nail extension on tips

Nail extension is a safe way to give the nails the required length and shape, to eliminate their defects with the help of artificial materials (acrylic, gel). And, made by a master, this technology allows you to make a real work of art out of nails. The process itself is a rather laborious and painstaking procedure, but if desired, every girl can master it.

Features of the technique of nail extension on tips

Tips are plates made of plastic material designed to imitate natural nails. Tips maximally repeat the outlines and curves of natural nails, while differing in density and elasticity. They consist of two parts: thinner and shorter, which is attached to your own nail, as well as a free part, which is thicker and longer. Tips are attached to the nails with a special glue, after which a modeling material is applied to them — gel, acrylic.

Based on the natural shape and length of the nails, you can choose the most suitable tips for yourself. Properly selected artificial plates are ideally superimposed on the nails, so that sometimes they are completely indistinguishable from natural nail plates. In addition, tips can be transparent, colored, as well as with an already completed design, artistic painting (this greatly facilitates the subsequent process of decorating extended nails).

As for the material for nail modeling, it all depends on personal preferences and the condition of natural nails. Acrylic nails are resilient and durable, so nail extension with acrylic on tips allows you to make them thinner. Gel nails, unlike acrylic, are characterized by a glossy sheen, they are more elastic, and therefore are recommended for girls with naturally soft nail plates.

Step-by-step instructions for nail extension on tips

Of course, having decided to build up nails on tips, it is best to contact an experienced specialist who knows all the intricacies of this work. But still, if you set a goal, you can gradually master the extension technology on your own and perform the procedure at home. Next, as an example, we give a diagram of a phased nail extension with gel on tips. The process will require the following materials and equipment:

  • skin antiseptic;
  • orange stick or pusher;
  • brushes;
  • nail files;
  • tips;
  • base gel, camouflage gel, finish gel;
  • degreaser;
  • lint-free wipes;
  • glue;
  • tips cutter;
  • primer;
  • Ultraviolet lamp;
  • cuticle oil.

So let’s get to the instructions:

  1. We treat our hands with an antiseptic.
  2. gel nail extension on tips 1

  3. We push the cuticle with a stick or a pusher, remove the excess.
  4. gel nail extension on tips 2

  5. With the help of nail files, we shape the edge of the nail, polish its surface, giving it a slight roughness.
  6. gel nail extension on tips 3

  7. We process the nail with a degreaser using lint-free wipes.
  8. gel nail extension on tips 4

  9. We apply glue to the inner recess of the tips.
  10. gel nail extension on tips 5

  11. We glue the tips to the nail, starting approximately from the middle of our nail.
  12. gel nail extension on tips 6

  13. Having decided on the length of the extended nails, we cut off the excess part of the glued plate with a tips cutter.
  14. gel nail extension on tips 7

  15. With a nail file we shape the free edge of the plate.
  16. gel nail extension on tips 8

  17. We degrease the nail.
  18. gel nail extension on tips 9

  19. We apply a dehydrator to the entire nail to remove excess moisture, as well as a primer to the natural part of the nail to improve adhesion.
  20. gel nail extension on tips 10

  21. Apply the base gel in a thin layer and dry in a UV lamp for 2 minutes.
  22. gel nail extension on tips 11

  23. Apply camouflage gel and dry again with a lamp.
  24. gel nail extension on tips 12

  25. We degrease and file the nail.
  26. gel nail extension on tips 13

  27. We take design.
  28. gel nail extension on tips 14

  29. Apply a layer of finishing gel and place the nail in the lamp again for 3 minutes.
  30. gel nail extension on tips 15

  31. Apply cuticle oil.
  32. gel nail extension on tips 16

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