Pin-up photo shoot - what does it mean and how to organize it correctly?

Pin-up art is a phenomenon that originated in the United States. All associations with him are instantaneous and very vivid. The girls who create such a bow have been role models for many decades. Pin-up photography is very popular these days.

What does a pin-up photo shoot mean?

An event such as a pin-up photo shoot is a way to digitally embody images from American posters of the 40s and 50s of the twentieth century:

  1. This is a poster of beautiful girls, deliberately feminine, flirtatious and playful. Such posters were very popular among the military, and the models from which the artists drew pin-up girls became legends.
  2. Later, this style, which today embodies the pin-up photo shoot, became a big part of American art culture. To date, it has become possible to transform into one of the beauties from the posters and capture this moment in the photo.

what does a pin up photo shoot mean?

Pin up photo session

For girls who want to reincarnate, to capture this moment of transformation, photographers offer many images. Pin-ups are among the brightest and most desirable:

  1. Pin up photoshoot is built not only on the setting, entourage and scenery. The main thing in it is the right image, styling, makeup and posing.
  2. If in many sessions photographers ask to remain natural, not to follow the camera, then in such photography posing and facial expressions are as close as possible to the images of girls from American retro posters.

photo shoot in pin up stylepin up photo shoot

Clothes for a pin-up photo shoot

In order for a pin-up photo session to be successful, it is important to choose the right wardrobe items for her:

  1. For the event, clothes in retro style are chosen. These can be dresses, shorts, cropped trousers and plaid blouses, swimsuits consisting of a high-waisted bikini and a bra with wide straps.
  2. American retro can include wide-cut denim overalls, skirts and dresses with a wide polka-dot skirt, cropped trousers with a high waist, shorts or breeches with a high waist, stylized as a military uniform.
  3. From shoes it is best to choose comfortable ballet flats, pumps.
  4. Light nightgowns and peignoirs, lace bras and high-waisted panties, stockings with an elastic band and a corset belt are ideal for such an event as a pin-up nude photo shoot.
  5. From accessories, you can choose short white lace gloves, socks, pearl beads and large round clip-on earrings.

clothes for pin-up photoshoot

Makeup for a pin-up photo shoot

Makeup is intended to be an organic addition to such an event as a candid pin-up photo shoot:

  1. The most suitable makeup is an option made in Hollywood style. The era of classic American cinema is full of role models.
  2. This makeup is very popular among makeup artists and is one of the most sought after at themed parties.
  3. Light, like porcelain, skin tone, light pink blush, well-defined eyebrows of a natural shade, black arrows, carefully traced, and lips covered with red lipstick of any shade. This is classic Hollywood makeup.
  4. It is worth paying attention to the manicure with red varnish — this is a nice detail that fits the image of a girl who appears at such an event as a photo shoot with a pin-up style.
  5. For a more radiant look, you can add shimmery glitter to your eyelids, lips, and cheekbones.

makeup for a pin-up photoshootpin up photo shoot

Hairstyle for a pin-up photo shoot

Not a single pin up photo session in vintage style can do without a well-chosen hairstyle:

  1. All hairstyles are retro-style hair styling and the use of characteristic accessories.
  2. The most popular hairstyle is hair styling with soft large waves with bangs-curl. Such styling can be left alone or decorated with a kerchief rim.
  3. In the style of retro hairstyles, rollers and bundles created in the form of curls and shells are common. Such bundles can be supplemented with bangs laid with a curl or wave.
  4. Another type of styling that will decorate such an event as a pin-up photo shoot is the so-called “ponytail” or “malvina” on loose hair.
  5. It is worth remembering that pin-up is a style of soft curls, with a minimum of straight lines, so you can decorate the forehead or temple area with a thin curl.

pin up hairstylepin up photo shoot in vintage style

Pin-up photo session — accessories

The whole image is built on small details. A retro pin-up photo session can be complemented by the following variations of accessories:

  1. For street summer events, it is good to pay attention to sunglasses «chanterelles» or classic rayban.
  2. In addition to dark “chanterelle” glasses, you can choose the same ones, only with transparent glasses, but in a black wide frame. Such a detail of the image will draw attention to the face, you can create beautiful close-up shots.
  3. In retro style, there will be the use of white short lace gloves and a string of pearl beads. They go well with a dress, especially with polka dots and a white collar.
  4. Bright plastic clip-on earrings are also one of the characteristic details.
  5. For beach shooting, you can use a straw hat and a wide straw bag, wedge sandals and wide ribbons.
  6. For such an event as a pin-up photo session, stockings will be a real find. They appear in numerous shots and are loved by many photographers.
  7. All kinds of props are used as accessories, for example, a beach umbrella, a telephone, a gramophone and records.

pin-up photoshoot accessoriespin up photo shoot

Pin-up photo shoot — images

The ideas with which to create a pin-up image for a photo shoot are one of the favorites of both photographers and future models. You can show the maximum femininity, charm and coquetry:

  1. For outdoor shooting, you can choose a fluffy flared skirt with a light blouse with lantern sleeves. A retro-style dress with a flared skirt is also suitable.
  2. Any headbands or handkerchiefs, pumps, flat-soled ballet flats are suitable for a skirt and dress.
  3. An interesting and very coquettish look is the image with hair gathered in a high bun, ponytail, cropped trousers and a blouse tied at the waist.
  4. If there is an opportunity to create a beach session in a swimsuit or shorts, you should take advantage of this.
  5. The classic is a boudoir nude photo shoot in pin-up style, here the image is built on light bathrobes and peignoirs, stockings and indoor slippers with edging heels. The main emphasis is on the exaggerated, excessive femininity of the image.

photoshoot in pin-up style

Ideas for a pin-up photo shoot

An original modern pin-up photo shoot can be embodied with a variety of ideas:

  1. The most popular location is a flowering garden or a green meadow. In such an environment, the plot of a summer country picnic is best played out. Of the attributes, it is good to have a wicker basket, a checkered tablecloth, equip a rope swing nearby or put a car in retro style.
  2. Another story is in the city. Suitable streets with old brick buildings and stone-paved paths. It will be good if there is a cast-iron lamppost, a telephone booth or a retro car nearby.
  3. Beach shoots are the sunniest. You can choose a river or sea sandy beach, you can have a beach with large coastal stones, which are comfortable to sit on. Folding sun loungers and beach umbrellas are suitable as attributes.
  4. Studio photos are good for pin-up nudes and at times of the year when it is not possible to shoot outdoors.

ideas for a pin-up photo shoot

Pin-up photo shoot — girls

Among the fair sex, a pin-up photo shoot is especially popular, girls choose it to emphasize their femininity:

  1. Photos in the style of retro American posters perfectly convey the right mood. In the pin-up style, everything is deliberate and exaggerated, but it is done with great charm and recognizable charm.
  2. Girls often go for experiments with a place for filming, with images, changing in some cases beyond recognition.
  3. Even an erotic pin-up cannot be provocative and sharp, it is playful and only hinting rather than broadcasting directly. For these reasons, many girls choose this look for their bright shooting.

pin-up girl photo sessionpin up photo shoot girls

Family photo shoot in pin-up style

To create a family portrait, classic and modern at the same time, a pin-up photo shoot is the best way:

  1. The classic poster pin-up did not include male images, and if they did occur, it was extremely rare. Therefore, it is best for a man to dress in American retro style for shooting. These can be classic suits with slightly cropped trousers, from under which socks of a bright shade will be visible, preferably in tone with the main outfit of the girl.
  2. You can choose the image of a brave officer in a stylized uniform of the American air force, a charming bow with a white shirt, suspenders and plaid trousers.
  3. Beach photos look good, where a man and a woman can dress in identical outfits in the form of T-shirts with rolled up sleeves and shorts.
  4. Photos of mother and daughter in the same outfits have a separate charm.

pin-up family photo shoot

Pin-up photo shoot — kids

In addition to shooting with mothers in the same outfits for girls, you can arrange a session separately for children:

  1. Such photos are full of light and color, and this is the best choice for capturing children. Therefore, the idea of ​​​​a picnic or a boat trip looks good in a children’s session.
  2. Children are more difficult to work with than adults, but children’s photographs are full of charm and spontaneity. A distinctive feature that a children’s pin-up photo shoot has is poses that look as natural as possible.

pin-up photo shoot for kids

Pin-up maternity photo session

A pregnant pin-up photo shoot is gaining immense popularity:

  1. Often, expectant mothers resort to the services of professional photographers to capture the best moments of their lives as a keepsake. When choosing something special for pregnancy shoots, pregnant women often opt for pin-up style.
  2. The most popular images are bows in beautiful polka-dot dresses, with Hollywood make-up and characteristic styling. Often in such dresses, the tummy is emphasized by a charming bow.
  3. The pin-up mood provides an opportunity to use such decor attributes as large letters, inscriptions, stork figurines, balloons in the frame.

pin-up maternity photo session

Pin-up Nude Photoshoot

The basis from which this image began is a naked pin-up photo shoot:

  1. Girls from retro posters beckoned with their forms, covered with airy peignoirs, nudity and coquettish smiles.
  2. In the work of the most famous pin-up artists, there are many posters in erotic style. They are the basis of this genre. Therefore, modern shooting is very popular. They are often performed in boudoir photography studios.
  3. The model may wear a light dressing gown, nightgown, peignoir or underwear in retro style. Hair and makeup are classic for this look.
  4. From the scenery, it is best to choose a small sofa, an ottoman, a vintage chair, a retro telephone, a small hand mirror.
  5. A special facial expression of deliberate surprise, mischievous coquetry or flirting with the viewer is characteristic.

pin-up nude photoshoot

Pin-up photo shoot in the studio

Such a phenomenon as a pin-up photo session in a studio is considered not uncommon:

  1. In a professional room, you can correctly set the light and select the necessary interior items. Often, many photographers work exclusively in studio conditions.
  2. Not only the right light comes to help in organizing the shooting, but also a bright background color that contrasts with the model’s outfit. Such a move helps to place the necessary accents.

pin-up photo shoot in the studio

Pin-up photo shoot in nature

A bright and memorable moment is a pin-up photo session in nature. It is full of sunny frames, which is considered only a plus in the final processing of the photo. You can beat several scenes at once: a picnic in the countryside, walks in a meadow or by a river, a beach photo, shooting in the old streets of the city. It will be a great success if the photographer can organize the scenery of an American roadside cafe or gas station. Such a rustic plot is also quite in the style of a retro photo.

photo shoot in pin-up style in nature

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