bright manicure

In the warm season, hands are in sight more time, as they are no longer hidden under gloves. We admire our nails much more often than our face, so a manicure should reflect our mood. Bright manicure looks very fresh, interesting and beautiful. With such nails it is difficult to remain without attention.

Bright spring manicure

When creating a manicure, do not be afraid of experiments. Try any combination of colors. It can be various shades of red — pink, crimson, purple, as well as acid colors.

The most popular this season is blue and turquoise shades. After all, we see the clearest sky only in summer. This color may seem restrained, but it will look good with any outfit.

Bright summer manicure can be done with drawings and accessories. However, it is recommended to decorate only one or two nails so that there is no congestion.

In order not to merge with the crowd, you can stick flowers or fruits on your nails, feathers look original.

Various geometric patterns are quite popular today. It can be both parallel lines and perpendicular ones, dividing the nail plate into squares.

Polka dot print is also trendy. Peas can be randomly scattered or represent some kind of pattern.

Bright manicure ideas

The design of nails using all the colors of the rainbow looks very impressive. Rainbow manicure is performed on both hands, starting with the little finger of the right hand and ending with the little finger of the right. Also, the rainbow can be performed on each hand separately or even separately on each finger.

There are no rules when creating a multi-colored manicure. Therefore, you can simply paint your nails with flowers available at home. In order not to miscalculate at all, you can choose two or three colors and alternate them on your fingers.

At the peak of popularity are neon varnishes. Bright pink manicure is most common. At the same time, this shade is already an ornament in itself, but to create a creative manicure, pink is alternated with the same bright varnishes. It is not recommended to combine several colors on one nail, it is better to use pastel colors for jewelry.

One of the most relevant today is a manicure with bright obmre varnishes. In this case, nails should be painted with varnishes belonging to the same color scheme. On each nail, the shade should be a tone different from the previous one. This will create a gradient that covers the entire hand.

Another option for an unusual manicure is to create a «chameleon» effect by mixing colors. It looks especially beautiful when combined with mother-of-pearl and matte varnishes. After applying one varnish, without waiting for drying, add a couple of drops of another and gently mix with a toothpick, creating beautiful stains.

Bright French manicure

The modern design of this manicure has undergone great changes. However, this still allows it to remain the most popular fashion accessory. The usual pastel shades have been replaced by bright pinks, oranges and all sorts of other colors.

The plates now, like the protruding edges, have completely different shades. But the main principle — contrast — must still be respected.

For example, the edge can be highlighted with lace or colored foil, but varnishes are most often used. It is not necessary to paint a “smile” in one color; you can create a whole palette on your nails by decorating them with leopard or zebra prints.

The nails themselves are decorated with flowers, rhinestones and other patterns. But with accessories, the main thing is not to overdo it, as a beautiful bright manicure may look too clumsy due to the saturation of colors.

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