Evening white dresses

Choosing an evening dress, every woman pursues certain goals. One wants to attract everyone’s attention, the other — to emphasize the dignity of the figure, the third — to get beautiful pictures as a result. All these goals can be achieved by trying on white evening dresses. A snow-white outfit will symbolize the innocence and purity of the owner and create a unique aura around her.

An evening white dress can be worn at a prom, social party or theater. Hollywood celebrities, for example, love to parade in snow-white outfits at awards shows. Monica Bellucci, Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, Melisa George, Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman managed to demonstrate romantic images, the main components of which were light outfits.

Types of white evening dresses

Dresses for formal occasions can vary in style, sleeve length, number and depth of cutouts, and decoration method. Depending on the type of dress, you can highlight the advantages and correctly place accents. So, what image can you create with a beautiful evening white dress?

  1. Romantic image. Here, floor-length white evening dresses, made from rich fabrics: silk, satin or chiffon, would be appropriate. Inserts made of lace or matte fabric look luxurious. Often a long white evening dress is decorated with a deep neckline, a cutout on the back and rich decor.
  2. Fashionable youth image. Wear a short white evening dress. For several seasons, straight outfits without accentuating the waist just above the knee have remained relevant. If you want something primordially feminine and “girly”, then you can try on evening short white babydoll dresses, with a tulip skirt or a lot of ruffles, frills and bows.
  3. Retro style. Try on elongated white dresses with a print. The floral pattern, small polka dots and stripes look charming. Vintage dresses have the characteristic stylistic features of past eras: pleated skirts, sun skirts and always a thick / thin belt that emphasizes the waist. The dress can be combined with envelope bags, large dark glasses, charming hats and headbands.
  4. Original style. Do you want to create a memorable elegant image? Try on an evening black and white dress. The combination of two basic colors is a win-win, worthy of the cover of a fashion magazine. Also, white looks advantageous with splashes of red, blue and pink colors.

Trying on a white evening dress, be prepared for the fact that it can slightly deform the proportions of the figure, so you need to choose an outfit with great care and soberly assess your chances. If you have significant problems with the figure, then pay attention to the white floor-length evening dress with a high waist. It accentuates the bust and creates the right silhouette.

Makeup, manicure and accessories for evening white dresses

With a white outfit, natural makeup in pastel colors will harmoniously look. For evening gala events, you can make a more intense make up, but try not to overdo it. Focus on lips or eyes. This is where translucent powder that reflects light comes in handy. It will make your makeup softer and fresher.

Choose the color of the varnish to match the tone of the lipstick. A win-win will be mother-of-pearl or pink varnish, French manicure. Avoid dark colors and acid shades.

With the choice of accessories, you should be careful, otherwise you can destroy the harmony of white. A beautiful evening white dress will be well complemented by the following accessories:

  • silver sandals;
  • black belt with bow;
  • a set of pendants and earrings, or a bracelet and a ring;
  • diadems and hairpins studded with stones;
  • golden clutches.

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