Manicure drops — fashion trends for short and long nails


Manicure drops - fashion trends for short and long nails

A wonderful choice in the new season for your pens will be a drop manicure, which looks stylish due to the volume effect created. It can be easily combined with any non-trivial idea, from hand-painted to stamping, and complemented at will with glitter, rhinestones and other decorations.

Fashionable manicure drops

A manicure with raindrops can decorate any chosen design, both a laconic French and moon jacket, and an original pattern, for example, a delicate Japanese-style painting or whole plot drawings. Drops imitating rain fit perfectly into the diverse autumn theme, not only adding variety to it, but also bringing a certain charm. Additional decorations: shiny varnishes, sand, rhinestones and metal figurines.

trendy manicure dropsrain drops manicure

A particularly relevant choice would be manicure French drops and drawings with maple, oak, birch leaves, leaves of tropical plants, hemp and mountain ash. Where the smile itself can be made with leaves or framed by them, and voluminous transparent droplets are scattered throughout the nail plate, both on one or two nails, and on all fingers. A drop manicure with a rub, abstract or plot drawings and a combination of different colors of the base in one design is also in demand.

Manicure drops for short nails

A versatile 3D autumn manicure with drops is an excellent choice for fashionable short nails, as a tribute to trendy minimalism, because you can create a magnificent three-dimensional design on the nail plate without visually overloading the nails themselves with a pattern. For lovers of delicate manicure, nail-art masters offer an original Japanese-style painting on one or two fingers, additionally decorating them with small drops of dew or rain.

manicure drops for short nails

A wonderful manicure with voluminous drops with a transparency effect will turn out if you use a matte or glossy dark and saturated base of colors characteristic of autumn. If you create gradient transitions, use the effect of a cat’s eye, or complement the design with leaf patterns, you can get a great elegant manicure for many occasions. Another trend will be a drop of blood manicure for young and daring fashionistas who are happy to celebrate Halloween.

autumn manicure with drops

Manicure drops for long nails

Regardless of the shape of the nails, the drop effect manicure looks great on elongated nails, ovals, soft squares, pointe shoes and even pointed nails of moderate length are in fashion, but not stilettos. Saturated tones will be characteristic of this fall and winter. Green, blue, black, dark red, burgundy, burgundy, brown and their tint combinations, gradient transitions and other interesting ideas. Marsala and purple are back.

manicure drops for long nails

If you prefer a gentle manicure, then you should look at gray, white, coffee, pale pink tones and pastels. Along with the drops themselves, which look great on a solid basis, and can be both transparent volumetric and watercolor, drawn and flowing, combinations of drops with a diverse patterned design are also in fashion.

drop effect manicure

Drop Manicure Ideas

What ideas of manicure with drops of water are offered by trendsetters in the new fall-winter 2018-2019 season?

  1. To prolong memories of summer and add brightness to the monotony of autumn, a drop manicure with leaves, funny little animals, for example, ladybugs, chanterelles and other animalistic drawings, or with catchy fruits, can. At the peak of popularity are all kinds of autumn and winter motifs, from leaves, umbrellas, stamped snowflakes, to whole painted plot compositions and abstract patterns, monograms and even predatory prints, beautifully diluted with drops.

drop manicure ideas

  1. Your fingers will not go unnoticed if you choose a design in white and blue tones and dilute it not only with drops of dew or rain, but also add glitter, stars, pebbles and rhinestones. Lovers of spectacular design can look after themselves a manicure in an ever-fashionable beige color, with an original black jacket and flowing drops, made with pebbles of different sizes or rhinestones.

water drop manicure ideas

Manicure with water drops

Actual manicure with the effect of water drops will look great on any basis, both matte and glossy, with or without a pattern, if the main decoration — 3D drops have different sizes and are scattered in a chaotic manner over the nail plate. A pattern in the form of frosty hoarfrost or marble with laconic veins on a light background, complemented by droplets, will perfectly fit into winter motifs.

manicure with water drops

For a stylish evening or festive design, you can choose a matte moon black manicure, in which drops are traced from a smile and elegantly flow down the nail. A tempting solution would also be a glossy design of milky or pearl shades with airbrushing, a gentle gradient overflow, decorated not only with diverse drops, but also with voluminous bows or flowers, and beautifully complemented by rhinestone frames or blotches.

water drop manicure

Manicure rowan with drops

A real seasonal hit, both in autumn and winter, is a drop manicure on nails with sprigs or rowan berries. Bright, red clusters and green or gold leaves look great on a white, beige and nude base, and dominant colors can be:

  • all shades of red, from coral to burgundy;
  • yellow, blue and orange;
  • gray, purple, brown, especially with a gradient.

rowan manicure with drops

Experienced craftsmen create stunning three-dimensional patterns, where drops can act not only as an additional decoration, but also be berries or leaves on traced dark or snow-covered twigs. A design with rowan twigs on two fingers of one hand will look especially impressive if an oriental-style rhinestone pattern is laid out on one finger on the other hand.

manicure drops on nails

Manicure with maple leaves and drops

What a golden autumn can do without leaves, and fashionistas are happy to choose a red manicure with drops and beautiful traced maple leaves on their fingers. The combination of classic manicure will add an original accent — a red base with white, blue or green varnish and “golden” small or one large sheet. Drops can be clear, both large and small, or blurry, imitating rain. A tempting solution would be a yellow or “golden” French manicure, repeating the colors of autumn, with one sheet and randomly scattered volumetric drops of water.

red manicure with dropsmanicure with maple leaves and drops

Manicure cat’s eye with drops

Always elegant — black manicure with drops with the effect of internal shine, overflow and play of color. The cat’s eye has been in fashion for several seasons, and deep black light, with contrast and three-dimensional pattern, is a stylish choice for the finishing touch to glamorous evening looks. Such a design will not go unnoticed and will add a certain sophistication to the overall conceived bow, not only for a holiday, but also for extravagant everyday life. It is not far behind the drop manicure on an iridescent base in deep and rich blue, red, burgundy, purple and brown tones.

black manicure with dropscat eye manicure with drops

Manicure watercolor drops

Another novelty of the season is a manicure, dripping drops in which can be drawn with varnish or special paints by hand or with an airbrush. A stylish youthful choice for many layered looks in grunge, hippie and glam rock styles, a blood drop manicure on a white or beige base. The design in white and blue with flowing droplets of diverse sizes will look great on short oval nails; it will easily fit under many elegant everyday bows.

manicure watercolor drops

Stylists consider manicures with watercolor or voluminous dripping drops in brown tones to be the hits of this fall. Not only cat eye polish is in fashion, but also a glossy or matte base in all shades of brown. Experienced nail art masters create stunning drawings with thin droplets flowing down the nail beautifully, and complemented by a variety of curls and monograms, any jacket and other interesting ideas.

falling drops manicure

Manicure with transparent drops

The trend of last autumn is not losing its positions — a gray manicure with drops, not only in a monochromatic design, but also with harmoniously selected combinations of gray in all its shades and other colors of the rainbow, both bright and saturated, and pastel. It will be interesting to look at this drop manicure in a matte finish, where gray and pink tones are combined. An unusual solution that brings memories of summer, or if the vacation falls in autumn, will be a glossy design in gray and white variations with starfish, shells and glitter.

manicure with transparent drops

A good choice would be a drop manicure with a plot pattern in gray tones with the addition of gentle and smooth tonal transitions from the dominant color to pink shades. Droplets are not only randomly scattered, but also successfully combined with rhinestones, and original design ideas add a certain zest and French charm. Stylists consider a dark gray design with “golden” or “silver” maple leaves and drops to be another excellent solution, the choice of color for the pattern depends on personal preferences. If you want brightness — look at the «gold», autumn tenderness — to the «silver».

gray manicure with drops

Manicure with rub and drops

A stylish drop manicure with diverse powder, from pale pink and pearl to metallic, is also in high demand among fashionistas. Mirror and Hollywood designs are still in vogue, and drops will add some zest to it and visually smooth out its rigidity. Due to the shine of the rub itself, these volumetric drop patterns do not need additional drawings on the nails, which will only make the manicure heavier. Rubbing can be used on all nails, or you can choose a few fingers for emphasis and apply drops on them. The choice will depend on your desire.

manicure with rubbing and dropsstylish manicure drops

Manicure with dripping drops

A beautiful drop manicure can be done if you pick up a plain hot pink or rich black and blue base and make mother-of-pearl “silver” or shiny drops on it that flow down the nail plate. Such a solution will also look great on a brown or green glossy varnish with a cat’s eye effect or a gradient and airbrushing. For autumn themes, patterns with leaves, rowan berries and animalistic patterns are also suitable.

dripping manicurebeautiful drop manicure

Manicure with fruits and drops

What beautiful drop manicure smoothly migrated from bright summer to catchy autumn?

  1. A solution with diverse fruits will add color, enliven and pleasantly surprise gray autumn everyday life, the idea of ​​​​drawing various fruits on different hands remains in fashion, for example, combine kiwi and orange, watermelon and citrus fruits in one manicure, where berries or fruit slices are made with droplets.

manicure with fruits and drops

  1. Watermelon theme is always interesting. These variations can be performed both in red-green, and pink-green or black. In combination with a moon jacket and drops of water.

beautiful drop manicure

Matte manicure with drops

Black manicure with drops on a matte base, especially in a multi-colored design with additional patterns in the form of stylish geometry or highlighting one or two fingers in a light tone, is a spectacular choice for short nails, both for every day and for the final accents of cocktail looks. Always respectable — a dark matte monophonic design on elongated nails with the shape of a non-sharp square, or «ballerinas». A similar drop manicure on brown varnishes with various patterns looks tempting.

black manicure with dropsmatte manicure with drops

Manicure with umbrella and raindrops

Another hit of this autumn, which fits well into any conceived urban chic bow, is a manicure with an umbrella and drops. Original Solutions:

  • a gentle and at the same time bright and non-trivial choice will be a combination of pastel shades, or white and sky colors, with blue or blue umbrellas and transparent drops. Catchy drop manicure in black and dark colors and the main pattern on a light base;
  • multi-colored umbrella on a pastel background with dripping drops; a design combining small drops, an umbrella and leaves on a nude polish with a pink dominant color.

manicure with umbrella and raindropsmanicure with umbrella and drops


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