Winter manicure 2020 - a selection of the most fashionable ideas for the cold season

Nail design is one of the most important components of the female image, so the winter manicure 2020 should be flawless, stylish, with some zest. The fashion of the new season offers many interesting options, allowing you to fully demonstrate your individual taste.

Manicure winter 2020 — fashion trends

Winter is a great occasion to change your image once again. Most women update their wardrobe, filling it with new warm clothes, many change their hairstyles and hair color. The winter manicure of 2020 is also worthy of special attention — fashion trends offer stylish and very interesting options that allow you to look well-groomed, elegant, or, conversely, catchy and creative.

Manicure winter 2020 - fashion trendsManicure winter 2020 - fashion trends ideas

The trendy shades of nails in the new season are the following colors:

Bright colors for nail design remain relevant in the new season — catchy shades such as raspberry, lilac, purple, red. Deep dark tones, preferred by many modern fashionistas, are also popular — burgundy, brown, blue, especially in combination with silver or gold in the form of foil, rhinestones, sparkles.

Manicure winter 2020 - fashion trends ideasManicure winter 2020 - fashion trends options

Manicure winter 2019-2020 for short nails

If earlier the owners of short nails mostly did a simple discreet coating to create a well-groomed look for their hands, but at the same time not to attract special attention to them, now everything has changed. The world’s leading stylists of the nail industry have done a good job, thanks to which the winter manicure 2020 for short nails is a lot of interesting and stylish ideas.

Manicure winter 2019-2020 for short nailsManicure winter 2019-2020 for short nails fashion

The most relevant ideas for the upcoming season for short nails are:

  • monophonic nail design;
  • mother-of-pearl nail polish, the most popular idea is cat-eye manicure;
  • nail design with silver — sparkles, rhinestones, broths and more;
  • winter manicure 2020 with foil;
  • geometry style nail design;
  • french winter manicure
  • Manicure winter 2019-2020 for short nails optionsManicure winter 2019-2020 for short nails style

Manicure winter 2020 for long nails

For some time, long nails were more of an anti-trend — as an inconvenient solution in everyday life, they gave way to short ones in popularity. But this was not for long — today the impressive length of the nails is again relevant. The main advantage of such an idea is the opportunity to fully express your creativity and exceptional taste thanks to more space for creativity.

Manicure winter 2020 for long nailsManicure winter 2020 for long nails style

Winter manicure 2020 for long nails — these are the options for ideas:

  • monophonic nail design with or without laconic decor;
  • nail design with silver, dark shades look especially beautiful;
  • winter manicure 2020 with thematic drawings;
  • nail design with foil for long nails;
  • nail design with ornate patterns;
  • winter manicure french 2020.
  • Manicure winter 2020 for long nails fashionManicure winter 2020 for long nails style

Manicure, winter 2019-2020 — almond

The most fashionable variant of the shape of nails in the new season remains almonds — neat, slightly pointed nails. It looks beautiful on any length and natural shape of the plate, both on thin and plump fingers. The great news is that any beautiful winter 2020 manicure looks very beautiful on almond-shaped nails. An exception may be a jacket, if you have a short length.

Manicure, winter 2019-2020 - almondManicure, winter 2019-2020 - almond design

Manicure ideas — winter 2019-2020

The stylish manicure that the new winter season 2019-2020 offers is both gentle and calm design ideas associated with snow, tranquility, relaxation, as well as bright, catchy ones for those who want to add cheerful colors to the monochrome season. And for many, winter is, first of all, glitter, the radiance of snow and New Year’s tinsel, and such ideas prevail in nail design.

Winter manicure ideas 2019-2020Winter manicure ideas 2019-2020 style

Some of the most relevant ideas of the new season are:

  • white manicure, plain or with silver decor, associated with snow;
  • shiny and radiant manicure with rubbing;
  • monochrome marble nail design;
  • winter manicure 2020 with knitted motifs;
  • Christmas nail design ideas.
  • Winter manicure ideas 2019-2020 fashionWinter manicure ideas 2019-2020 style

French manicure — winter 2020

One of the favorite options for nail design for many girls is the French manicure, a kind of unchanging classic. In the original version, it is a natural flesh or pink nail plate with a neat white tip. Such a classic is also included in the list of options for what a winter 2019-2020 manicure can be using a French technique, but other ideas will be more relevant in the new season.

French manicure - winter 2020French manicure - winter 2020 ideas

Winter manicure 2020 in French technique — these are the options for ideas:

  • curved strip — a line at an angle;
  • french manicure with drawings — abstraction or winter theme;
  • blue jacket;
  • French manicure with silver — sparkles, foil, glitter and shimmer varnishes.
  • French manicure - winter 2020French manicure - winter 2020 ideas

Matte manicure — winter 2019-2020

Another option that winter 2020 manicure can be is a matte nail coating that looks very elegant and elegant. On matte nails, any decor option looks more catchy and contrasting — drawings, patterns, sparkles, foil. There is also a drawback to such an idea on a coating without gloss, even the smallest flaws are very clearly visible — not an even shape or not an ideal nail plate.

Matte manicure - winter 2019-2020Matte manicure - winter 2019-2020 style

The technique for creating a matte manicure is exactly the same as for the glossy version — a special top layer with a matte effect is applied to the nail with a varnish coating. This design looks on any length and shape of nails. In the winter season 2019-2020, deep dark shades in a non-shine coating are relevant, both plain and with various decor variations.

Matte manicure - winter 2019-2020 options

Manicure winter 2019-2020 with a pattern

With the onset of each new season, many girls strive to reflect the ode time and mood as much as possible in their image, especially in nail design. So, at the peak of popularity was a 2020 manicure with a winter pattern. These include:

If earlier a variety of drawing options were applicable only for long nails, on which it is easy to create a composition, now stylists have done a good job so that a variety of bright ideas can be implemented on short ones. For this, there are special styler stickers that are glued to the nail, and after that a skilled craftsman makes a few strokes with a brush, thanks to which the drawing becomes voluminous and alive.

Manicure winter 2019-2020 with pattern optionsManicure winter 2019-2020 patterned style

Winter manicure 2020 with rhinestones

The dazzling shine of silver gives any manicure a beautiful and elegant look, transforming even the simplest nail design beyond recognition. The same effect fits perfectly into the winter nail design, associating with the sparkle of snow in sunlight or moonlight. Therefore, decorating nails with rhinestones is one of the most successful and popular for the upcoming season.

Winter manicure 2020 with rhinestonesWinter manicure 2020 with rhinestones design

Fashionable manicure with rhinestones for the winter 2020 season can be different. One of the simplest and most concise ideas is a monochromatic nail polish, both dark and light and even white, decorated with miniature shining stones. This idea looks good both as everyday and New Year’s. More complex design variations are also relevant — snowflakes or winter drawings with rhinestone decor.

Winter manicure 2020 with rhinestones fashionWinter manicure 2020 with rhinestones style

Winter manicure 2020 — gradient

One of the most popular manicure techniques is the gradient or the so-called ombre, which is a smooth transition from one shade to another. Tones can either belong to the same color range, or be completely contrasting. An important advantage of ombre manicure is the ability to combine with any other technique — drawings, stickers, matte finish, acrylic coating and more.

Winter manicure 2020 - gradient


Popular color solutions, what could be the winter manicure 2019-2020 using the ombre technique are:

  • white with blue;
  • white with blue;
  • pastel shades;
  • combinations with gray;
  • ombre with red — relevant for the new year.
  • Winter manicure 2020 - gradient styleWinter manicure 2020 - gradient options

Manicure winter 2020 with rubbing

If you are looking for a trendy winter 2019 2020 manicure with a sparkle that is relevant for the new year, but at the same time you don’t like catchy shine like sparkles or rhinestones, you should pay attention to such an option as rubbing. The decor is a very small fraction of sparkles, which are applied to the nail and gently rubbed with a special sponge. The effect of such an idea can be different — as a light shine, reminiscent of pearls, and a completely mirror finish.

Manicure winter 2020 with rubbingManicure winter 2020 with rubbing style

Decorative rubbing on the nails can be of any color, the current solution is the «chameleon», which plays with shades in the sunlight. Rubbing can be an ideal addition to any nail design option — both to a plain or conservative jacket, and to a variety of bright patterns on the nails, it is especially harmoniously combined with the New Year theme.

Manicure winter 2020 with rubbing fashionManicure winter 2020 with rubbing options

Manicure geometry — winter 2020

Another trend that has gained wide popularity in the new cold season is the winter 2020 manicure in the style of geometry, both simple drawings and various novelties. The idea is the intersection of thin straight lines and geometric shapes, this design looks very elegant and sophisticated, fitting into any modern female image.

Manicure geometry - winter 2020Manicure geometry - winter 2020 design

For the winter season, a geometry-style manicure is the best fit, dark muted, mostly cold tones are especially relevant — gray, blue, green, brown. A fine addition to the festive New Year’s design will be silver elements, thin or wide lines with sparkles, decorative foil fragments.

Manicure geometry - winter 2020 styleManicure geometry - winter 2020 fashion

Manicure sweater, winter 2019-2020

For many, winter is associated with warmth and comfort, including soft, pleasant warm knitted clothes. One of the trendy nail design options is the 2020 winter manicure with knitted motifs, the so-called “sweater”. It can be of two main types.

  1. Winter manicure sweater 2020 with jacquard patterns. Patterns popular for sweaters in red and white or black and white will add a touch of coziness to your look. To create a nail design, stayer stickers are used.
  2. Manicure with braids, acrylic powder is used to create it.
  3. Manicure sweater, winter 2019-2020Manicure sweater, winter 2019-2020 style

Solid manicure for the winter 2020

If you are a lover of conservative ideas in the image, you can resort to the principle “everything ingenious is simple” and make a beautiful winter 2020 manicure in a plain design. It is worth choosing a good shade, and your nails will look stylish and fashionable. In this case, a monochromatic nail design can be different:

  • glossy plain nails;
  • monophonic matte nail coating;
  • plain winter design with a light shiny decor — rhinestones, sparkles;
  • textured winter design in one color with spraying, bouillons.
  • Solid manicure for the winter 2020Solid manicure for the winter 2020 style

The main advantage of a laconic plain winter nail design is its versatility, especially if you prefer neutral dark shades. They harmoniously fit into any image and in modern fashion look beautiful on nails of any length and shape. Laconic shiny decor will help visually lengthen the nails.

Solid manicure for the winter 2020

Black manicure — winter 2020

If earlier black nail design was considered very gloomy, and it was preferred mainly by representatives of youth subcultures, now the fashion trends are completely different, and this color has become one of the most relevant for the upcoming winter season 2019-2020. In modern fashion, black is actively used for nail design of any length and shape.

Solid manicure for the winter 2020 styleSolid manicure for winter 2020 design

The most fashionable manicure winter 2020 in black is the following options for ideas:

  • plain matte manicure in black;
  • black winter manicure 2020 with silver;
  • nails with patterns on a black background;
  • black manicure in geometric design;
  • black manicure with rhinestones.
  • Solid manicure for the winter 2020

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