Pearl manicure - fashion ideas for short and long nails

Pearl manicure is a very delicate and sophisticated variation of nail art. It is suitable for complementing absolutely any bows, both everyday and intended for festive celebrations. Its feature is the predominance of pastel colors, although in some cases bright options are also allowed.

pearl nails

To create such a fashionable novelty as a pearl manicure, stylists offer a variety of solutions:

  1. A smooth solid color finish is the easiest way to get this type of nail art. For this, a pearl rub for nails is used, which can act as an independent coating or be applied over the main varnish, which is taken as a background. In the latter case, it gives shine to the nail plates, makes them more feminine and elegant.
  2. An extremely original design solution is the image of a pearl shell on the nails. In combination with other fingers, which are applied with a delicate pastel varnish, the overall picture is truly unsurpassed.
  3. It is allowed not only to use a coating of the same color and texture, but also a combination with any other varnishes. The composition can be made both in similar colors, and in cardinal contrast, when dark and light shades are combined, or bright and restrained.

pearl nailspearl rub for nailspearl manicure with design

Pearl manicure for short nails

Owners of neat nail plates will appreciate the manicure with pearl rub for short nails:

  • although shortened nails have a small area, the use of rubbing will give them indescribable overflows and make the image spectacular;
  • for such a length, a light color scheme would be an ideal solution, for example, this snow-white, nude, light gray coating;
  • bright or dark options are also allowed, but they are recommended to be applied with special care to avoid a sloppy look;
  • pearl manicure for short nails can be complemented with catchy shiny elements such as rhinestones, foil, sparkles. However, they are recommended to be applied in limited quantities so as not to overload the image.

pearl manicure for short nails

Pearl manicure for long nails

Pearl powder on long nails looks truly unsurpassed. Their large area provides an opportunity to implement all sorts of ideas:

  • rubbing can completely imitate smooth delicate pearls, both in color and in the structure of the coating;
  • for evening bows, a rub, which has metallized particles in its composition, is perfect, the nails in this case will become very shiny and attract maximum attention to themselves;
  • the addition of such decorative components as rhinestones or multi-colored stones is welcome. At the same time, they can be laid out in a variety of ways, for example, along the hole area, making the design concise and sophisticated at the same time;
  • Another option would be to do a pearl manicure, in which one of the fingers is completely highlighted with rhinestones. At the same time, they can be uniform in structure and color or laid out in the form of original compositions.

pearl manicure for long nails

Pearl manicure

Stylists bring to the attention of fashionistas the ideas of manicure with pearl rubbing, which are extremely diverse, both in terms of color choice and design:

  • white nail art is the epitome of purity and innocence, so it is often used to complement holiday outfits;
  • the design, made in pink tones, will provide the maximum opportunity to realize the association with pearls. The coating of this tone will make any female fingers tender and graceful;
  • an original variety of a marine theme will be a blue pearl manicure. In addition, it will fit perfectly into winter looks due to its closeness to cold colors;
  • if you want to make the bow bright and unforgettable, you should turn to red. Pearl rubbing in this case will give the nail art indescribable overflows;
  • a universal solution will be a nude manicure that will fit into any look and organically complement a variety of outfits;
  • gray design will make the image elegant and seasoned. This is the perfect solution for visiting the office;
  • black color will add depth and mystery. The pearl coating in this case will give the nail art new unique notes;
  • the jacket in pearl performance remains out of competition in order to convey the femininity and elegance of the fair sex;
  • to diversify the design and bring some zest to it, you can use the application of all kinds of drawings;
  • rhinestones and pearl rub — this is a very harmonious combination. Pebbles will additionally shade the shine of the coating;
  • nail art can be not only glossy, but also matte — this is one of the latest stylish trends in nail design.

pearl manicurepearl manicure ideaspearl color manicure

White manicure with pearl powder

For young girls, white nails with a pearl rub will be a great solution. However, if desired, older ladies can also use this type of design:

  • nail plates can simply be covered with iridescent white pearl varnish, this alone is enough to get an exquisite design;
  • the combination of snow-white coating and transparent rhinestones looks great. In this case, the pebbles can be laid out in the form of certain figures or completely cover any of the nail plates. In the latter case, combination with white beads can be used;
  • rhinestones can also be multi-colored, this option will be appreciated by lovers of bright notes that can decorate traditional discreet nail art.

white manicure with pearl rub

Pink manicure with pearl powder

A pearl pink manicure will look delightful and romantic:

  • nail plates covered with soft pink varnish are associated with sea pearls, therefore, they justify the name of the owl as much as possible. This design will perfectly complement the airy flying summer dresses;
  • pearl pink manicure can be decorated in the moon version or in the form of a jacket;
  • the execution of nail art is widespread, in which some fingers are covered with a pink rub, while others contain an imitation of a seashell.

pink pearl manicure

Blue manicure with pearl powder

A pearl blue manicure can become a universal solution for any time of the year:

  • in summer, nail art can embody a marine theme, especially if one of the fingers is decorated with an image of a shell or starfish;
  • in winter, pearl blue manicure can be combined with openwork frosty patterns covering the ring finger;
  • the light blue shade is perfectly combined with rhinestones, which can be used for decoration in limited or, on the contrary, abundant quantities.

blue manicure with pearl rubpearl blue manicure

Red manicure with pearl powder

Lovers of bright and memorable bows can continue to stick to their preferences and choose a red pearl nail color:

  • a feature of this type of nail art is that the pearl rub somewhat muffles the bright red color and makes it more restrained;
  • the saturation of the red color can make an effective contrast with the negative space, which can be used to decorate the hole or fill in the figures located in the middle part of the nail plate;
  • a combination of a red design with sparkles or rhinestones will be very organic.

red manicure with pearl rub

Nude manicure with pearl powder

It will give the nails a mirror-like depth and attract the attention of the surrounding nude manicure with a pearl rub. Fashion trends please with the fact that there is a place for naturalness and tenderness:

  1. Nude nail art with pearl rub does not force a girl to wear clothes of a strictly defined style. This technique is very light, free, so many fashionistas choose it.
  2. This design goes well with different elements of decor for nails. Paintings, rhinestones, bitmaps are suitable. All this is ideally overcame with a nude manicure and rubbing.
  3. This version of the nail design is very feminine, so it is suitable for romantic images. A pleasant shine of nails will distinguish the girl from the crowd.

nude manicure with pearl rub

Gray manicure with pearl powder

Although many people think that a gray pearl manicure is boring, it is not. There are several designs with this shade, and they all look great:

  1. Pearl rub looks great on nails painted with gray varnish. Calm shine will create a festive feeling even on the gloomiest day. Such a manicure can be supplemented with small rhinestones folded into a pattern.
  2. A gray manicure with a pearl rub looks good if one or two nails are painted with pink varnish. These two shades harmonize well with each other.

gray manicure with pearl rub

Black manicure with pearl powder

Many girls appreciated the nail design with pearl rub. It looks incredibly luxurious on black lacquer. Such images will appeal to girls who are confident in themselves. This design is perfect for evening wear too:

  1. For more color manicure, you can supplement it with stones taken in large quantities. They form patterns or completely cover the nail with them (but only one).
  2. The combination with metallic or gold tones looks very elegant, with which different patterns are drawn.
  3. When choosing an outfit, there are absolutely no restrictions. Incredibly impressive black lacquer is combined with a red velvet evening dress.

black manicure with pearl rub

French manicure with pearl rub

French manicure, which is used to create a pearl coating for nails, is very popular among girls. For more interest, you can use these ideas:

  • make a manicure in natural subtle colors, used both for the main part of the nail plate and for the tip;
  • a contrasting nail design with a colored tip looks good;
  • to make the manicure look intriguing and brighter, it is complemented with different pebbles.

french manicure with pearl rub

Pearl manicure with a pattern

A beige manicure with a pearl rub or a design of any other color, complemented by a pattern, will look unsurpassed:

  1. Various geometric shapes are in fashion — both simple and complex.
  2. Beautifully with a pearl manicure, various feminine and romantic patterns are combined — these are elegant patterns and flowers.
  3. The trend is prints with little men, animals, butterflies, balls. Creative drawings are also relevant. You can create very interesting paintings on one hand, for example, to maintain a single plot.
  4. Feminine patterns with bows and lace also look good. This kind of manicure is ideal for romantic looks.

patterned pearl manicurepearl rub for nails

Pearl manicure with rhinestones

A manicure with a pearl rub and rhinestones looks very stylish and impressive. This is a very bright design option that every girl will love. There are the following design solutions that diversify nail art:

  • use of stones on one or more fingers;
  • the formation of different patterns and patterns from rhinestones;
  • decoration with rhinestones of a certain part of the nail — for example, a hole or a tip;
  • filling the whole nail with rhinestones — but in order not to overload the design, this can be done with only one finger.

pearl manicure with rhinestones

Matte pearl manicure

Matte nails look very nice. A pearl manicure with a design looks especially impressive in this design. This type of nail art is suitable for both everyday and festive looks, you can choose a wardrobe for it without any problems. When using rubbing, you should remember the following nuances:

  • it is required to use bases that smooth the relief of the grooves on the nails;
  • saving decorative pigment is not recommended;
  • it is impossible to press excessively when rubbing the powder, the movements should be circular and progressive.

matte pearl manicure

Pearl wedding manicure

A wedding is a very important event in the life of every woman. On this day, the bride should look perfect. To complement the image with a beautiful white dress, a gentle manicure with a pearl rub will help. If desired, it can be supplemented with an elegant pattern. French manicure with a pearl rub is especially relevant to the image of the bride, moon nail art and lace look unsurpassed.

pearl wedding manicure

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