Summer manicure for short nails 2021 - the most beautiful novelties of the season!

Summer manicure for short nails 2021 will not leave indifferent any girl and woman, helping them look simply gorgeous this season. It will arouse genuine interest among those who want to be bright, stylish, expressive, unusual, but at the same time do not refuse elegant and restrained looks.

Summer nail design for short nails 2021

What fashionable summer manicure for short nails in 2021 is at the peak of popularity of the coming season?

  1. Style trendsetters have introduced dark and light nail art that looks perfect on any shape of the nail plate. Light and concise strokes are in fashion, which will make this design elegant, and unusual color schemes and a combination of different types of techniques will allow fashionistas to offer ideas for every taste and color. A stylish summer manicure of red, raspberry, peach, turquoise, burgundy, sangria and others, both saturated and pastel shades, will be interesting.

summer nail design for short nails 2021

  1. The original summer trend manicure for short nails 2021 is a huge number of ideas in white, milky, pink, yellow, green and blue tones, both in a laconic plain and delicate design with a minimum amount of decor, and with chic decorations. Strass inclusions, wonderful drawings, such as geometry, sea, tropics, fruits and flowers, whole plot compositions, with flowers and plants. Contrasting combinations of white with a black tone or beige with a blue or burgundy tint will make your fingers unsurpassed and exclusive.

fashionable summer manicure for short nails 2021

Summer manicure for very short nails

Summer nail design for short nails is a whole feast for lovers of minimalism and naturalness, although in the coming season, not only nude nails come to the fore, but also wonderful solutions in catchy shades with interesting patterns. However, when choosing patterns, you should not burden the nail with an overabundance of ornaments, but rather look at flowers and plants in the style of Japanese painting, graphic and geometric motifs, combine inscriptions and delicate three-dimensional decorations or single rhinestone blotches with each other and separately.

summer manicure for very short nails

It will also be an excellent choice for summer manicure for short nails 2021 in nude, red and raspberry, salmon, turquoise and brown shades, combining two or even three colors in one design on a rich dominant basis. With the drawing of twigs, flowers and insects, or both strict and clear, and zigzag and wavy lines and non-trivial geometric shapes mixed with full abstraction and foil. Another trend of this season has become a fashionable option for short nails, made on almond-shaped or oval-shaped nails.

summer nail design for short nails

Summer manicure for short square nails

For a long time, not a sharp square has been in the lead on the world podium, but a summer manicure for a short square with non-sharp edges is unique and charming, bold and gentle, elegant and extravagant, where every fashionista can choose the right option for every taste and color. Provided that this form suits you perfectly, you can make non-trivial solutions in yellow, brown, pink, salad tones, or multi-colored options in which each finger is painted in its own tone.

summer manicure for short square nails

In order for your fingers to always look amazing and have a well-groomed appearance, you need to pay attention to what stylists and leading masters offer, to new and avant-garde ideas of our time that suit you. Why not combine a light gradient, geometry or graphics and inscriptions with stickers in one design, while creating a discreet, but magnificent and delicate manicure, not overloaded with details and decor. Summer manicure for short nails 2021 on squares will be perfect with abstraction, balloons and any interesting pattern.

summer manicure on a short square

Summer manicure for short oval nails

A noble oval is characterized by such a summer manicure for short oval-shaped nails, in which your fingers sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow and cheer you up even on rainy and gloomy days. This is a design with a mirror and pearl rub, because the powder gives not only shine, but also charm, options in white and pink splendor with interesting patterns, sustained in abstract plot compositions. Then, in one set, patterns of several themes, kamifubiki and foil harmoniously echo and combine.

summer manicure for short oval nails

Want variety? Do not forget that original mixes on ovals of ornaments, checks and stripes, graphics and plants, vegetables and fruits, flowers and insects are in trend. Why not create summer short nails with a checkered and rhinestone pattern, glitter, tropics or cacti, depict an exquisite glass with fruit salad with mouth-watering cream, strawberries, cherries and slices of citrus, lemon, lime, orange or tangerine? Original and romantic, it suits many experimental looks of street style and urban chic.

summer manicure for short oval nails

Summer manicure for short almonds

Modern design is characterized by summer manicure for short almond nails, when the most daring ideas, gradient transitions, and a combination of several colors in one set come to life. You can make floristry and vegetation, abstraction and geometry with graphics, use all kinds of stickers and inscriptions to decorate your nails. Stylish trends dictate their own rules and novelties, offering women to give up too long nails in favor of natural length.

summer manicure for short almonds

What are the new summer manicures for almonds, and how do they look? The trendsetters suggest:

  • summer manicure ideas for short nails for every taste, where you will definitely find your nail art with additional designer decor, foil and kamifubiki, stickers and inscriptions, stamping and negative space;
  • options that will highlight your chic style are in fashion, whether it be sporty, romantic, street or business bow, depending on personal preferences and the purpose of the created images.

summer manicure for short almond nails

Summer jacket for short nails

What could be more beautiful than a timeless classic, updated and enhanced with patterns? Only a summer French manicure for short nails, which embodies all the advanced and innovative approaches of modern nail art. A multi-colored gorgeous French manicure with a variety of patterns is a great choice for a bright and shiny summer, as well as a non-trivial design with a broken and abstract smile or a combination of a moon and French jacket with an asymmetric effect.

summer jacket for short nails

White, classic, sophisticated design, complemented by chic floral sculpting, is gorgeous even on short nails. It is suitable not only for every day, but also for a wedding dress, it easily fits into elegant everyday looks, complementing them with the charm and charm of your fingers. Do not forget about the moon manicure, because the Hollywood jacket has not gone out of fashion, is firmly on the world podium and confidently leads among seasonal ideas, both in a laconic design and with patterns and rhinestones.

summer manicure french for short nails

Summer plain manicure for short nails

A beautiful summer manicure for short nails is presented in a chic retro monotone in lilac, lilac, lavender, mint and pink tones. The canonical design that all girls and women at this time of the year try to decorate their fingers with, both in bright and saturated shades, and in soft pastel colors. Do not forget that the techniques are repeated, and the fashionable design in a single-color design does not differ much from the nail art options of past seasons, it can be matte and glossy, on a diverse form of the nail plate.

summer monochrome manicure for short nailsbeautiful summer manicure for short nails

Bright summer manicure for short nails

A bright summer manicure design for short nails is stunning and rich, catchy and bright, embodying all the colors of summer and striking with its incorruptibility even in a single-color design, it can turn your fingers into real masterpieces in an instant. However, the current trends of this season require novelty and originality from fashionistas, so it is better to design in red, blue, yellow and purple tones with diverse patterns, rhinestones and negative space.

bright summer manicure for short nailsbright summer manicure design for short nails

Multi-colored summer manicure on short nails

A great summer manicure design for short nails will be obtained by combining several primary colors, different pastel colors on each finger, red and white, blue and yellow, even black and white combinations, if desired. Thrill-seekers can afford to make volumetric patterns, modeling, large flowers and juicy gradient transitions in fiery shades. Drawings in the spirit of Slavic and Japanese painting, stickers, inscriptions, negative space, cobwebs, thin stripes, golden and silver glitters, glitter to enhance brightness are allowed.

multi-colored summer manicure on short nailsSummer nail design for short nails

Summer nude manicure for short nails

Stylists draw the attention of fashionistas to a calm summer manicure for short nails, designed in nude shades, beige and cream, using matte and glossy varnishes and graphic or geometric patterns traced with a cobweb, in combination with kamifubiki, glitter and trendy inscriptions. For saturation, a marble-veined design is presented, combining matte and glossy finishes in one set.

summer nude manicure for short nailscalm summer manicure for short nails

Summer manicure for short nails with sparkles

Summer brilliant manicure for short nails is presented both in a soft pastel spectrum, bordering on minimalism and retro tenderness, and in rich shades, even with a mirror rub. With great expressiveness, he conveys all the femininity and romance inherent in soft undertones. Experienced nail art masters create stunning masterpieces with gradient tints, complement them with exquisite sequins and glitter, diluting them with rhinestones, giving your fingers a true charm.

summer manicure for short nails with glittersummer shiny manicure for short nails

Summer manicure with fruit for short nails

Another seasonal trend that won the hearts of many young fashionistas and mature women is a summer manicure for short nails with a pattern with diverse fruits. It can also be presented in green, white, blue and nude tones, which are perfectly combined with rich yellow. A beautiful and delicate design is successfully diluted with diverse additions in addition to fruit patterns, tropics and plants, flowers, abstraction and a marine theme.

summer fruit manicure for short nailssummer manicure for short nails with a pattern

Summer ombre manicure for short nails

The undisputed hit of the coming season is the design of short nails — a summer version with a gradient that has been in the lead for many years and creates ombre combinations of unsurpassed beauty, both in a rainbow palette and in pastels, or by combining two spectra with each other. Orange, yellow, red and even blue, black and green tones fit perfectly into the brightness and catchiness, add burning and sultry colors to a rich everyday life.

summer ombre manicure for short nailssummer nail design for short nails

Summer manicure geometry for short nails

Do you want originality? Then choose for yourself a fashionable summer manicure for short nails with stylish geometry and graphics traced with cobwebs or thin lines, especially fashionable in combination with abstraction elements, inscriptions and stickers. This design has been in the lead for several seasons, suitable for daily ensembles, even under a strict dress code, if the pattern is applied on one finger.

summer manicure geometry for short nailstrendy summer manicure for short nails

Summer marine manicure for short nails

Blue, white, red, green and blue manicure for short nails, the summer option for the vacation period, masterfully absorbed the marine theme and brought it to life. Light and casual drawings in a democratic style are in fashion, with the drawing of diverse figures of the inhabitants of the seas and oceans, shells, stars, skates and fish, algae, tropical plants and cacti with palm trees, sailboats, anchors, chains, stripes and vests, for every taste and color.

summer marine manicure for short nailssummer manicure for short nails

Summer office manicure for short nails

A universal option for every day for the office is a classic summer manicure for short nails, designed in plain color or in a white jacket. However, stylish and concise solutions for business suits are a huge variety of discreet ideas, both in the spirit of minimalism and in nude design, or with clear geometric and graphic patterns, Japanese painting, but sustained in complete harmony with office looks.

summer office manicure for short nailsclassic summer manicure for short nails

Summer matte manicure for short nails

Once again, a stylish summer manicure for short nails with matte varnishes has returned to the world podium. The trend is not only the same velvety surface, but also a combination of matte and glossy finish in one set, summer manicure with a pattern, adding shine, rhinestones and decorating monotony with diverse patterns or foil and thin lines and stripes.

summer matte manicure for short nailsstylish summer manicure for short nails

Summer yellow manicure for short nails

Short bright summer nails in yellow tones are what you need and can be chosen to successfully complete summer and catchy bows if you prefer the natural length of the nail plate. It will add brightness, juiciness, sunny mood and positive. There are many original solutions with abstract patterns and rhinestone inclusions, a combination of several colors in one design and geometric, graphic, ethnic and floral patterns, as well as whole plot compositions with flora and fauna, or stylish pop art on a short length of the nail plate.

summer yellow manicure for short nailsshort bright summer nails

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