marsala color

Today, the world of fashion has placed on the first step of the «pedestal» the color of Marsala — a rich, versatile and attractive wine red hue with hints of brown. Luxury and magnificence are personified by the clothes and accessories of this incredibly attractive color, which was enthusiastically received by fashionistas all over the world who hastened to decorate their wardrobe with new clothes of this chic shade.

A little about the color of marsala

Marsala is called the color of the season, which was first talked about after the fashion show of this year’s spring collection. Leading designers have demonstrated a real virtuoso play with this tone in their collections. It not only harmoniously combines with a wide palette of other shades, but its independent presence in the image of a true lady seems bewitching. If we talk about combinations and what color Marsala color is combined with, then the combination of this shade with all neutral and pastel colors, as well as gray, gold, turquoise, green and blue should be considered the most successful.

The color of marsala in clothes, according to fashion experts, should be classified as universal. The thing is that its range of shades covers a fairly wide range of colors: from red-brown to burgundy and even ruby. In autumn, a coat of this shade will distinguish a girl from the crowd, in winter a scarf and a hat in a rich noble tone of wine will perfectly fit into the image with any option of outerwear, and in warm spring and hot summer a young lady in a long, tight Marsala color dress will definitely look like a real Hollywood diva.

Combinations in clothes with the color of Marsala

Having set out to acquire a new shade of shade that has become a real hit of this year, every fashionista will probably ask one logical question: what to combine the color of Marsala with. Fortunately, fashionistas will have no problems with creating an image that meets all, even the most biased requirements for style and harmony. After all, the main thing that characterizes Marsala is its versatility.

So, the combination of marsala color should be considered based on where exactly it is present:

  1. A skirt and trousers will be in harmony with a calm top — white, beige, mint, blue blouse or turtleneck.
  2. A marsala shade dress does not need any additions, except for discreet accessories and a small elegant handbag.
  3. Marsala hair color will be preferred, perhaps, only by daring girls, who easily go for any extraordinary experiments and bold looks. Paired with bright makeup, the image of such a young lady will be especially spectacular.
  4. Manicure Marsala color with the «participation» of matte or glossy varnish will look spectacular on nails of any length and shape.
  5. Marsala bags in different shapes, designs and sizes complete any look. A refined rectangular clutch is ideal for a business lady in a strict trouser suit, and a tote bag will be a great addition to an autumn look that includes skinny jeans, a voluminous knitted sweater and a leather jacket.
  6. Accessories in Marsala color will allow the girl to demonstrate her bright personality. Headbands, scarves, necklaces, earrings and bracelets of this shade will become real highlights of the glamorous and stylish images of true ladies, which no trend from the fashion world passes by.

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