Terracotta color - what is it, to whom does it suit and what is it combined with?

The red palette remains one of the most popular color schemes in modern women’s fashion, as it always emphasizes femininity, showiness, and decisiveness in the image. However, the trend is not only classic shades, but also derivatives in combination with other tone colors. And one of the most stylish is terracotta color.

Terracotta color — what is it?

In modern fashion, this shade is characterized as brown tones of the red palette. Depending on the predominance of warmth and brightness, the coloring may be more intense or deep. In the question of what the terracotta color looks like, stylists present solutions in brick, marsala and even burgundy designs. However, for clothes, shoes and accessories, a specific name is often used — terracotta. This range applies to both rich and strict ideas, perfect for an evening look and going out.

what color is terracotta

What goes with terracotta?

The ability to correctly select the rest of the details remains important, especially if a rich shade is the main one in the bow. Given that this palette belongs to the category of warm, it is better not to violate the style here. However, designers also offer non-standard ideas inherent in modern fashion, where delicate pastel colors are also used. Nude elements will be a universal choice for any occasion. But if you want to add expressiveness and originality, you should listen to the opinion of professionals. Let’s review the terracotta color — a combination:

  1. With white. An excellent choice would be additions of a light classic shade. This option will give deep and rich colors expressiveness. But in an ensemble with black, such a design will look gloomy.

what is terracotta color combined with

  1. With rich deep tones. If you do not pursue contrast, then accessories, shoes and clothes in contrasting deep colors will be a great addition. Stylists recommend using natural tones — sapphire, emerald, mustard, chocolate and others.

terracotta color combination

  1. with yellow. A bright image is perfectly complemented by elements in sunny shades. And in this case, all colors are welcome — pastel lemon, natural yellow, muted mustard, orange.

beautiful terracotta color

  1. With pink. Another good solution would be a combination with pink colors. But in this case, it is better to focus on warm colors, such as salmon or peach. For elegant bows, an acid crimson color is considered an exception.

what does terracotta look like

Terracotta color — who suits?

This incredibly beautiful and rich shade has become an ideal choice for fashionistas of the autumn color type. Red curls, swarthy skin and brown eyes will make catchy clothes even more expressive. But if you are not ready for such solutions in your wardrobe, be sure to find a terracotta lipstick color that will become your main tool in your makeup bag. In addition, such colors are also welcome in the image of winter girls with dark skin and dark hair, emphasizing a bright appearance. But it is better for summer and spring beauties to refrain from such decisions in the bow so as not to look pale.

terracotta color suitsterracotta lipstick color

Terracotta color in clothes

The fashionable palette has become an actual solution in the design of both casual and evening and even outerwear. This shade will always attract attention with its catchiness and richness. Designers note that depending on the structure and texture of the material, the tonality may change. However, stylists mostly choose a wardrobe made of soft and matte fabrics, where the shade looks as natural as possible. The combination of terracotta color in clothes with other colors can also shade the intensity, which helps to choose your ensemble, taking into account the features of appearance:

  1. Blouse. Simple cotton shirts look very nice in this shade. Such a top can be added even to a non-strict business bow. Terracotta deep color has become relevant for elongated tunics in ethnic style.

terracotta color in clothes

  1. Fur coat. In the last few seasons, fur outerwear in non-standard shades has been in fashion. The coloring of terracotta has become a popular solution for products with sheared and short pile, for example, from mink, muton, beaver.

combination of terracotta ceta in clothes

  1. Accessories. Fashionable design is also presented in collections of stylish additions. In the demi-season period, colored tights, a belt or a hat will be an excellent solution. A shade of terracotta will effectively complete the look in the form of fashionable shoes.

what color is terracotta

Terracotta dress

One of the most feminine elements of the wardrobe is the dress. Such clothes always emphasize sophistication and romance in the image. In addition, the one-piece product eliminates the need for separate selection of the top and bottom, making the bow harmonious and stylish. Terracotta dresses are especially popular during the cold season. The most fashionable are knitted elongated sweaters, tight-fitting knitted stockings and woolen styles of a fitted silhouette with a flying skirt. In trend and suede dresses. This shade in an ensemble with soft material looks neat and elegant.

terracotta dress

Terracotta skirt

Another popular choice of clothing that will always emphasize the sophistication and femininity of style is the skirt. The advantage of these products is the possibility of combinations with different types of tops, which helps to create a variety of looks every day. In the question of what to wear with a terracotta skirt, stylists suggest choosing models in light colors. At the same time, depending on the style, a casual T-shirt or sweater, as well as a romantic blouse, and even a strict jacket, will do. The most popular models in red-brown color were a long pleated and leather pencil.

terracotta skirt

Terracotta jacket

This element of the wardrobe traditionally refers to the classic style. And for strict business combinations, black, white and nature-colored jackets are best suited. However, in recent seasons, the jacket has been actively used in everyday street and romantic looks. And in this case, stylists choose original styles in a rich and printed design. A terracotta jacket looks great in a sleeveless cut. And this option can be worn both over a T-shirt or blouse, and in an ensemble with a sweater. Elegant and feminine look elongated wrap styles that accentuate the waist.

terracotta jacket

Terracotta trousers

What modern fashionista does not have a place for practical and functional trousers? This element of the wardrobe is able to emphasize grace and sexuality no worse than a skirt or dress, but at the same time provides confidence and comfort for the whole day. For active everyday wear, trousers in bright and saturated colors have become a fashion trend. In red-brown tones, both strict styles and comfortable sweatpants, leggings and even jeans are presented. Women’s terracotta trousers look great in 7/8 cropped length, loose fit — sails, hip flares, bananas and others.

terracotta trousers

Terracotta sweater

Red-brown coloring perfectly complements the cozy design of knitwear. And the most popular element of the yarn wardrobe is comfortable sweaters, without which the cold season is simply not possible. The terracotta pullover is presented with beautiful knitted patterns — textured braids and aran. The trend is oversized voluminous cut and coarse knit products. Fashionable color will very effectively complement models with attractive finishes — open back, one-shoulder or bare shoulders, with lace insert, ¾ sleeves.

terracotta sweater

Women’s terracotta costume

In modern fashion, kits have gained particular popularity. The main advantage of such clothes is always harmony in the image due to the identical design of the top and bottom. Designers offer models of rich and catchy colors that always attract attention and accentuate the individual style of fashionistas. Beautiful terracotta color looks great in knitwear and yarn. And in this case, suits with a skirt and a short sweater or top, as well as a trouser set, are relevant. A deep shade is also suitable for strict bows with classic trousers and a jacket.

women's terracotta costume

Terracotta jacket

A rich red-brown shade has become a popular solution in the collections of women’s jackets. One of the most relevant in the demi-season period is a leather jacket. And such products are presented both from matte and patent leather, elongated cut, oversized and short length. The slanting metal zipper provides an attractive finish due to its sheen. In the cold season, a parka has become a practical and stylish choice. Women’s terracotta jacket is often complemented with fur on the hood, collar, cuffs and even pockets. Downy products remain another fashion trend.

terracotta jacket

Terracotta coat

Coats remain the classic choice of outerwear in modern fashion. And in recent seasons, products of saturated and deep colors are considered relevant. The terracotta coat is represented by the most fashionable styles. The classic remains universal, which suits any type of figure and looks great both in strict business looks and casual urban combinations with jeans and sneakers. The oversized cut is in trend. But this option is relevant in a moderate or short length in an ensemble with a tight-fitting laconic bottom.

terracotta coat

Terracotta scarf

Saturated colors can complement not only the main details in the image, but also additional ones. And with the help of accessories, stylists offer to make attractive accents in closed demi-season and winter bows, where originality is often lacking. Therefore, terracotta bright color has become an actual choice for knitted and woolen scarves. The trend is long products that should be worn in several turns around the neck. Designers also offer a practical option that combines both a scarf and a headdress — snood. And in the demi-season warm period, a scarf will be a stylish addition.

terracotta scarf

Terracotta bag

The red-brown shade has become a popular solution in the collections of women’s bags. And in the line of such accessories, one can clearly see how the color intensity can change depending on the material. Beautiful terracotta color looks very impressive in an ensemble with patent leather. The matte material makes the design more subdued. If you like light, light colors, you should pay attention to suede models. The trend is both capacious volume bags and laconic decorative size — clutch, cross-body, mini with a short strap, a small backpack.

terracotta bagbeautiful terracotta color

Terracotta manicure

This fashionable color has become a popular solution in modern nail-art. Such rich colors will always draw attention to the hands, so stylists insist on preliminary cosmetic procedures for the skin and nail plates to eliminate any appearance flaws. At the same time, the red-brown coloring will perfectly decorate both short and long nails. And original design ideas will help emphasize individual style and originality. Let’s see the most popular terracotta manicure:

  1. plain. A universal solution that will perfectly complement any everyday look is a monochrome coating. Saturated varnish may contain small monochromatic glitter, which will add spectacularity.

terracotta manicure

  1. «Cat’s eye». This polish is great for stylish interpretations of cat eyes on nails. A glare strip can be done both in the center and shifted to the side, vertically, diagonally and even horizontally on the nail plates.


  1. Matte. Always carefully and neatly saturated colors of varnish look in an ensemble with a matte top. This finish is considered especially successful for nails of short length, but it also looks attractive and stylish on long nail plates.

what does terracotta look like

  1. Terracotta manicure with design. Rhinestones are considered the most popular addition for rich-colored nails. You can make both a concise composition and a plentiful scattering. Ombre ideas, openwork monograms, geometric patterns look very impressive and stylish.

terracotta manicure with design

Terracotta hair color

Bright colors are also used in modern hairdressing. Beautiful coloring will always emphasize the individual style and distinguish the fashionista from the rest. But it is worth remembering that terracotta hair is not suitable for every color type of appearance. And if you are attracted to such a shade, stylists offer to focus on ideas with highlighted strands — coloring, highlighting and others. The gradient transition on the hair looks very impressive and stylish. Ombre is relevant for both short haircuts and long curls.

terracotta hair color

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