manicure trends 2016

From year to year, stylists offer new topical nail-art ideas. Manicure trends spring-summer 2016 is, first of all, the ability to embody the most popular types of nail design in a new perspective. Thus, we can generalize that in the new season, the most fashionable nail-art will be the improved ideas of past years.

New manicure trends in 2016

Of course, bright and catchy nails remain the most fashionable manicure trend of the warm season 2016. However, this does not mean that calm and neutral shades are not relevant. But if you decide on a discreet manicure, then in this case, stylists advise you to add a touch of luxury and expressiveness to your nails with the help of an attractive decor. Let’s see what new trends in manicure are presented in the 2016 season?

French color-blocking. Favorite French manicure still remains in the top. But such a design in the new season is important to do with the help of a combination of colors. A bright base with a contrasting edge line, a rainbow jacket, as well as a non-standard French manicure with colored pastel shades and colors of the classic range became a fashionable solution.

Triangular moon manicure. The inverted jacket does not lose popularity. The trend of the moon manicure in 2016 was a geometric design, where the hole is distinguished not by a semicircle, but by a triangle.

Manicure with sliders. The most stylish youth trend in nail-art 2016 was design with decals. Popular sliders of the new season are cartoon characters, floral theme, lace and mesh.

Monochromatic bright gel polish. Out of competition remains a persistent manicure with colored gel. Such a design in the new season is important to do in one bright color or with a different shade of one finger, but without decor and painting.

Liquid stones for casting. Choosing a complex nail design, it can be noted that the most popular trend of 2016 is a manicure with a cast pattern, decorated with liquid stones. Such nail-art also received the status of the most elegant and feminine.

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