How to apply varnish correctly

The final touch of any manicure is the application of varnish on the nails. Varnish can serve not only as a design element that emphasizes the beauty of hands and nails, but also as a protective coating and strengthening agent (healing varnishes). True, there is an opinion that even when using expensive and professional varnish, the ideal coating lasts no longer than three days. In fact, the durability of the coating largely depends on the external conditions and how the varnish is applied. Let’s try to figure out how to properly varnish your nails.

How to prepare nails for applying varnish?

Before proceeding directly to staining, you need to prepare your nails for applying varnish. The smoother the nail plate, the better the varnish will lay down. Therefore, it is advisable to pre-grind the nail with special nail files.

It is not recommended to wet the nails before painting, as the surface will change when it dries, and the varnish on a wet nail keeps much worse. Therefore, hands should be blotted with a towel and allowed to dry completely.

After the old coating has lost its appearance, it is advisable to remove it and wait at least a day before painting your nails again with varnish. At this time, you can make therapeutic baths and use other care products and to strengthen nails.

How to paint nails with varnish?

  1. With a special tool without acetone, remove the remnants of the old varnish from the nail and degrease the nail plate.
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  3. Apply base coat or treatment coat. Most varnishes cause yellowing of the nail over time. To avoid this effect, you need a base coat. Let it dry completely.
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  5. Apply the first coat of base coat. To do this, dip the brush into the varnish, and then wipe off the excess from it, leaving an amount sufficient to cover one nail. The thicker the layer of varnish, the more difficult it is to apply evenly, and the worse it holds. You need to start painting from the center, bringing the brush to the edge of the nail. The second stroke is also done in the middle, but already from the base of the nail, and then the edges are stained with a couple more strokes. In this case, you need to make sure that the remains of varnish do not accumulate at the end of the nail.
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  7. After the first layer has dried, with several strokes, from the base, a second layer is applied, which must also be allowed to dry. If varnish has got on the cuticle and skin, you can remove traces with a special corrective pencil, or, in its absence, with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover.
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  9. Apply a top coat. To speed up drying, you can use a hair dryer, a UV lamp or other means, but it is better to let the varnish dry on its own, otherwise the coating may fade and lose its appearance.
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