New manicure 2019 — 30 photos of fashion ideas for all occasions


New manicure 2019 - 30 photos of fashion ideas for all occasions

Trends in the world of manicure art are constantly changing, and this applies not only to the methods and techniques for designing nail plates, but also to the color shades used. The novelties of manicure 2019 are very interesting and varied, so every young lady can stay in trend and look as attractive as possible.

Manicure 2019 — fashion news

The vast majority of trends that are relevant in the new season saw the light of day a few years ago and are gaining more and more popularity every year. However, girls who like to stand out from the crowd can turn their attention to the stylish 2019 manicure, which unexpectedly burst onto the top just a few months ago. This season, nail art masters offer completely new and unusually interesting solutions for claws of any shape and length.

manicure 2019 fashion news

New manicure for short nails 2019

Owners of short nail plates that look very cute, feminine and neat, stylists are advised to pay attention to design options such as:

  • bright color block. This year, in such nail art, red is mandatory, which can be combined with white, black and other shades;
  • new manicure 2019, decorated with minimalist geometric decor. Very often, figures and patterns with perfectly even lines are drawn against a snow-white background;
  • design with feathers, which can be natural or painted. In the case of short nail plates, feathers can only be located on 1-2 accent fingers;
  • An original trend that will surely appeal to romantically inclined young ladies will be moon nail art with a heart-shaped hole. To make it more expressive, the use of a red or wine shade of varnish in combination with a matte finish will help;
  • nail art with stones, rhinestones and gold threads. All these elements make the design incredibly elegant and festive;
  • marble stone is a technique that allows you to create an imitation of the surface of a stone, such as marble or quartz, on the nail plates. Although this design looks great on any length of claws, marble stone nail art on short oval nails will be the best solution;
  • in the warm season, such novelties of spring 2019 manicure as an iridescent horizontal gradient, a colored jacket with a highlighted hole area and charming design options made in neon colors will come to the fore.

new manicure for short nails 2019

Manicure — novelties of 2019 for long nails

In the 2019 season, manicure masters advise the young lady to abandon excessively long nail plates, because they look vulgar and very often do not correspond to the image of a modern fashionista. Meanwhile, some young ladies do not dare to part with their claws, because with them they feel as confident and comfortable as possible. For such situations, stylists offer interesting new manicure 2019 for long nails, for example:

  • design with lines and dots;
  • craquelure manicure with the effect of cracking the surface of the nail plate;
  • options with imitation of precious stones or fragments of gold or silver;
  • nail art with voluminous flowers created using modeling;
  • design with unusual applications;
  • options with natural feathers and their imitation;
  • mirror nail design;
  • all kinds of options with kamifubuki.

new manicure 2019 for long nails

Latest new manicure 2019

Each representative of the fair sex, who wants to look as stylish, bright and attractive as possible, is interested in what manicure ideas, new items in 2019, the upcoming fashion season has prepared for them. Numerous trends set by trendsetters actively apply to manicure art, so each young lady has the right to choose those options that she likes more than others.

The novelties of manicure 2019 are extremely diverse — they can be restrained and concise or bright and catchy, attracting attention. Depending on individual preferences, each woman can choose for herself design options with a large number of decorative elements or without them at all. In addition, the color gamut of the shades used is incredibly wide — almost any tone can be used to create nail art, combining them in different ways with each other and negative space.

latest manicure 2019

Manicure 2019 — fashion news with an inscription

Beautiful manicure 2019, the novelties of which are often decorated with all sorts of inscriptions, looks simple and uncomplicated, but no less impressive. This season, nails can be decorated with a variety of words and phrases — from declarations of love to mottos, slogans and appeals. In addition, such manicure novelties of the 2019 season look very interesting in tandem with rubbing, a gradient color transition and other original techniques for decorating nail plates.

manicure 2019 fashion news with the inscription

Manicure, novelties 2019 — geometry

Stylish new manicure 2019, geometry, are ideal for working women who need to look attractive and elegant in any situation. They are created by graphic lines of different thicknesses, which intersect each other in different ways and form geometric shapes. The novelties of manicure 2019 with a geometric orientation are different-sized triangles on accent fingers, images of animals created using straight lines, and original patterns obtained from several geometric shapes.

manicure novelties 2019 geometry

New manicure 2019 — french

The exquisite jacket is gaining more and more fans every season, who give their preference not only to the classic variation, but also to other, original types of this nail art. Including, the novelties of French manicure 2019 deserve attention, such as:

  • jacket with multi-colored tips;
  • twist French with the design of the free edge of the nail plate in two color shades;
  • crystal chip design;
  • options with foil, rhinestones or broths.

new manicure 2019 french

Lunar manicure — novelties 2019

Highlighting the lunula area with a different color or texture is far from a new trend that has managed to gain immense popularity among the fair sex of different ages. With each season, this type of nail art changes significantly, ranging from the shape and size of the hole to color combinations and the use of a variety of decorative elements. Today, stylists are advised to pay attention to the moon manicure, the novelties of 2019, for example:

  • design with a hole in the shape of a heart or a star;
  • «naked» nail art, in which both the lunula area and the main surface of the nail plate are covered with transparent gel polish, and the line between these two areas is highlighted using rhinestones, foil or other materials;
  • in addition, the novelties of the moon manicure 2019 very often end with a matte finish — this makes them more stylish, attractive and versatile;
  • in 2019, stylists advise combining moon nail art with French manicure, however, the lunula area and the free edge of the nail plates should be painted in different colors, which can contrast strikingly with each other.

moon manicure novelties 2019

Matte manicure — novelties 2019

A very beautiful manicure, new in 2019, can be created using a matte finish top, which makes the claws especially attractive. This year, the monochromatic matte finish will appear before us mainly in neon and deep saturated colors, such as wine, navy blue or purple. In addition, among the new current trends, one can note the use of a matte top in conjunction with the use of techniques such as:

  • decoration with rhinestones and broths;
  • highlighting the hole and other areas of negative space;
  • addition of nail art with geometric decorative elements.

matte manicure novelties 2019

Manicure 2019 — new items with rhinestones

Shiny rhinestones have been used in the design of nail plates for a very long time, so original novelties with this type of decor appear every season. The novelties of manicure 2019 are no exception — this year, the masters of manicure art offer young ladies both everyday and festive design options, complemented by rhinestones of all colors and sizes. Among the most interesting options, it is worth noting the following:

  • novelties of red manicure 2019 — French and moon design, decorated with rhinestones in the main area of ​​​​the nail plates;
  • manicure «cat’s eye», complemented by rhinestones;
  • large flowers, the core of each of which is a large shiny rhinestone;
  • options with sliders;
  • ombre manicure, part of the color transition in which is replaced by rhinestones.

manicure 2019 novelties with rhinestones

New manicure 2019 with foil

Bright and impressive manicure design novelties 2019 can be obtained with the help of foil, which this season is very actively used by nail art masters. Such nail art can be made in neutral colors or bright colors that are sure to attract attention. To create it, a variety of types of foil are used, for example:

  • transferable;
  • reaped;
  • colored;
  • iridescent.

new manicure 2019 with foil

New manicure 2019 — rubbing

The most fashionable novelties of 2019 manicure are complemented by rubbing, which gives nail art a special and unique radiance effect. This season, masters of manicure art advise using a rub in combination with unusual color shades of gel polish — emerald green, purple, ash pink and others. In addition, the combination of rubbing and French design of nail plates has become an actual new trend.

new manicure 2019 rubbing

New manicure 2019 with gold

This season, different types of designs with a golden sheen are again at the top of popularity. The tendency to highlight accent fingers in monochrome gold does not give up its positions, however, other relevant options have appeared. So, among the popular novelties are the following:

  • white manicure, novelties of 2019, complemented by golden sparkles in the area of ​​the lunula or the free edge of each finger;
  • red nail art with exquisite painting applied with gold acrylic paint;
  • decorating plates with light, chaotic strokes imitating gold;
  • imitation of gold fragments on the nail plates.

new manicure 2019 with gold

Ombre manicure — novelties 2019

The gradient color transition from one shade to another has been very popular with beautiful ladies for many years. Masters in the world of nail art are able to offer their clients manicure 2019, fashionable novelties with a transition that can be both vertical and horizontal. One of the most interesting variations is a rainbow, consisting of 7 different shades, and a gentle «strawberry» transition from white to pink, which is ideal for young and romantically inclined young ladies.

ombre manicure new 2019

New nude manicure 2019

Nude shades remain timeless with their versatility and stylish look. In most cases, they are chosen by business women who, by the nature of their activities, are forced to adhere to a strict dress code. Business manicure 2019, the novelties of which are created using natural nude shades, is represented by the following options:

  • design with a combination of matte and glossy surface;
  • drawings of animals made using geometric shapes and straight lines;
  • the newest trend is marble manicure in combination with beige color;
  • Nude jacket and moon nail art will also become new and memorable if you complement them with a stylish pattern, broths or a section of a gradient color transition.

new nude manicure 2019


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