Manicure winter 2019 - 50 photos of the most fashionable ideas of the season

The cold period is the time of closed images. But this does not mean that self-care should be reduced to a minimum. This is especially true for nail design. Indeed, in the frosty period, it is important to pay special attention not only to the decorative side, but also to the nutrition of the skin. A fashionable manicure winter 2019 will help add a stylish accent and stay in trend.

Manicure winter 2019 — fashion trends

At the latest shows, stylists presented a very diverse selection of original and unusual ideas that will help decorate pens during the frosty period. The main changes affected the color palette. Cold and saturated palettes are becoming more and more popular. However, the trend is the use of unusual techniques and decor. Therefore, each fashionista will be able to choose a spectacular option, taking into account the individual style and for a specific image. Let’s review — winter manicure 2019 fashion trends:

  1. Volumetric decor. The actual solution will be the original textures on the nails. This finish can be done in different ways — 3D gel, acrylic powder, false decorations. And the more expressive the design, the more your pens will be in line with the latest trends.

manicure winter 2019 fashion trends

  1. Contrasts of cold shades. A combination of contrasting colors is considered a good way to attract attention. This season, cold scales are in trend. And the simplest solution would be an ensemble with a white background.

winter manicure 2019 fashion trends

  1. Spirals. Intricate curls and spiral lines have come into fashion. This option is suitable for highlighting one or two fingers in Feng Shui or finishing all nail plates in the same way.

winter manicure 2019

  1. Frozen glass effect. A very relevant and popular solution was the imitation of patterns on frozen glass. In this case, the most appropriate choice would be the design of broken fragments and colorful painting with sparkles.

manicure winter 2018 2019

Manicure winter 2019 for short nails

For owners of short nails, stylists strongly recommend paying attention not only to the decorative side, but also to the well-groomed skin and cuticles. The actual solution would be soft borders — oval, square, almond. When choosing a varnish, it is better to focus on light and neutral colors. However, rich and dark palettes are perfect for evening bows. Any choice will perfectly complement the matte top, which always adds neatness. Winter manicure 2019 is also presented with beautiful additions — sparkles, rhinestones, drawings. But the finish is better to do concise.

manicure winter 2019 for short nails

Manicure winter 2019 for long nails

Girls with beautiful long nails are not limited in their choice of design. In this case, any idea is suitable, both laconic and restrained, and with a massive expressive decor and a play of shades. Manicure winter 2018-2019 is a diverse choice of not only additions, but also the shape of the nail plates. Any contours are in fashion — a soft square, sharp stilettos, almonds. Interesting techniques are considered a fashionable choice — ombre, «cat’s eye», art painting and others. A brilliant tool becomes very popular in cold weather — rubbing, rhinestones and stones, sparkles and glitter, foil.

manicure winter 2019 for long nails

Trendy colors winter 2018-2019 — nails

An important decision for the whole design is the coloring. Modern fashion is experimental. Both catchy and rich ideas and discreet concise ideas are welcome. However, from season to season, stylists offer an overview of the most relevant shades that will help you choose the best option for your outfit and demonstrate your sense of style. The new cold period was no exception. Let’s see the most fashionable colors in the winter 2019 nails review:

  1. Sandy brown range. If you like warm cozy palettes, this season it is worth stopping at the neutral nude palette and its dark tones. Such colors are relevant both for elegant evening bows and images for every day in a casual, romantic, business style.

trendy colors winter 2018 2019 nails

  1. Cold pastel colors. A touch of tenderness and femininity will be added to the image by ideas in light pastel colors. However, it is better to refuse warm colors, preferring blue, mint, lilac, combining them with white.

nails winter 2019

  1. Black and white polishes. A win-win choice for any bow and situation will be a design in classic colors. You can use black and white varnishes separately or combine them in a drawing.

fashion manicure winter 2019

  1. deep blue. The blue-blue palette is considered the most relevant in the cold season. And this year, a deep and rich sapphire color has come to the forefront. This choice looks especially impressive in an ensemble with sparkles, foil, rhinestones.

stylish manicure winter 2019

Winter manicure ideas 2019

To date, there is no limit to the imagination of stylists in the design of an interesting and attractive nail-art. At the same time, the masters offer original ideas for everyday bows, for evening wear, in a discreet business style and universal solutions that are especially relevant for busy and active fashionistas. It is very important not to forget to nourish and moisturize the skin of the hands with the help of special products that will reliably protect against chapping. In extreme cold, be sure to use gloves. Let’s see the most fashionable winter 2019 nail design:

  1. Matte manicure winter 2019. Non-reflective coating does not go out of trend. A matte top is relevant for both monochrome solutions and designs with spectacular patterns and even overlay decor.

manicure ideas winter 2019

  1. Feng Shui. If for some reason you are forced to keep a restraint in your style, stop at ideas with a highlight of one or two fingers. Finishing can be done with a contrasting color, fashionable technique or decorations.

nail design winter 2019

  1. plain. The monochrome coating of all fingers is the same in fashion. And in this case, it is worth starting purely from personal preferences and lifestyle, choosing the right shade.

fashion manicure winter 2018 2019

  1. With rubbing. The magic of the winter period will be perfectly supported by a beautiful iridescent nail-art with holographic pigment. Ideas with pearl rubbing look more sophisticated and gentle. And the brightness and saturation will add a mirror effect and the northern lights.

winter nail design 2019

  1. With rhinestones. This type of decor does not leave the top places in the choice of finishes. Sparkling crystals and colored stones have become an actual choice for both evening style and everyday bows.

manicure winter 2019 for short nails

  1. Knitted. Knitted patterns in the form of braids and aran are considered a fashionable trend that will add comfort and at the same time originality. Such a design can be done using 3d gel, acrylic powder or art painting.

actual manicure winter 2019

Winter manicure 2019 — french

The French style is considered a classic in modern nail-art. The combination of a white smile and a neutral base remains traditional. However, such an idea will only complement the bow, but not an attractive accent. To pay attention to the handles, stylists suggest dwelling on fan-french ideas. In this case, bright and saturated varnishes, brilliant decor, and an unusual shape of the edge strip are used. Fashionable manicure winter 2018-2019 is presented in an ensemble of a silvery smile and a nude background. Edge highlighting and dark color will be stylish, but only on long nails.

winter manicure 2019 french

Lunar manicure winter 2019

A stylish alternative to French is considered to be a dedicated crescent at the root of the nail plates. However, this nail-art looks more relaxed. The actual solution would be a hole of a geometric shape — triangular, square. Fashionable manicure winter 2019 is also presented with a concave unfinished frame. As a crescent, stylists also offer false decorations — stickers, transfers, rhinestones and stones. The trend is a transparent and contrasting hole. This design can be done on all fingers or single out one or two nails according to Feng Shui.

moon manicure winter 2019

Manicure winter 2018-2019 — ombre

Beautiful transitions of shades always look unusual and attractive. In contemporary nail art, the obmre technique is presented in a horizontal, vertical, finger-to-finger and geometric style. The gradient border can be either blurry or sharp. Winter nail design 2019 involves a combination of cold colors. The most popular are ensembles of blue-blue, violet-lilac tones and any combination with white lacquer. The gradient can also act as a background for beautiful patterns and patterns, decoration with sparkles, rhinestones and stones.

manicure winter 2018 2019 ombre

Manicure «cat’s eye» winter 2018-2019

An unusual solution with a glare strip in the style of «cat’s eye» will add a touch of mystery and mystery to the image. Such nail-art looks intricate, but its implementation does not require much work. Winter manicure 2018-2019 designers offer to do in dark and rich colors. Burgundy, blue, emerald, chocolate and black varnishes have become fashionable solutions. The effect of the cat’s eye can be done equally on all fingers, or in the style of Feng Shui. This option will be an excellent background for light patterns and drawings, massive decor with sparkles and rhinestones.

cat eye manicure winter 2018 2019

Manicure minimalism winter 2018-2019

The fashion trend in the last few seasons is concise nail-art with a minimum of decoration. Fashionable nail design winter 2019 is relevant in nude colors. Accuracy and tidiness will add a matte top. A popular choice has become an imitation of the natural color of nails without coating. A stylish addition will be points that can be made using dots. The ideas of minimalism can be interestingly beaten with the help of the Feng Shui technique — cover all fingers with the same light varnish, and make one or two stripes on the ring finger.

manicure minimalism winter 2018 2019

Manicure winter 2019 — monograms

In the cold season, any curls and spirals are in trend. The most popular solution is openwork monograms that imitate the effect of guipure on nails. Beautiful manicure winter 2018-2019 can be done on a blue, purple or red background with white varnish. Finishing with acrylic powder or velvet sand is considered an excellent addition. Monograms will help dilute the restraint of a classic jacket or complement the idea of ​​​​frozen glass. This pattern looks great in dark colors, conveying the idea of ​​​​a veil or lace. A matte top will be a good ending.

manicure winter 2019 monogram

Manicure winter 2019 — geometry

Geometric themes in nail design are considered not out of trends. Both simple and complex compositions are in fashion. Actual manicure winter 2019 — stripes. The lines can be wide, thin or combined, broken, parallel, and any other idea that comes to your mind. Negative space drawings also remain a stylish choice. This option is suitable for lovers of minimalism. A novelty of this season is a colorful mosaic, which can be both symmetrical and abstract. And to make a catchy accent in the image, stop at the geometric ombre.

manicure winter 2019 geometry

Winter manicure 2019 with a pattern

Beautiful compositions and patterns always attract attention and emphasize individuality, so this type of decoration never goes out of fashion. In the cold period, thematic drawings are considered relevant. And here it is worth connecting fantasy. Characteristic will be images of a Christmas tree, a snowman, mittens, deer. Interesting subjects are in trend — a snowy forest, a frozen river and others. Winter stylish manicure 2018-2019 is presented with a Norwegian ornament and snowflakes. To make the drawing clear and symmetrical, use sliders, stickers or translations.

winter manicure 2019 with a pattern

Winter manicure 2019 with sparkles

One of the simplest, but very effective types of decor are sparkles. In the cold season, jewelry in silver color becomes popular. But for evening and themed bows, gold is also perfect. Winter 2018-2019 nail design is presented with stylish ideas using different tools — glitter, fine powder, liquid foil, kamifubuki and others. Simple, but very beautiful will be nail-art with glitter stretching. Brilliant decor can also act as a decoration in a pattern or pattern, for a French smile, highlighting a hole.

winter manicure 2019 with a pattern

Red winter manicure 2019

Everyone associates the winter period with the New Year holidays. Therefore, a very popular addition to the image will be a happy red color. With the help of such a rich varnish, you can make beautiful drawings. A monophonic coating will also be successful, especially complemented by a matte top. Stylish manicure winter 2019 is also presented in the ideas of Feng Shui, where the red tint can act both as the main one and to highlight one or two fingers. The bright coating looks elegant and impressive with a shiny and sparkling decor — rubbing, glitter, powder, foil, rhinestones and stones.

winter manicure 2019 with sparkles

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