Blue long dress - the rules for creating a fashionable look for every taste

Women’s maxi-length clothes always emphasize the elegance and sophistication of style. Recently, models of bright and saturated colors are considered especially popular. Therefore, a blue long dress has become a fashion trend in modern fashion — an actual choice for every day and for going out.

Blue dress to the floor

In the latest collections, designers offer many interesting styles in a beautiful sky-sea palette. Stylists emphasize the popularity of this design at any time of the year. Therefore, fashionable women’s clothing is presented both from dense materials and light fabrics. In the cold season, knitted, woolen, knitted products are considered the most relevant. In summer, flowing chiffon, thin cotton, stitching, coarse calico are in trend. A diverse selection is represented not only by variations in cut and finish, but also by shade. Let’s see the most fashionable blue long dresses:

  1. Bright blue long dress. A catchy shade will help to attract attention and stand out from the rest. The most popular of the entire palette is acid electric.

bright blue floor length dress

  1. Navy blue long dress. Even a modest everyday look will be given a touch of mystery and sophistication by clothes in deep rich colors. Sapphire color remains a relevant solution not only for every day, but also for going out.

navy blue floor length dress

  1. Blue printed long dress. The design with drawings and abstractions always looks attractive and original. Checkered, striped, peas and openwork monograms are considered popular prints in sky-sea tones.

floor length blue dress

  1. Blue long contrast dress. Not only monochrome products are considered a fashionable choice, but also a two-color version. Combinations with white, red and neutral nude have become the most relevant.

blue long dresses

Blue long sleeve dress

In the cold season, feminine clothing in beautiful colors with a closed cut is considered an actual choice. In addition to the warm material, the main difference is the long sleeves. And this detail can also become an attractive finish, a touch of romance, an element that corrects the figure. The most popular is a blue floor-length dress with puffed sleeves. This option can be with a wide, tight-fitting cuff or with a thin elastic band, fluffy or slightly loose. Tight sleeves are also in trend, emphasizing grace and sophistication.

long sleeve blue dress

Blue floor-length dress with flowers

In addition to geometric simple patterns, attractive floral prints are in trend. Such products look especially feminine and romantic. Flowers always add brightness and contrast that will not leave you unnoticed. A long blue dress on the floor can be decorated with a large-scale abstraction with a small motif along the entire length. The design with large buds or a composition on a separate part of the clothes, for example, along the edge of the hem or only on the yoke, looks original and unusual. The floral theme is more suitable for light summer and spring products.

blue floor-length dress with flowers

Floor length blue chiffon dress

The fashion trend of the last few seasons in a row has become styles from beautiful flowing chiffon. This translucent fabric perfectly emphasizes the femininity and sophistication of style, creates the effect of a flying gait, which emphasizes romance. A navy blue floor-length dress will be a stylish solution for going out. For everyday wear in summer, designers offer long models of bright and delicate shades. A fashionable addition is often a pleated pleat, both large and small. The design with cascading frills on the skirt looks elegant and spectacular.

floor length blue chiffon dress

Long blue shirt dress

A very popular style for every day are long products with a solid button fastener. For such clothes, chiffon, cotton, silk became the most relevant materials. A stylish addition can be a turn-down collar or a neat rack, capacious patch pockets. The trend is a straight and fitted silhouette with a wide skirt. A casual blue long dress is presented with a clasp only on the yoke. In this version, both warm elements of the wardrobe with long sleeves and summer clothes with open arms are popular.

long blue shirt dress

Floor-length blue evening dress

Beautiful shades of the sky-sea palette are considered the actual choice for images in the evening style. Spectacular outfits are especially popular with long hemlines. In modern fashion for going out, all the tones of the gamut are welcome, but dark and saturated colors remain the most popular. Beautiful products are presented from a variety of materials, where flowing and shiny fabrics have become predominant. An integral element of elegant design is an attractive finish. Let’s see the most fashionable floor-length blue evening dresses:

  1. Floor-length blue silk dress. One of the most popular trends that does not go out of fashion is the design of beautiful flowing silk. A long hem will always emphasize grace and elegance.

floor length blue evening dress

  1. With open back. Beautiful cutouts on the back remain a spectacular addition. Such an element can be V-shaped, oval or closed, in the form of a transparent insert. The open back looks very stylish in an ensemble with a long train.

floor length blue evening dresses

  1. With a slit. A touch of sexuality and attractiveness is added by a beautiful trim of the skirt that opens the legs. Such an addition is especially important for long hemlines, so that the image as a whole does not look closed and too modest.

long blue dress with slit

  1. Off Shoulder. Another relevant solution in the design of long evening dresses is an open top. The yoke can be made in the form of a corset or complemented by a wide neckline.

beautiful blue floor length dresses

Floor length blue velvet dress

In the cold season, exquisite velvet outfits are considered the most popular and stylish. This fabric will perfectly convey the evening style even without additional decorations. Light sheen and pleasant texture of the material emphasize refinement and elegance. Dark blue long dresses are in trend, as velvet in deep colors looks especially impressive. Tight-fitting outfits with a train, a fitted silhouette with a straight skirt complemented by a slit, an off-the-shoulder design and a sexy neckline have become fashionable styles. And a touch of luxury to the image will be added by decor with rhinestones.

floor length blue velvet dress

Long blue dress with sequins

Sequin embroidery has become another topical type of decor in modern evening fashion. Such jewelry is a set of thin metal circles of different sizes. A floor-length dress in blue can be decorated with sequins on a large scale along the entire length. And in this case, the addition is presented in an identical shade. In the trend and laconic trim only coquettes or in the form of a pattern on a long skirt. The trend of recent seasons has become reversible sequins, which change color when turned over. In an ensemble with a heavenly hue, a gold or silver design is relevant.

long blue dress with sequins

Floor-length blue guipure dress

Guipure outfits look very beautiful and impressive. This material has a rigid structure and an expressive openwork pattern. Unlike lace, textured guipure keeps its shape perfectly, therefore, fitted silhouette styles, with a long A-line skirt and a sexy year are in trend. Beautiful floor-length blue dresses are popular with contrasting lining in light colors — white, blue, natural. Guipure looks especially interesting in rich dark colors. But in fashion and bright products. Openwork fabric often acts as a coquette trim in an ensemble with a tight or flowing skirt.

floor length blue guipure dress

Satin blue floor length dress

Attractive satin outfits also remain a fashionable choice. This shiny material has become a stylish alternative to silk, but more profitable in terms of pricing. The main advantage of the fabric is the density, which helps to keep a clear shape. Therefore, the most relevant styles are godet, fitted silhouette, asymmetrical long hem. The trend is a laconic design made of one material. And in this case, the long dark blue floor-length dress remains the most successful. In a bright solution, stylists offer a combined version with a lace or guipure yoke.

floor length blue satin dress

Shiny blue floor length dress

An evening style look will perfectly convey a brilliant design. And in this case, designers offer two options. If you stick to conciseness and exclude excessive catchiness, then an outfit with lurex will be an actual choice. A shiny thread can decorate clothes evenly along the entire length or decorate only the yoke, sleeves, hem edge. If you want to stand out from the rest and emphasize all the unsurpassedness of your appearance, then a model with rhinestones will become stylish and spectacular. Sparkling stones on the top will perfectly decorate a long blue dress with a slit.

sparkly blue floor length dress

Floor length blue lace dresses

If your evening style is distinguished by romance and sophistication, then the choice of an outfit made of openwork translucent lace will be the most appropriate. This delicate fabric can act as the main material in the design or decorate a separate area. In the second case, the combinations of an openwork coquette and a satin, silk, velvet skirt became the most popular. A lace long blue evening dress looks very impressive with bare shoulders, a cutout on the back, a deep or concise neckline. But the cut of the hem is inappropriate here. A beautiful addition can be a large bow on the belt.

floor length blue lace dresses

Puffy blue floor length dresses

If you are going to a formal or themed party, then one of the relevant decisions would be to choose a curvaceous outfit. And the main advantage of a wide hem in an ensemble with a tight-fitting yoke is always a highlighted waist and a feminine silhouette. Lush cut is represented by several solutions. The most popular is the multilayer design of tulle. A skirt made of multilayer flounces or ruffles looks spectacular and attractive. In such a voluminous solution, a bright blue floor-length dress looks especially stylish, but dark colors are also in fashion.

puffy blue floor length dresses

What to wear with a blue floor-length dress?

An important decision in creating an image is the ability to correctly combine all its details, especially if bright clothes are the main element. Feminine products in sky-navy colors can become both an accent and a stylish backdrop. Solid color total look bows are in trend. And here it is not necessary that all the details match in tone. An ensemble with classic and neutral colors will be a win-win. And combinations with red, yellow, pink and even green will add attractiveness and catchiness to the image. But let’s see what to wear with a long blue dress:

  1. Outerwear. In the cool season, a short jacket will be an actual choice. The most popular are jeans and leather jackets. You should not combine feminine clothes with a long coat or raincoat. This will make you look shapeless.

what to wear with a floor length blue dress

  1. Bag. The most suitable models for beautiful maxi products are cross-body and handbag. This element can be an addition in black or neutral colors, or a bright accent in red, yellow, pink designs.

how to wear a long blue dress

  1. Belt. For plain and especially dark products, a contrasting belt or belt that highlights the waist is considered an actual addition. The accessory can be both wide and narrow.

floor length blue dress

Shoes for a long blue dress

One of the main elements in the image with maxi-length clothes is shoes. This detail can not only become a bright accent, but also provides stability and practicality. If you are short, heeled shoes will do. For girls of model appearance, it is better to stay on a flat sole or a small flat platform. Shoes for a blue floor-length dress can be picked up in identical colors. But a brighter version of red, yellow, pink looks more attractive. Metallic shades of gold and silver are also considered a fashionable solution.

long blue dress shoes

Accessories for a blue floor-length dress

Stylists recommend complementing any feminine look with beautiful jewelry. In the case of long clothes, accessories around the neck are considered the most relevant. If this is an evening look, you can stop at massive necklaces or pendants made of gold or silver. A romantic blue dress with floor-length lace will be perfectly decorated with pearl beads. Expressive jewelry, interesting ideas made of suede or leather, jewelry made of wood and natural stones, such as turquoise, coral, are perfect for everyday bows. Styles without sleeves should be supplemented with a voluminous bracelet or large watch.

accessories for a blue floor-length dress

Manicure under a blue dress to the floor

An important detail in the whole bow is the design of nails. If you want to complement the evening look, stylists offer bright ideas in neutral beige or pastel colors. A universal choice would be a manicure in the color of the product. And in this case, a matte finish, decor in the form of glass fragments, a jacket will be relevant. For an evening look, a stylish choice would be nail-art with rhinestones and stones. To make such a mono design in the style of Feng Shui, highlighting one or two fingers. Holes made of rhinestones will also become spectacular, both in classic colors and in tone with clothes.

manicure under a blue dress to the floor

Another important detail in the whole image is makeup under a blue long dress. And in this case, it is important to consider the style of the combination. If you are going to a gala party, stylists offer to focus on bright ideas. The most suitable solution would be a combination of smoky eyes with red lipstick. If in appearance you have already placed accents, then it is better to make the make-up natural by slightly highlighting the eyes or adding black arrows. But a brilliant highlighter will be a win-win solution for a combination of any direction.

blue long dress makeup

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