Unusual manicure - a selection of the most fashionable solutions for short and long nails

Many women want to have an original unusual manicure on their fingers. It should be both neat and sophisticated. Modern nail design can offer a wide variety of ideas, among which every fashionista will choose nail art to her taste.

Unusual manicure 2019

Stylists successfully embody the original 2019 manicure on the nails, which is presented in a variety of variations:

  1. Such trends as classic, combined, Japanese, European nail art continue to be fashionable.
  2. Bold decisions are becoming popular, including even attaching wool to the nail plate, adding various figures and extraordinary items.
  3. As for the forms, the variant of oval and pointed marigolds has returned. Although such nails are impractical, they attract prying eyes.
  4. The original idea would be to create a “bracelet” on the nails. It is created on nails that are covered with a calm base. Bracelets are created at different lengths, and the content depends on the specific event.
  5. Volumetric drawings on nails remain very fashionable in 2019, they are created using different varnish options. The top layer often becomes a pearl or metallic powder.
  6. One of the fashionable ideas is an unusual 3D manicure.
  7. For the summer season, you can create fruit motifs, these are slices of juicy and mouth-watering fruits.
  8. In winter, people often turn to knitted motifs, the pattern depends on the preferences and imagination of the master.

unusual manicure 2019

Unusual manicure 2019

original manicure 2019interesting manicure

Unusual manicure for short nails

On short nails, although they are of insignificant length, you can successfully implement interesting manicure ideas 2019:

  1. The ombre technique is popular, it creates transitions from one color to another. In this case, you can turn to both pastel and saturated colors.
  2. For expressiveness, the ring finger is decorated with a pattern, rhinestones or sparkles.
  3. An unusual metal manicure for short nails looks beautiful and creative, but you need to create harmony with the image.
  4. The design with foil will look original. With the help of this application, the effect of broken glass or even leopard patterns is created.
  5. Matte nail art on short nails looks unbeatable, especially if individual fingers are decorated with a raindrop effect.
  6. The popular classic jacket remains in trend. However, to make it unusual, it is performed in color or supplemented with modeling.
  7. Seasonal flight design looks very creative, especially if different techniques and designs are used on the nails. Basically, fruits and flowers are applied, which can be voluminous and bright.

unusual manicure for short nails

Unusual manicure for short nails

interesting manicure ideas 2019original manicure

Unusual manicure for long nails

On elongated nail plates, you can embody any interesting manicure 2019:

  1. Pointed nails look extravagant, both dark and light colors will help to visually lengthen the shape. Pastel shades, classic jacket and moon design will look luxurious at this length.
  2. Matte finish on long nails can create an elegant design.
  3. On long nails, you can use different options for rhinestones, ranging from small to large.
  4. Often, velvet sand design began to be used on long nails, this is acrylic powder with which beautiful patterns are created.
  5. As a gloss for nails, you can use a mirror rub. This design looks extraordinary and catches the eye of people around.
  6. Unusual manicure geometry continues to be on top, especially if different types of shapes are used that make up a unique pattern.

unusual manicure for long nails

Unusual manicure for long nails

interesting manicure 2019unusual manicure 2019

Interesting manicure ideas

With the help of unlimited manifestation of imagination, you can make the most unusual manicure, using all kinds of ideas for this:

  1. You can add decorative elements to the nail or experiment with color and texture.
  2. It is worth paying attention to the variant of the crescent nail art, when a crescent moon is drawn at the base. It will look unsurpassed when complemented by a metallic sheen.
  3. The hole can have a very different shape: it can be made in the form of a triangle, a heart, an oval, or even in an asymmetric version.
  4. Nail plates can be decorated with drawings, there are a large number of options for various patterns.
  5. If you want to create an unusual manicure, you should turn to abstract compositions, in which the exposition is located at different angles or overlap each other.
  6. Floral designs can also be varied, these are delicate daisies, luxurious roses, purple violets, bright chrysanthemums and other incomparable flowers.
  7. Flowers can look very natural, but you can also turn to the primitivist style option.
  8. The original idea is the cat’s eye technique, which includes metal particles. When applied, they line up and form a three-dimensional pattern with incredible brilliance. «Cat’s eye» will look luxurious if you add it with rhinestones.

cool manicure ideasoriginal manicure 2019

Unusual french manicure

Combining different types of varnishes, the shape of the lunula and the smile line, you can create an unusual french manicure:

  1. A color jacket is created using a huge range of colors.
  2. The combination of the moon design and the usual jacket is very popular — both the lunula and the tip of the nail are painted in a contrasting color.
  3. An interesting jacket with different forms of a smile, which can pass both along the edge of the nail and near the base.
  4. The French gradient looks unsurpassed — the line separates two contrasting varnishes, and the transition between colors can occur using the gradient technique.

fancy french manicure

Unusual gentle manicure

Lovers of sophistication will appreciate an interesting gentle manicure:

  1. A popular trend in nail design is an appeal to naturalness. In such nail art, you should not turn to heaped decor options.
  2. The most delightful colors are such as pale pink, pale blue, purple, peach, sand, beige or cream.
  3. An unusual gentle manicure can be created using the french, gradient or moon design techniques, marble, complemented by rubbing and kamifubuki.

unusual gentle manicureinteresting gentle manicure

Bright unusual manicure

Bright unusual manicure looks extremely colorful, you can enhance the effect with the help of decorative elements:

  1. Bright varnishes can be used in gradient technique, moon design, jacket, geometry, additions in the form of flowers, swirls, stickers and rubs.
  2. As a bright floral print, fairy-tale flowers of large size or sophisticated cute buds can be used, which look beautiful and sophisticated.
  3. For summer, fruits and slices will become suitable ornaments, because this is a time of relaxation and pleasant pastime.
  4. An unusual red manicure with raspberries or strawberries looks amazing, which is complemented by spectacular droplets or splashes of water.
  5. You can add chic with the help of pebbles, beads and rhinestones. Options that use foil, glitter, and rubbing will remain popular.

bright unusual manicureoriginal manicure 2019

Unusual black manicure

An interesting black manicure looks deep and mysterious:

  1. The most popular design option, where black is combined with white varnish, such combinations will give the nails freshness and lightness.
  2. Black nail art can be complemented by gold and silver stripes, different rub options and laconic designs.
  3. The original solution is a variant made using the stamping technique, which will help make the nails refined.
  4. Matte black remains fashionable, which can be combined with peach or soft pink on other fingers. Perfectly combined glossy and matte finish.

unusual black manicure

Manicure with an unusual pattern

An interesting manicure with a pattern will help to fully express your individuality:

  1. Often nail art supports any theme. Cartoon characters, animals, pictures, all kinds of objects can be applied to the nail plates.
  2. Banknotes, an animalistic pattern, fruits, which are used in avant-garde images, are considered a non-standard solution.
  3. Sculpting on nails looks elegant and gentle, creating romantic and reverent images. When stucco is made on sharp and long nails, it attracts the attention of others as much as possible.

manicure with an unusual pattern

Unusual matte manicure

You can bring sophistication and elegance to the image if you make an original manicure made with a matte finish:

  1. You can play with color and use the ombre technique.
  2. Matte nail art can be transformed with glitter in different quantities, it can be rhinestones or sparkles, when applied, the design will become truly luxurious.
  3. Matte nail art looks amazing if it is complemented with a gloss of the same color. For example, this is a jacket, where the edge of the finger is decorated with bright gloss.
  4. You can not do without an elegant matte version and in combination with a moon design.

unusual matte manicure

Unusual ombre manicure

Many fashionistas prefer an interesting manicure made in the form of an ombre:

  • often women turn to the horizontal ombre option, but the vertical gradient is considered more original;
  • a chic effect can be achieved if the ombre is applied with bright gel polishes, complemented by sparkles and rubbing;
  • originality can bring pebbles that are laid out at the edge of the hole or along the edge of the nail;
  • Ombre can be combined with a jacket, which looks amazing.

fancy ombre manicure

Unusual manicure with rubbing

You can make the original manicure even more memorable with the help of rubbing:

  • mirror rubbing is able to transform dark shades by adding shine to them;
  • pearl rub is suitable for light pastel and nude shades, it looks very stylish and restrained;
  • a spectacular solution is considered an option close to a metallic sheen;
  • an evening look can be created using a rub with a bright overflow, like a chameleon;
  • bold ladies can turn to the design with a holographic rub, where there is an iridescent overflow.

unusual manicure with rubbing

Unusual manicure with confetti

You can make an extremely interesting manicure on short nails or on elongated nail plates, which is decorated with confetti:

  1. Combinations of different styles will be interesting options. For example, several fingers are covered with shiny elements, while the rest are made in a discreet matte color.
  2. The moon jacket can be decorated not with varnish, but with confetti.
  3. You can lay out a picture from confetti, it can be a geometric option.

unusual manicure with confetti

Unusual manicure geometry

Design geometry is not only simple lines, but also unusual techniques:

  1. The figures can be applied to a bright background, for example, this is an unusual blue manicure or red nail art.
  2. «Broken glass» is perfectly complemented by geometric patterns and looks extremely impressive.
  3. Another application technique is a gradient design, which can be complemented by triangles, stripes and other types of shapes.

unusual manicure geometry

Unusual wedding manicure

For a wedding celebration, you can create an interesting manicure for long nails or shortened nail plates:

  1. Wedding design with lace creates a sophisticated and delicate look, openwork elements can be applied with stickers, dots or stamping.
  2. On the nails, a pattern can be depicted in the form of flowers, butterflies, beautiful curls, bows and various stripes.
  3. For a festive look, you can apply rhinestones, sparkles and beads in different combinations.

unusual wedding manicureinteresting manicure ideas 2019

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