gel polish nail design

Women have long appreciated all the advantages of shellac — safety, resistance to damage, long-lasting coverage that lasts up to 3 weeks in its original form. Moreover, gel polish nail design is constantly being improved, allowing you to create amazing and unique drawings, complement the image for special occasions and bright parties.

Simple gel nail design

There are many ways to make a quality manicure that does not take much time to create it.

A popular technique is to paint all nails in a pastel shade, and one plate (usually on the ring finger) in a bright or contrasting color. In the latter case, you can still apply a simple drawing. For example, a manicure looks good with red and white gel polish (on one plate) with the image of a small heart, a lip print or a plain flower.

It is easy to make a «polka dot» coating. To do this, cover the nails with a light-colored base, and after drying, apply dots of bright colors of various sizes on them with a thin brush or wooden stick, toothpicks.

The design with rhinestones and sequins looks great, especially since they are easily, quickly and securely attached to the surface of the gel polish. It is not necessary to decorate all nails, it is enough to make a pattern along the edge or on 1-2 plates.

Original ideas for beautiful nail design with gel polish

Recently, a manicure using additional materials has been very popular:

  • lace;
  • sequins and shiny threads;
  • foil;
  • sand;
  • glitter;
  • feathers;
  • artificial stones.

One of the examples of gel polish nail design:

  1. Tear thin gold foil into small pieces.
  2. Apply the base and, without waiting for drying, stick pre-prepared foil on the nail plates in random order. It is not necessary that the pieces match along the edge, gaps are acceptable.
  3. Cover the foil with clear shellac.
  4. With black varnish, using a thin brush, draw patterns on the nails, which should fill the gaps between the pieces of foil.

Such a manicure looks very elegant, it can be performed on holidays and special occasions.

The so-called «lunar» nail design with gel polish is also popular. It involves a combination of two contrasting colors, the hole is painted in one, and the rest of the plate in another shade. These tandems look good:

  • white with red or black;
  • blue with turquoise or light green;
  • dark blue with metallic gray or gold;
  • orange with brown or yellow;
  • beige with black.

You can not paint over the hole at all, covering this area with a colorless or close to flesh-tone shellac.

Unusual nail designs with gel polish

The pinnacle of skill in manicure is the ability to create stylization for natural textures, for example, snake skin, leopard fur, turquoise stone. In the latter case, you can try to paint your nails yourself:

  1. Cover the plates with turquoise gel polish in several layers and wait until it dries completely.
  2. Mix white and transparent shellac in a small container, use a thin brush to draw curved contours with this mixture, as on turquoise stones.
  3. Take the brush a little thicker and circle the applied contours with a light gray gel polish. This technique provides the most natural look of the picture and high-quality styling.
  4. Wait for patterns to dry. Using a very thin and hard synthetic brush, carefully outline the contours with black varnish.
  5. Place the nail plates under the lamp, then cover with a transparent top coat to fix the pattern.

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