Green dress to the floor - 46 photos of fashionable models for every taste

A floor-length green dress will be a great solution for creating everyday looks or for evening bows. The purpose of one or more products depends on the features of a particular model. Whatever style is chosen, it will look incredibly impressive due to the rich color.

Fashionable green dress to the floor

Many collections feature a green maxi dress. There are the following variations of styles designed to be worn for every day:

  • the shirt model will become an indispensable solution for creating original casual looks;
  • for cool weather, a knitted thing will be a real find;
  • additional femininity is able to give a flared style. At the same time, young ladies will be able to choose options that are more or less flared down, which will perfectly match the features of their figure;
  • lovers of extravagant bows will be able to emphasize their originality if they pick up an oversized thing;
  • as for the color scheme, it is represented by shades that can vary from light green to dark emerald green.

fashionable green dress to the floor

Fashionable green dress to the floor

green maxi dressgreen long dress

Green shirt dress to the floor

Young young women of fashion will reasonably opt for a floor-length dress in a green shirt style:

  • a mandatory detail is the presence of fasteners in the form of buttons or buttons, which are located on the entire front surface to the end of the hem or reach the waist;
  • the fabric used for sewing can be dense, such as denim or cotton. In this case, the thing is the best match for the casual style. it can be supplemented not only with shoes, but also with sports sneakers or sneakers;
  • the use of light, almost weightless, airy materials, such as chiffon, is also allowed, in which case a model designed for the summer or warm spring season will be released;
  • a green floor-length shirt dress can be complemented with a thin strap or a wide belt, with which you can highlight the waist area.

green dress shirt to the floor

Long knitted green dress

For the cold autumn and winter seasons, a long green floor-length dress is designed, made using knitting:

  1. Often the product is decorated using such a type of knitting as an «elastic band». It fits on the figure and repeats all its curves. Due to the fact that the material stretches in the right places and fits in others, the thing looks truly unsurpassed.
  2. Another successful trapeze style, slightly flared down. This design of the skirt gives it sophistication.
  3. A floor-length green knitted dress can also be made in a flared version, but the skirt should not be greatly expanded so as not to weigh down the image.
  4. A variety of decoration variations can be used, for example, it is knitting “pigtail”, plaits, bumps and other patterns.

long knitted green dress

Long green flared dress

Skinny girls will be able to afford such an option as a light or dark green long dress with a flared skirt:

  • the skirt can be knitted in the form of a flat fabric, which expands downwards in the form of a «sun» or «semi-sun» style;
  • another option would be separately knitted wedges that can go from the very top or from a certain part of the hips, imitating the “godet” model. The skirt can be made using a combination of different shades.

long green flared dressgreen maxi dress

Oversized long green dress

A great variation of a demi-season or winter model is a long-sleeved green dress, made in the form of an oversized free cut. It can be made using the following parts:

  • can greatly expand downward from the chest;
  • can be completely free, in all parts of the body, and decorated like a hoodie;
  • some models may have details such as a hood or large patch pockets.

oversized long green dress

Evening green dress to the floor

Long evening green dresses will become a real decoration for any solemn exit. They are represented by the following models:

  • shiny satin looks extremely expensive and luxurious;
  • a velvet product is capable of giving a chic appearance to its owner;
  • a thing made of velor looks very extraordinary, while it can be used for a universal purpose, both in warm and cooler weather;
  • if you want to attract attention as much as possible, you can use decoration with sequins;
  • sophistication and sophistication can give a model of lace;
  • flowing silk, falling in soft folds, will be a win-win option.

evening green dress to the floor

Evening green dress to the floor

long evening green dressesfloor length green summer dress

Floor length green satin dress

Satin is justifiably recognized as one of the best types of materials for the production of formal clothing models. With it, you can create extremely spectacular green floor-length evening dresses, which can be designed like this:

  • the skirt can be straight and contain one or two cuts running along the leg;
  • a win-win way to attract attention will be to use the “fish” style, which will gently fit the hips and expand downwards;
  • the skirt can be fluffy, made in the form of a «sun» style, while it will fall down in spectacular folds.

floor length green satin dress

Floor length green velvet dress

A long green dress made of velvet can give an appearance of luxury and wealth:

  • a deep neckline on the back looks extremely impressive, while it can be complemented by a fabric freely located around, descending in the form of one or more folds;
  • You can make the bow as memorable as possible if you apply a train.

floor length green velvet dressgreen floor length evening dresses

Long green velor dress

Another catchy option would be a light or dark green floor-length dress made of velor. It may have the following features:

  • the scar, located on the fabric, can go longitudinally or transversely. In this case, the first option is more common;
  • some models can be supplemented with certain elements, for example, lace inserts or rhinestones.

long green velor dress

Long green dress with gold sequins

A win-win way to add brightness to the image will be the use of such exquisite things as long green dresses decorated with sequins:

  • sequins can have different sizes, ranging from small to very large;
  • sequins can cover the surface of the entire product or decorate only certain parts of it, for example, the bodice or hem.

long green dress with gold sequinsgreen long dresses

Floor length green lace dress

A floor-length green dress with or without sleeves, which is made of lace, looks incredibly feminine and sophisticated:

  • often lace is located in the form of an upper layer, under which there is a dense lining made of another fabric;
  • only a certain part of a thing can be covered with lace, for example, it is a bodice or a skirt;
  • lace can effectively peek out from under the cut running along the leg, or be on top of the side parts in the form of transparent inserts;
  • with the help of lace fabric, a neckline or a cutout on the back can be covered.

floor length green lace dress

Floor length green silk dress

Such an extraordinary design decision as a long green floor-length dress looks extremely stylish and impressive if it is made of silk. This fabric descends in soft flowing folds. What looks truly unique on flared models. There are also options adjacent to the figure, but it is preferable for women of fashion with a slender, toned figure to choose them.

floor length green silk dress

What to wear with a long green dress?

Girls who have acquired a stylish novelty are interested in: what to wear with a green floor-length dress? You can note the following combination options:

  1. Knitted casual items designed for autumn or winter can be combined with closed shoes or insulated low shoes. They can be wide or narrow heels, wedges or platforms.
  2. Jackets, sheepskin coats, short fur coats, fur coats and coats are suitable as outerwear. At the same time, they should have a shortened length, reaching the waist or reaching the middle of the thighs. Another option would be outerwear models that have a maxi length and hide a floor-length green dress underneath.
  3. Evening models will look unsurpassed with feminine stilettos. On top, you can put on an elegant jacket or jacket or a fur cape.
  4. The «shirt» model can be combined with cropped denim or leather jackets.
  5. A floor-length green summer dress can be combined with open or closed sandals that contain a platform, wedge or heel.

how to wear a long green dress

Shoes for a green dress on the floor

If a floor-length green chiffon dress or a product made of another material of this color is chosen as a wardrobe item, the correct selection of shoes is an important point. In this case, it is necessary to take into account such nuances:

  1. Given the significant height of the thing, shoes must contain at least a small heel, wedge or platform.
  2. Depending on seasonality, a floor-length green dress can be combined with open or closed shoes. In the first case, these can be classic pumps, shoes in which the toe or heel remains open, and in the second it will be a variation of boots with or without laces.
  3. It is extremely important to choose the right color scheme. It can be beige, brown, black shades that will look unsurpassed with the tone of the thing.

shoes for a green floor-length dress

Manicure for a green dress to the floor

In order for the image to come out as harmonious as possible, it is necessary to choose the right manicure for a green floor-length dress. Points to be considered are the following:

  • to give additional brightness and originality is able to manicure «cat’s eye», made in emerald or black colors;
  • a floor-length green dress will look very organic with delicate beige nail art or made in other pastel colors;
  • you can add sophistication to the image with the help of a classic jacket or moon nail art;
  • a variety of dark tones are suitable, such as black, deep emerald, burgundy, dark blue;
  • an interesting variation will be the marble design, in which the shades will echo the tone of the product.

manicure for a green dress to the floormanicure under a green dress to the floor

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