mykostop nail lotion

The fungus can literally lie in wait at every turn, so it is very important to follow preventive measures after visiting public places. Mycostop nail lotion will help prevent fungal infection and cope with mycobacteria that have already taken a fancy to your feet. With this lotion, curing the fungus is easy and simple.

Instructions for use Mycostop for nails

Mikostop is available in several types:

  • lotion for the treatment of fungus on the nails;
  • spray for the treatment of the skin of the feet;
  • shoe polish;
  • cream for feet and nails.

All of these tools contain almost the same components, but the method of use is somewhat different. Spray for shoes and feet is good to use as a preventive measure, after visiting the pool or shower in the sports club. But cream and lotion are more suitable for treating already infected nails. The instructions for the Mikostop nail lotion indicate that this medicine will help destroy the fungus, accelerate the exfoliation of the affected nail tissues and the growth of a new nail plate.

Mykostop from the fungus will help only if you use the product daily, without gaps:

  1. In the morning and evening, after washing the feet, 1-2 drops of the drug should be applied to the affected area and spread over the surface of the nail using the bottle cap.
  2. After that, you need to wait a few minutes until the medicine is completely absorbed.
  3. The course of treatment is from one to three months, after which the drug is started to be used once a day, at bedtime.
  4. When the nail and skin of the feet are completely renewed, you can use Mykostop once a week for prevention purposes.

Composition of nail lotion Mikostop

The high efficiency of the product is due to its unique composition. The main active ingredient, tetranyl U, is mycostop for nailsa derivative of undecylenic acid, which destroys all types of fungus. Under the influence of the drug, mycobacteria lose the ability to multiply and eventually die out. That is why the action of the lotion cannot be instantaneous. Nicotinic acid, vitamin PP is used as an auxiliary substance in Mykostop. This is a wonderful regenerative agent that speeds up metabolic processes in the skin and nails and promotes the growth of new, healthy tissues. In combination, the effect of using the lotion allows you to completely cure the nails and skin of the feet, while significantly improving their appearance.

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