Short nails design 2013

Well-groomed hands are one of the main decorations of a girl and an indicator of aristocracy and elegance. Recently, the fashion trend especially in this 2013 are short nails. The leading oval shape looks natural and, according to statistics, men like it more than sharp or long and square nails. In addition, the short form of nails is very convenient in everyday life, it does not require long-term growth, and a practical manicure is perfect for both a party and office work. However, there are some rules, the observance of which will allow your nails to look very cute and interesting.

Basic Design Rules

  1. So that short nails do not look rough due to excessive variegation, you should not use more than three colors in the design.
  2. So that the manicure does not look ridiculous, large rhinestones, modeling and convex jewelry are prohibited.
  3. When choosing a pattern for nails, you should give preference to the average size, which leaves free space around the edges.
  4. Romantic abstractions and floral motifs are best painted on oval-shaped nails. For square ones, dark coatings with abstract or geometric patterns are more suitable.

Fashion trends in the design of short nails 2013

  1. Do not go out of their fashion in 2013 short nails with the famous French design in classic white and pink shades. An unusual combination of colors in combination with rhinestones and patterns is also welcome. Does not lose ground and reverse French manicure in original color combinations.
  2. Gradient manicure fashionable in 2013 will help to make your short nails beautiful. It consists in using several contrasting shades, and the transition can be performed both horizontally and vertically.
  3. The favorite of the fashionable design of short nails for the period of summer 2013 is a lace manicure. It will make your nails incredibly stylish and original with glued lace on top of the base polish.
  4. Caviar-style caviar manicure will be a wonderful decoration for your nails. Original small beads of rainbow colors will become a very interesting decoration, incredibly fashionable this season.
  5. Velvet manicure, fashionable in 2013, with the use of original small rhinestones and beads, does not give up its positions in the design of short nails. A combination of popular summer colors will look very nice, for example: lemon, lime or orange with colorful and colorful summer outfits.

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