french manicure gel polish

A classic French gel manicure is a manicure in which the tips of the nail plate are covered with white polish and the rest with cream or pink polish. This manicure is universal, as it suits absolutely all women and in any situation creates the impression of healthy and well-groomed hands.

What do you need for a gel French manicure?

To make a French manicure with gel polish yourself, you will need a set of special tools, since the technique of its implementation has a number of features. You will need:

  • UV lamp (preferably 36 W);
  • tweezers, nail files, lint-free napkins, orange sticks and other tools for basic manicure);
  • nail degreaser;
  • grinding buff;
  • base coat;
  • special primer.
  • a set of special gel polishes;
  • tips (if you do French manicure with gel on tips);
  • top coat;
  • gel polish remover and cuticle oil.

Yes, the list is quite large and the cost of all goods is not small, but having spent such a one-time amount, you can do French manicure with gel as often as you want, at home: consumables will last for a long time.

French manicure technology gel

The technology for performing French manicure with gel is not complicated, every woman can master it:

  1. Before carrying out the extension, it is necessary to prepare the natural nail plates (push back and remove the cuticle, smooth the edge of the nail, treating its surface with a buff, that is, to carry out the usual basic manicure).
  2. how to do french manicure gel 1

  3. If you use tips, then they should be glued to the nail and even out the resulting borders. If not, then the nails must be given the desired length.
  4. how to do french manicure gel 2

  5. Before doing a French manicure with a gel, the nail plates must be degreased with a dehydrator, and then a primer should be applied to them.
  6. how to do french manicure gel 3

  7. Apply a base gel polish over the dried primer, it also needs to be dried in a lamp for about 1 minute.
  8. how to do french manicure gel 4

  9. Is the base coat of gel polish dry? Apply white gel paint with dots and dry your nails in a lamp again (now for 2 minutes).
  10. how to do french manicure gel 5

  11. The final stage of the French gel manicure is the application of a finish gel, which should also be dried in a lamp, and the removal of excess varnish from the fingers with a special tool.
  12. how to do french manicure gel 6

After all the manipulations, the base of the nails should be lubricated with moisturizing oil, and a greasy cream should be applied to the hands, since the UV lamp dries the skin very much.

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