fashion french 2015

French manicure is one of the most popular beauty trends that has not gone out of fashion for many seasons in a row. Such nail-art is quite versatile. French can decorate your nails both in an image for every day, and in combination with an evening dress or a themed outfit. From year to year, stylists offer new ideas for French manicure. French fashion trends 2015 — a bright style, a delicate element and an unusual shape. Today, manicure and pedicure masters offer the most incredible options and updated trends of past seasons that will make your hands fashionable and emphasize refined taste and individual style.

Fashion ideas French on nails 2015

According to professionals, French manicure on nails will never go out of style. Such a forecast is not difficult to make due to the high popularity of design for a long time. However, given the dynamism of fashion, stylists are simply obliged to be creative in this direction. Let’s find out which jacket is the most fashionable in 2015?

Classic. Established canons are eternal. Classical solutions are unshakable, and this has been proven by centuries of fashion. Therefore, the classic jacket is still in vogue in 2015. Stylists suggest fixing white borders with delicate shades in nude style, as well as combining a standard jacket with an inverted French manicure at the same time.

Floral fruity french. One of the trendy themes on the nails for French 2015 was bright drawings of fruits and flowers. You can do the very line of the edge of the nail in a floral-fruity theme, as well as decorate a classic French manicure with a pattern on one or more fingers. In addition, acrylic modeling is in trend, which can also be used in the ideas of a fashionable flower-fruit jacket 2015.

French with rhinestones. French manicure with rhinestones has always been popular. In 2015, masters are increasingly making such designs without colored varnish. Now it is in fashion to highlight the edge of the nail with the pebbles themselves. This jacket is perfect for a graduation or evening dress, and also stylishly complements a wedding look.

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