChangeClear

For late autumn, early spring and winter, a dark blue knee-length dress knitted from yarn will be a real find:

  • a figure-hugging option is common, it is known as «noodles»;
  • the use of a flared skirt or an extension from the chest area is also allowed, in the latter case the model is known as a «trapeze»;
  • an elastic band is often used for knitting, in some cases certain patterns may be present, for example, these are braids that are located longitudinally along all surfaces of the product.

dark blue knitted dress

Dark blue guipure dress

Another way to make a romantic bow is to use a dark blue floor-length dress or a mini or midi length item made of guipure for this:

  • this material can cover the entire surface or be located in any particular part, for example, a skirt or top can be guipure;
  • guipure is mainly used in combination with a dense non-translucent lining;
  • the openwork pattern on the fabric can be small or large.

dark blue guipure dress

Navy Noodle Dress ChangeClear

You can make an incredibly stylish bow with a dark blue dress, which is made in the style of «noodles»:

  • the product is characterized by a figure-hugging silhouette, so it will make visible even the smallest flaws. Such a thing is recommended to be worn by slender fit women of fashion;
  • the model can be made of knitwear, this is a lighter version, or knitted from yarn, such a thing will become indispensable in the winter season.

dark blue dress noodles

What to wear with a dark blue dress?

When deciding what to wear with a dark blue dress, there will be no problems. This is due to the versatility of the color and the possibility of its combination with wardrobe items of various shades:

  1. You can give the image tenderness and sophistication if you use pastel colors. It can be a jacket or cardigan, a cardigan thrown over the top, an exquisite neckerchief.
  2. To make the bow as bright as possible mono, if you apply shoes, wardrobe items, jewelry to a dark blue dress of juicy red, yellow, raspberry hue.
  3. You can take dark tones, but you need to make sure that the image does not come out too gloomy. This can be avoided by using some bright detail, even if it is small. For example, it could be a belt or a brooch.
  4. The choice of outerwear largely depends on the features of the cut of a particular thing. Classic case models can be worn with a fitted coat, made in an elegant style.
  5. A shirt or noodle style knitted from yarn can be combined with an oversized coat or a stylish down jacket. For warmer weather, a light denim or leather jacket is a win-win solution.

what to wear with a navy blue dressstylish dark blue dress

Shoes for a dark blue dress

The important point is to choose the right shoes for a dark blue dress:

  1. The color of the shoes can be absolutely anything, these are dark tones, such as black and brown, and light pastel shades, and bright catchy colors, such as red, yellow, orange.
  2. The style of shoes depends on the features of a particular model of the product. To the «shirt» model, you can pick up closed lace-up shoes. The classic «case» model can be combined with pumps with low or significant heels. «Noodles» can be combined with both elegant shoes and closed shoes with tractor soles.

dark blue dress shoesdark blue dress shoes

Accessories for a dark blue dress

To make the image as complete and organic as possible, it can be supplemented with stylish accessories:

  1. The choice of bag is determined by the features of the cut of clothing. The “shirt” style, which has a free oversized fit, can be complemented by a bulk bag-bag, backpack, universal shopper or tote.
  2. A handbag for a dark blue sheath dress should be selected in an elegant medium or small size. It can have a rounded or traditional rectangular or square shape.
  3. Evening outfit can be complemented with a miniature exquisite clutch, which can be matte or shiny.

dark blue dress accessories

Jewelry for a dark blue dress

Well-chosen jewelry can act as a bright accent and harmoniously complement the outfit. They are presented in the following variations:

  • gold or silver jewelry, which can be very elegant, small, or large;
  • costume jewelry for a dark blue dress, imitating gold or silver, containing stones, is also suitable;
  • such an option as long beads, which are made in snow-white or a shade, will organically shade the outfit;
  • depending on the chosen image, you can choose small or large earrings, bracelets, chains.

jewelery for dark blue dress

Makeup under a dark blue dress

An incredibly successful touch to the overall image can be makeup for a dark blue dress:

  1. Shadows can be deep blue, light blue or soft pastel. Grey, too.
  2. Mascara can also be selected differently, it is the traditional black, brown or bright blue.
  3. The eyes can be made up very brightly, contain a combination of several shades of shadows, while the eyelashes are summed up with mascara.
  4. Another option would be a modest make-up, when the eyes are made up exclusively with mascara.
  5. Eyeliner looks extremely impressive, with the help of which arrows are drawn. However, it can also be of different colors: blue, black, brown.
  6. Lipstick can be applied delicate pastel or bright red or burgundy. Depending on the option chosen, the eyes are painted brightly or modestly, the emphasis should be placed either on the eyes or on the lips.

dark blue dress makeup

Manicure for a dark blue dress

The versatility of this color of clothing makes it possible to create a variety of manicures for a dark blue dress:

  • a win-win classic option will be a jacket made in traditional white, beige, pastel colors;
  • if you want to make a bright, memorable bow, you can use nail art created in red, burgundy, raspberry tones;
  • nail design can overlap with the color of the outfit, completely matching in tone or slightly different;
  • all kinds of drawings can be applied to the nail plates: these are geometric shapes, floral or floral ornaments, animalistic motifs;
  • decorating with rhinestones looks extremely impressive, which are made in the traditional transparent version, a tone similar to the coating, a contrasting shade;
  • for an evening out, you can apply an incredibly catchy design, which is created using sparkles. They can be placed in small bulk or look like large sequins, for example, such an option as kamifubiki of various shapes, made in the form of hearts, circles, rhombuses, stars, is common;
  • such varieties of nail art as ombre can be used, when one tone flows into another, «cat’s eye» or a mirror rub.

dark blue dress manicuremanicure under dark blue dress

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