New Year's manicure 2022 - stylish and bright holiday nail art ideas

Fashionistas carefully think over images for a festive night. A harmonious addition is the New Year’s manicure of 2022. Stylists offer design options in pastel, catchy colors, complemented by drawings.

New Year’s Manicure Trends 2022

Masters are guided by current trends when creating festive nail art. The following options for New Year’s manicure are offered to the attention of fashionistas:

  1. One of the colors welcomed by the Symbol of the Year is gold. Ideas are embodied with the help of sparkles, rubbing, foil.
  2. Luxury will add decoration with stones that mimic the shade and structure of emerald, diamonds, ruby, sapphire.
  3. Relevant nail art in blue shades. The color is the favorite of the Symbol of the Year.
  4. The imitation of piercing on the nails looks original. A ring is threaded through a certain plate, additional decoration with a chain is acceptable.
  5. Drawings embodying the theme of the holiday are in fashion. A good example is the New Year’s 2022 nail design, made in green tones. Images of Christmas trees are applied to the plates.
  6. An easy way to get a bright manicure is to use round large sparkles that resemble confetti as a decoration.

new year manicure trends 2022New Year's manicure optionsfashionable New Year's manicure

New Year’s manicure with a Tiger

A win-win way to keep up with the trends is to make nail art with a symbolic pattern. New Year’s manicure for 2022 year of the Tiger is offered in designs:

  1. Both the image of the animal in full and individual parts are welcome. In the latter case, a drawing is taken that embodies the muzzle of the Tiger, a fragment with an eye.
  2. It is allowed to apply prints consisting of stripes. Tiger coloring is welcomed in a natural version: yellow-brown-beige tones. It is allowed to take non-standard catchy colors.
  3. There is a New Year’s tiger nail design 2022, combined with a leopard print. Characteristic stripes and spots are alternately applied to adjacent nail plates. Nail art is organically combined with an outfit matched in similar colors.

New Year's manicure with a tigernew year manicure 2022 year of the tigerChristmas patterns on nails

New Year’s french nail design

The classics remain out of the influence of fashion even on holidays. An example is the New Year’s French manicure:

  1. Out of competition is the traditional white and pastel color scheme. Nail art is played up with interesting details: openwork lace adorning the tips of the plates, “smiles” with traced Christmas tree branches.
  2. One finger is allowed to be accented by completely painting over the plate and laying out a snowflake. The pattern is embodied with the help of sequins and rhinestones.
  3. It is allowed to simply cover the “smile” with glitter or combine the part with a similarly designed hole. The decoration in the central part of the nail will be kamifubuki in the form of an asterisk or a heart.
  4. The original accent detail is a strip lined with stones that separates the tip from the base.

new year french nail designnew year french manicurebeautiful new year nail design

New Year’s shiny manicure

Girls tend to attract attention on a holiday. A find for this purpose will be New Year’s nails with sparkles:

  1. A simple way is to evenly cover certain nail plates with decor.
  2. With the help of sparkles, complex swirls-patterns are laid out, embodying the particles of snowflakes.
  3. Partial filling of figures is allowed. Glitter looks good, placed in the middle of geometric shapes, stars.
  4. The combination of glitter and mica will help to realize nail art with a crystal effect.

New Year's shiny manicureChristmas glitter nailsstylish New Year's manicure

New Year’s matte manicure

Lovers of elegance remain true to the chosen style even on a festive night. The find will be beautiful New Year’s nails, made in a matte version:

  1. The coating acts as a harmonious backdrop for applying shiny elements. The plates depict sparkling snowflakes and Christmas decorations.
  2. Another way is to make the drawing matte in a contrasting shade. An example is a schematically applied Christmas tree. The borders of the pattern are marked with beads.
  3. Against a muted background, a knitted ornament, covered with a discreet sheen, stands out favorably.

New Year's matte manicurebeautiful Christmas nails

New Year’s manicure with rhinestones

Shiny stones bring a touch of luxury. New Year’s nail design with rhinestones is relevant and in demand:

  1. Pebbles are often taken to fill certain patterns. These are lines for decorating snowflakes, Christmas balls, completely covered with rhinestones.
  2. New Year’s manicure with a pattern is decorated with small stones. An example is rhinestones, with which the watch dial is indicated.
  3. A simple way is decor lined with lines on several fingers.
  4. It is allowed to evenly decorate the transparent background of nails with rhinestones.
  5. A shiny pebble often complements the pattern. An example is a bunch of mountain ash, created using red rhinestones.

New Year's manicure with rhinestonesNew Year's nail design with rhinestones

Silver New Year’s manicure

Stylists select shades associated with the winter holiday. An example is the New Year’s silver manicure:

  1. White snowflakes laid out on a shiny background look organic.
  2. Silver sequins are taken to embody patterns: a schematically marked Christmas tree, a frosty pattern.
  3. The creation of a jacket with the help of stretching is welcome. The sparkles are concentrated at the tip of the nail and decrease towards the hole.

silver New Year's manicureNew Year's silver manicure

Golden New Year’s manicure

Fashionistas liked the brilliant decor. New Year’s manicure with gold is represented by the following design variations:

  • foil applied on a contrasting dark matte background;
  • golden rubbing covering the plates in whole or in part;
  • evenly applied glitter;
  • laying out patterns with rhinestones. Combined transparent and golden pebbles;
  • a combination of details is welcome: rubbing and glitter are alternately applied to the fingers.

golden New Year's manicureNew Year's manicure with goldNew Year's shiny manicure

New Year’s gradient on nails

Girls want to diversify their manicure with soft or contrasting transitions. For this purpose, the New Year’s manicure-gradient is intended:

  1. The trend is a combination of blue-blue tones, favorites of the Symbol of the Year. The combination with white color looks organic.
  2. To give a touch of tenderness, it is recommended to turn to a combination of pink and nude shades.
  3. Ombre is done using glossy or matte coatings, rubbing.
  4. New Year’s patterns on nails applied on a gradient background are welcome. Often these are snowflakes, complemented by pebbles.
  5. Ombre made with the help of stretching is popular. To implement the idea, large or small sparkles are taken. Details are concentrated in a certain area and cut to the other edge.

New Year's gradient on nailsNew Year's manicure gradient

New Year’s manicure «cat’s eye»

Masters are guided by popular ideas when creating festive nail art. A good solution is a simple New Year’s nail design made using the «cat’s eye» technique:

  1. Spectacular overflows are embodied on the plates. One shade is taken as a base, the other acts as a complement. Colors corresponding to the brindle color are welcome — brown and golden. In the trend and blue-blue colors.
  2. «Cat’s eye» acts as an independent design or goes in combination with other techniques. There are drawings on top of the base or on individual fingers, laying out patterns with rhinestones.
  3. Alternation with rubbing of an identical shade or matte varnish is allowed. In the latter case, a game of contrast is created.

New Year's manicure cat's eyesimple christmas nail design

New Year’s knitted manicure

Designers diversified manicure trends with original textures. An example is a stylish New Year’s manicure, made in a knitted version:

  1. Nail art is associated with home comfort. The pattern on the nails is in harmony with the sweater dress, decorated with patterned knitting.
  2. Volumetric decor is applied to matte or glossy plates. The ornament is associated with viscous «braids».
  3. It is allowed to dilute nail art with the help of drawings of bullfinches, deer, traced on neighboring fingers.
  4. An easy way is to apply the ornament with varnish. The pattern becomes non-voluminous, but repeats the pattern characteristic of knitting.

New Year's knitted manicurestylish New Year's manicure

Reflective New Year’s manicure

Glowing nail art is suitable for a festive night. Neon New Year’s manicure is done using a special reflective varnish:

  1. An easy way is to coat all the plates.
  2. Another option is to resort to patterns with stripes, other elements. The application of geometric shapes is welcome. The pattern, coated with reflective particles, stands out in the dark.
  3. Preference is given to light silvery and golden coatings, but other shades are also found.

reflective New Year's manicurefashionable New Year's manicure

New Year’s toys on nails

On the eve of the festive night, fashionistas resort to nail art with themed patterns. A common pattern is a New Year’s ball on nails:

  1. The Christmas toy is depicted on a contrasting background. A matte varnish acts as a harmonious basis, making a brilliant pattern clearly visible.
  2. The ball is drawn with varnish, laid out with sparkles. A popular voluminous version made with rhinestones.
  3. The ball is created as an independent decor, goes in combination with a Christmas tree. Several details on one finger can be applied in the form of a garland.
  4. There are patterns that include images not only of balls, but also of other toys. Complex nail art is complemented by drawing figures of animals, the Snow Maiden, Santa Claus.

Christmas toys on nailsChristmas ball on nails

New Year’s manicure with snowflakes

Patterns embodying the winter theme are in demand. Girls appreciated the New Year’s nail design with snowflakes:

  1. White traditional ornament looks advantageous on a dark background. Applying a pattern on a light base will help to embody a delicate nail art.
  2. Snowflakes are drawn with varnish, laid out with neutral or multi-colored sparkles. Decorating with rhinestones, which are placed in the middle of the pattern, is welcome.
  3. It is allowed to combine snowflakes with other patterns: Christmas trees, deer, balls.

New Year's manicure with snowflakesNew Year's manicure with snowflakes

New Year’s manicure with a Christmas tree

Stylists prefer not to abandon the passing attributes from past seasons. The recognition of the girls won the New Year’s manicure with a Christmas tree:

  1. The tree is depicted in its entirety or as separate branches. The drawing is made naturalistic or schematically indicated with the help of stripes.
  2. A green Christmas tree looks advantageous on a silver or golden background. It is allowed to apply the pattern on both light and dark bases.
  3. The addition of Christmas toys depicted with the help of varnish, kamifubuki, rhinestones is welcome.

New Year's manicure with a Christmas treeNew Year's manicure with a Christmas tree

New Year’s manicure with deer

Among girls, thematic patterns on the plates are in demand. Stylish trend — New Year’s nails with a deer:

  1. The drawing depicts the animal in full growth or partially, in the form of a muzzle. The image is made in a naturalistic or schematic form.
  2. It is allowed to make a nail with a deer accent, highlighting it against the background of a monochromatic design. Another option is to combine with snowflakes, Christmas trees, gift boxes depicted on adjacent plates.
  3. A combination with Norwegian motifs is welcome. The patterns are reminiscent of patterns that adorn knitted sweaters.

New Year's manicure with deerChristmas nails with deer

New Year’s manicure with a snowman

Fashionistas strive to show originality when creating festive nail art. A good solution is New Year’s drawings on the nails, embodying a snowman:

  1. The image stands out advantageously against a dark or bright background. It is allowed to make a drawing on a pastel basis, bringing notes of tenderness to the manicure.
  2. It is allowed to combine with a deer, a Christmas tree, Santa Claus. Fingers are made accent, it is recommended to select no more than two images.
  3. The snowman is organically combined with knitted ornaments applied to adjacent fingers.

new year manicure trends 2022New Year's drawings on nails

New Year’s manicure with a clock

Sophistication will give complex drawings. A good solution is a beautiful New Year’s nail design, decorated with a picture of a clock:

  1. A popular option is the dial with Roman numerals. The details are carefully drawn and require certain skills when applied.
  2. It is allowed to depict a clock on one finger or on two adjacent ones.
  3. Stylists pay attention to the design of the dial. The detail is created in a concise version or decorated with sparkles or rhinestones.

New Year's manicure with a clockbeautiful new year nail designNew Year's manicure with a pattern

New Year’s manicure with bullfinches

A practical option is to create nail art that is suitable not only for a holiday, but also for everyday wear. Fashionable New Year’s manicure with bullfinches is popular:

  1. Birds are drawn in red and black colors. Lacquer coating of similar shades of adjacent nails is welcome.
  2. Bullfinches are depicted naturalistically or in cartoon form. In the latter case, it is allowed to add a bird with a scarf and a hat.
  3. There is a combination with other patterns — branches covered with snow, with rowan fruits. Red berries echo the bullfinch breast.
  4. It is allowed to depict two birds drawn on adjacent fingers and looking at each other. It is allowed to simplify the process with the help of stickers with ready-made images of birds.

New Year's manicure with bullfinchesfashionable New Year's manicure

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