manicure spring 2015

With the arrival of the spring season, every fashionista wants to refresh her appearance and move from cold shades to warm sunny tones. The fastest way to add a touch of spring-summer sun to the image is with the help of a stylish manicure. Spring manicure 2015 is a crazy combination of warm colors, bright prints and rich designs. The main fashionable colors in the new season are warm tones of red, yellow, green. Cold colors fade into the background and serve mainly as small additions and minor decor for contrast.

Fashion manicure — spring-summer 2015

Stylish spring-summer 2015 manicure allows you to not only create a beautiful feminine look, but also cheer you up and even in the first still cold weeks of March it will remind you of the imminent summer and the sun.

Floral print. Of course, the most relevant is the pattern on the nails in a floral theme. With the advent of the spring-summer 2015 season, stylists are changing not only the color palette on the nails. Also, autumn and winter floral prints are being replaced by summer and spring ones — daisies, cornflowers, tulips are increasingly decorating the nails of fashionistas.

Bright abstractions. For lovers of extraordinary solutions, stylists offer fashionable juicy abstractions on nails. An unusual spring-summer 2015 manicure with bright divorces, a geometric theme and unusual design solutions is decorated with dots, stripes and curls of various sizes, which became fashionable last year.

Stylized jacket. For girls who are forced to endure a serious and elegant style, manicure and pedicure masters offer a colored jacket. In the new spring-summer 2015 season, French manicure in color can be for every taste. Whether it’s a neon jacket or plain bright stripes — in any case, such nails will attract attention, but at the same time they will not violate the restraint in the image.

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