Purple color - what is it and to whom does it suit?

A bright and extremely effective tone, which is located at the junction of pink and purple, is purple. This shade dictates sensuality, restraint and elegance. It can be used as a stylish accent and a harmonious component of the wardrobe.

Purple color — what is it?

Many girls are interested in knowing what purple looks like:

  1. It is a mixture of red and blue. It has many shades that vary depending on the amount of blue or red tones.
  2. Purple exquisite color — a shade of luxury and power. It is felt very strongly and is considered incredibly emotional. If there is a lot of red in the shade, then it can be attributed to the colors of love, and if blue, then to wisdom. True purple is a harmonious combination of red and blue.

what is purple color

What colors go with purple?

To create a stylish and harmonious look, the combination of purple with other shades is of great importance. Purple loves expressive and contrasting tones. It is interesting when they play in the world: when the tones in the palette are lighter than the main one. Here are the most popular and profitable combinations:

  1. Purple and pink. In a couple, you can take white-lilac, royal pink, flamingo.
  2. Purple and red are a combination of related tones with a pleasant thermal contrast.
  3. Purple with orange is a pleasant combination that evokes associations with the East. Very bright and exotic.
  4. Purple and yellow look very good. Expressive and not too flashy.
  5. Purple looks great in combination with warm tones of green.
  6. You can combine a noble purple color with cold shades of green, you get a vintage look.
  7. An interesting option: purple + blue.
  8. Purple hue looks good with purple.
  9. For spectacular images, you can beat the combination of purple and brown.
  10. Purple looks great in tandem with white, black and gray.

What colors go with purple

Who suits purple?

Many fashionistas are interested in the question: who suits the purple color:

  1. He goes to the girls of the «Winter» color type. At the same time, they should make a bright make-up, especially highlighting the eyes.
  2. For fair-haired and fair-skinned girls, this tone is also acceptable. If you want to make a spectacular bow using purple, they are recommended to use it at the bottom of the outfit, for example, choose a skirt of this shade. The main rule is not to have this kind of coloring directly near the face. In addition, it would be advisable for such young ladies to opt for light purple and combine it with beige or pastel tones, which give the image of tenderness.

who suits purple

Shades of purple

The original muted and bright purple color is a very beautiful tone that allows you to create sensual and emotional images. It has a lot of shades that look elegant:

  • Beyton Rouge;
  • baizen berry color;
  • crimson glow;
  • clover flower;
  • purple wine;
  • deep orchid color;
  • purple orchid;
  • lilac meadow;
  • phlox;
  • hyacinth;
  • royal lilac;
  • royal purple.

shades of purple

Dark purple color

Dark purple-red color looks truly deep and noble. They are interested in admiring and considering it in all its details:

  1. It gives a figure of harmony and looks good on any girls, although the Spring color type is better to think about.
  2. It is best to resort to this color in the cold season. It is not too flashy and will not attract much attention, and therefore is suitable for the office.
  3. For the holidays, dark purple is not suitable. This tone is advantageously played up in satin or velvet.

dark purple color

light purple color

A pale purple color will also be a great solution:

  1. It is pleasing to the eye and provides an opportunity to create interesting images for every taste. Most of all, it suits girls of the Autumn color type. You can even try to create a total look in this shade to attract the attention of others.
  2. «Spring» is better to abandon this color or pick up its muted variations.
  3. With pale skin and fair hair, it is advisable to consider delicate shades.
  4. This color is combined with a variety of tones. It can be classic black or white, a variety of warm or cool colors. It harmonizes well with green in all its diversity.

light purple color

Purple color in clothes

For girls who are interested in purple, the combination of colors in clothes is offered in a wide variety:

  1. This tone has long been considered the color of kings. It evokes associations with some solemn events. An all-purple outfit is only suitable for different parties or ceremonies. At the same time, dresses in this shade look very expensive and spectacular.
  2. Shiny fabric will make the image even more interesting and bright. Picking up shoes is far from necessary in tone, you can try to play on contrasts. At the same time, too catchy accessories should not be worn, since the color already attracts a lot of attention. You can pick up some modest ring or an elegant chain, choose a light and almost imperceptible belt.
  3. Purple things are not suitable for every day, they are too bright. But you can take an accessory of this tone or sometimes wear blouses, shirts or tops in purple.
  4. Although brightness is not welcomed in a business style, this shade is acceptable with a non-strict dress code. Classic wardrobe items in the specified tone will look good with a neutral suit.

purple in clothes

purple dress

The beautiful purple color is much more powerful than red and attracts with its brightness. It will look great on dresses, it can be smooth, airy and shiny surfaces:

  1. A dress with purple sequins will look great on viscose of the same color.
  2. The product can be presented in a short version, for it you need to choose accessories in suitable shades, it can be a black or gold version of jewelry. Such dresses can be decorated with sequins, belts or bright belts.
  3. For an evening out, you can choose an exquisite long purple dress. It can be a product with a train, a model year or a fish, chiffon options with straps or a thing with a lace design.

purple dress

Purple jacket

To create a truly unsurpassed and attention-grabbing bow, a purple youth jacket will help:

  1. In this tone, a leather jacket can be presented. It looks original and can be combined with any jeans or trousers. Among the shoes you can choose shoes or sneakers.
  2. In the cool season, you can turn to such combinations as an eggplant sweater, jacket, jumper or different colors of pullovers. In addition, you can pick up a short skirt-sun or a pencil skirt for such a leather jacket.
  3. Looks great winter jacket, for the manufacture of which purple color is used. The winter model can be supplemented with lush fur. The jacket often has convenient pockets and a hood. Waterproof material is welcome, which will save you from wet weather.

purple jacket

Purple coat

In the winter or demi-season version, a purple women’s coat can be presented:

  1. Models may have a classic style, but there are also original sleeveless pieces.
  2. This color looks great in a fitted version with different types of collars; fur additions may be present in such coats.
  3. Under the coat, you can wear short skirts, skirts with frills, plain textile and leather boots.
  4. You should not combine such a coat with military-style pants, in sports styles.

purple coat

purple shoes

Purple shoes are offered in a significant assortment:

  1. Models can have heels of different heights and shapes, there are products presented on wedges and flat soles.
  2. Shoes can be used in an ensemble with objects in one tone, for example, you can choose a dress a little lighter or darker. In addition, you can pick up a dress with a print in purple colors. The main thing is that the dress should have a shade that repeats the color of the shoes.
  3. For the winter season, feminine boots with stable heels will be a great solution, which will act as the main accent of the image. You can pick up a coat or jacket for them, made in a similar tone or in discreet colors.

purple shoes

purple bag

To harmoniously complement the image, purple-pink color can be used in the manufacture of bags:

  1. For active girls who travel a lot, you can choose a roomy bag. It can be models such as tote or shopper. Casual options such as hobo, baguette or messenger are also popular.
  2. For an evening out, you can pick up a small clutch, which can be complemented by a gold or silver chain.
  3. To create a casual look, a bag bag will go well with blue jeans, you can use combinations with a shirt, t-shirt, tank top or blouse.
  4. In the summer, classic bag models can be combined with chiffon dresses or sundresses, which will differ by a couple of tones.

magenta bag

purple manicure

A purple nail design is truly uniquely able to look:

  1. Even a manicure of the same color without decorations will look self-sufficient, this is due to the saturation of the shade.
  2. In this color, you can use decorations in the form of rhinestones, flock, stickers, sequins, glitter, pebbles and voluminous stucco elements.
  3. Purple color can be applied in gradient variations, you can apply a rub, matte finish, make a manicure with stamping.
  4. A colorful design is obtained with velvet sand or flock.
  5. The option in the lunar design looks interesting, with this shade you can emphasize the holes on the nails.
  6. In this color, a French manicure can be created, there are different configurations of the smile zone, this is a classic oval, square, triangle or curved shape.

purple manicurepurple nail design

purple hair color

To create a unique image, purple hair color for girls can be used:

  • the hairstyle can be made extremely bright if you apply rich variations of shades;
  • a discreet pale version is also allowed, this is a purple blond hair color;
  • coloring can be made monochromatic or use different techniques, for example, combine the natural shade of hair with purple using coloring or ombre.

purple hair colorgirls purple hair color

wedding in purple

The bride can look unique if she picks up a purple wedding dress:

  1. This shade looks fabulous and lives up to all expectations.
  2. To decorate the interior, you can use not a purple color, but for example, a shade of violet, which will be placed on the tables and walls of the hall. Violets can be used on wedding invitations and candy boxes.
  3. The outfits of the bride and groom can be complemented by elements that are similar in tone. It can be a belt on a dress, a headband or a bright hairpin. As for the groom, it can be a tie or a shirt.
  4. The car can also be decorated with purple ribbons, balloons and floral decorations.
  5. This color can be used in a wedding cake, it can be purple fondant or cream.

wedding in purple

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