Do you still think that cats are cute fluffy creatures that only know how to lie on their side and crack Whiskas? Are you sure that dogs are the most devoted and disciplined creatures on the planet? Then take a closer look at our photo selection and see for yourself!

Looking at these pictures, you begin to think about the adequacy of some of our smaller brothers. Their actions, caught in the frame, seem to be aimed at unbalancing their masters. Let’s hope that Murziks and Bugs do not do all this intentionally, although, who knows?

1. Well, have you been planning to lay a new carpet for a long time?


2. This cute little black cat literally climbed on her owner’s head, and she feels very pleased.

On the head

3. And who said that in the pants of an expensive owner there is no place for a beloved baby?

In trousers

4. When the dog himself knows where he is better off.

Doggie on the floor

5. This gate is, perhaps, too narrow for me.


6. The bow poses just perfect, but it would be better to look around!

Attack from behind

7. The cat knows whose meat it has eaten. Well, or start eating …


8. A dog after a visit to the vet looks something like this.

veterinary clinic

9. So what if the TV is flat, but it’s warm on it, and I’m always in the spotlight!


10. When you want to take a selfie with a loving Frenchie…

French people

11. Who said that only hens hatch eggs? I can do that too!

On eggs

12. The look of this dog after bathing is stronger than a thousand words.

Washed dog

13. And there was nothing to lock me in the toilet!

in the toilet

14. I wanted to play with the blinds, but did not calculate my strength.


15. This cat was sitting in the bathroom and screaming loudly, contemplating the drops of water.

In the bathroom

16. Cat prodigy learned to steal food and eat it right in the protective collar.

in the collar

17. And here you have designer furniture from a mustachioed-striped one.

Deret furniture

18. These huskies stared at the squirrel and forgot about their hunting instincts.


19. This cat broke the garland immediately after the owner finished hanging it. The whole process took 2 hours!

Fairy lights

20. I’m going to work with you, I’ll help!

In a bag

21. No, it doesn’t hurt him, we play like that!

crushed the cat

22. Did you think to hide from me in a box? Get it, coward!

In the box

23. A second before being bitten by a bloodthirsty vampire.


24. Now I will deal with him, and I will deal with you, amateur photographer!

Black and white cat

25. When the cat does nasty things, he runs and hides among the pillows, the hundredth level disguise!

Among the pillows

26. Barsik, can I take you for a manicure?


27. Who said that cats can be friends?

cat fight

28. Now how the ladies hurt!

Paw on the head

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