Manicure with stamping


stamping manicure

Every woman tries to look perfect, but not everyone has enough time and money to regularly visit a nail salon, but for self-painting of nails, at least the skills of an artist are needed. A wonderful alternative would be a do-it-yourself nail design using stamping, which allows you to easily create virtuoso and intricate designs on your nails. In the article, we will show what drawings on the nails can be done with stamping, and how to do it.

What is nail art stamping?

Stamping is the technology of applying a color pattern to the nails using a special set. The stamping kit includes the following items:

  1. Set of prints. As a rule, the choice of patterns for manicure with stamping is very large, you can easily pick up prints to your taste.
  2. Varnish set. In most cases, the set includes three multi-colored varnishes, however, there are different options for sets, in some of them you can find 5 or 6 different colors.
  3. Rubber stamp. It is necessary for easy transfer of images to the nail plate.
  4. Scraper used to remove excess varnish.

stamping manicure 1

We have everything you need for stamping your nails. But how is it done?

Manicure with stamping — master class

Before proceeding to nail art with the help of stamping, some preliminary procedures should be carried out: a relaxing bath for hands and nails, cuticle treatment. You should also pay attention to the shape of the nails and correct the imperfections, if any. So, here is how stamping nail design is done:

  1. First of all, we select a pattern for nail art by stamping, cover the prints we like with colored varnish, apply a dense layer.
  2. stamping manicure 2

  3. Then we take a scraper and at an angle of 45 ° remove excess varnish from the drawings.
  4. stamping manicure 3

  5. Now let’s use the rubber stamp. With a roll, carefully transfer the pattern to the nozzle.
  6. stamping manicure 4

  7. Then, as soon as possible, we transfer the drawing to the nail plate with the same smooth rolling movements.
  8. stamping manicure 5 stamping manicure 6
  9. At the end of the process, wait until the print dries, and cover it with a colorless varnish on top. Ready!

stamping manicure 7

The technology of manicure with the help of stamping is distinguished by unique and picturesque drawings, besides, as we see, it is quite easy to make such a unique nail design even at home. This type of nail design looks especially stylish on short nails.


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