Beautiful drawings on the nails


beautiful nail designs

The pursuit of excellence knows no bounds. And this trend is clearly seen in modern nail art. It is no longer enough for fashionistas to simply put their nails in order and apply a monochromatic varnish coating. Since such a manicure to most may seem boring and devoid of zest.

That is why girls tirelessly follow fashion trends, original novelties, and some even get acquainted with the basic principles of drawing in order to decorate their nails with beautiful drawings.

In this article, we will focus on the most relevant and original ideas of fashionable manicure with beautiful patterns, both on extended and real ones, on short and long nails.

Very pretty simple nail designs

Gone are the days when the nails of fashionistas reached extreme lengths, and the design was dominated by intricate patterns and complex compositions. Today, the hands of true ladies look more natural. As for drawings, graphic and floral motifs, animal prints, abstract patterns are welcome. To make a fashionable manicure with a simple pattern, it is not at all necessary to go to a beauty salon, it is easy to do at home.

For example, every girl is able to create a geometric composition on her nails. Straight and wavy lines, needles, nets, triangles and squares — it’s not at all difficult to draw them, but such a manicure looks just great. For the same young ladies who do not “make friends” with a brush and paints, stylists offer to use special stickers.

Having practiced a little with stripes, you can start creating a manicure with a more complex technique. For example, experiment with variations of everyone’s favorite jacket. In this case, it is worth «playing around» not only with color combinations, but also complementing the design with some unpretentious flower, butterfly, bow. By the way, a drawing can be drawn or folded from improvised means: rhinestones, beads, colored sparkles, powder, sand, foil or beads.

A manicure with a “pea” or “leopard” print looks fun and creative. Both drawings are easy to make.

Of course, beautiful and light drawings on the nails are good for everyday manicure, since the festive design should still be created in a slightly different format. So, most often on a special occasion, ladies choose a stylish and elegant, passionate and restrained at the same time, manicure in red.

Drawing on red nails

The red palette is rich and varied, so depending on the situation, you can cover the nails with active red varnish, or choose a more muted shade. Such a manicure is self-sufficient, bright and attractive. However, this does not mean at all that it cannot be supplemented with an original pattern. Beautiful black and white drawings made with varnish or paints look great on red nails, you can dilute the composition with golden or silver elements.

It is worth noting that red nails with a black pattern are a kind of classic, but you need to choose this combination very carefully, focusing more on the nature of the image. For example, red nails with thin stripes will fit into the framework of a not very strict dress code, while a playful cat on the ring finger or white polka dots are more suitable for creating a laid-back everyday look. For an evening out, of course, a red jacket and a moon manicure are suitable, provided that such a design and palette will be in harmony with the outfit and accessories.


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