trendy nail polish 2015

Any girl who takes care of herself will never forget about a manicure. Neat, beautiful nails are an important touch in creating the image of a modern attractive woman.

Nail polish 2015 — fashion trends

In order to look perfect, a manicure must meet the following requirements:

  • it is desirable that the varnish is combined not only with the outfit, but also with accessories;
  • actual use of natural shades of milky, beige in nude style, as well as dark natural colors;
  • matte shades became the favorite of 2015, which, however, are not prohibited, and even recommended to be decorated with rhinestones or a pattern using sparkles;
  • in 2015, beautiful gel polish nails will continue to be popular, you should pay attention to the original “reverse jacket” and the gentle “gradient”.

Nail polish color 2015 — what’s in trend?

Fashion 2015 offers nail polishes in a fairly large range of colors:

  • the shade of aquamarine is especially suitable for a romantic spring;
  • turquoise lacquer will make you feel free and start planning a long-awaited vacation by the sea;
  • among the new nail polishes for 2015 are a fresh, translucent mint and a dense, sunny mustard shade;
  • blue lacquer can give confidence in one’s own inimitability, and orange will add vitality and optimism;
  • lovers of warm colors will like the polish of a shade of roasted almonds, and girls who prefer “delicious colors” will like a pink polish that looks like strawberry ice cream;
  • Wine-colored polish looks rich on nails, which fits perfectly into the retro style that is fashionable today — it is the Marsala shade that was named the leader of 2015.

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