Mustard color - who suits it, what goes with it and how to wear it?

If you keep a low-key style, but want to add variety to your everyday looks, then choosing clothes in muted and saturated colors is a great solution. Mustard color has become one of the most fashionable in modern women’s fashion.

Who suits mustard color?

This color belongs to shades of yellow-brown. At the same time, soft green tones are also used to achieve a mustard shade. It is important to remember that such a rich, but at the same time muted solution always attracts attention, so you need to know what to wear mustard color with in order to look as harmonious as possible. But first you need to decide if this design suits you. It is best to wear products in the shade of mustard for autumn fashionistas. This option is also suitable for the bright appearance of winter girls with dark hair, swarthy skin and light eyes.

who suits mustard color

What goes with mustard color?

Equally important is the ability to correctly combine the shades of clothing in one bow. If the tone in the wardrobe does not match, you risk looking ridiculous and even funny. In addition, for each style in the image, stylists put forward their own requirements, not only in the choice of style, but also in colors. Given that mustard belongs to muted and deep tones, such a design is possible both in everyday urban and romantic wardrobe, and in products of a strict business direction. Let’s review the mustard color — a combination in clothes:

  1. Mustard color with green. An excellent solution would be additions of a rich green hue. Details of emerald or sea color look especially impressive.

what to wear with mustard color

  1. With dark red. If you are attracted to catchy and contrasting combinations, then elements of deep red color — marsala, wine, burgundy — will be a great addition.

what goes with mustard color

  1. With black and white. Ensembles with shades of the classic palette remain win-win. White and black colors are considered the current choice for strict business bows, where products in mustard tones will stylishly dilute restraint.

mustard color combination in clothes

  1. With gray. Another stylish and versatile solution for any occasion is the combination with gray tones. And in this case, all shades of the palette will do — from dark and rich wet asphalt to metallic silver and delicate dusty.

mustard sweater

Mustard color in clothes

This trendy coloring has recently become more and more common in everyday wardrobe collections. At the same time, depending on the texture and density of the fabric, the shade may vary. Designers offer clothes in stylish colors for any season. Especially popular are warm elements for the winter and the demi-season period. This choice will effectively dilute the dull closed bow. However, even in the warm summer season, a deep sunny shade will become a stylish solution in everyday bow. Let’s see where the mustard color is popular:

  1. Blouse. Such an element of clothing is relevant from dense and flowing materials — cotton, silk, satin. However, for products made of translucent chiffon, mustard delicate color has become popular.

mustard color in clothes

  1. Blazer. This element of the wardrobe will be a stylish solution for both a strict business bow and everyday casual or romantic looks. If you’re not following a low-key dress code, add bright or printed details to your jacket.


  1. Fur coat. Shades of mustard have become a popular solution in the design of fur products. For fashionable natural and artificial fur coats, both bright and mustard dark colors will be successful.

shades of mustard

  1. Tights. Recently, colored tights have been considered an actual addition to the bow. And in the rich tones of mustard, stylish accessories can act as a bright accent in a discreet bow, as well as a spectacular addition in contrasting bright combinations.

what to wear with mustard color

mustard coat

A coat is considered a fashionable choice of outerwear in the demi-season. Designers offer many interesting and stylish styles, where every fashionista will find her best option, taking into account the peculiarities of her appearance. However, classic models remain win-win and universal for any figure. The mustard-colored coat is also presented in an unusual cut — with a smell, with an asymmetrical hem, a cape or a poncho. Such rich colors look very impressive in the design of warm knitted products, stylish finishes where there may be fur or inserts from a fabric of a different texture.

mustard coat

mustard parka

A practical and comfortable jacket is considered an excellent choice for active everyday wear both in the demi-season and in winter. In a rich, catchy shade, parkas look especially attractive and can effectively dilute a closed bow. A mustard jacket can be the main element in the image. However, in order to look unusual and stand out from the rest, designers suggest complementing such clothes with contrasting accessories, for example, bright knitwear. Good shoes for this style would be sneakers, lace-up tractor boots or ugg boots.

mustard parka

mustard down jacket

In cold weather, downy jackets and coats are considered the actual choice of outerwear. Such clothes are traditionally presented from raincoat fabric, which reliably protects in wet weather. However, designers offer other interesting options — leather, velvet, vinyl. Catchy colors will help you stay attractive and stylish in the period of closed images. The mustard-colored jacket is popular in oversized style. Here, the main differences are a voluminous silhouette, a lowered shoulder line and an elongated sleeve. A cozy blanket, a fitted design with a belt and products with fur decor are in trend.

mustard down jacket

mustard dress

One of the most popular elements of the wardrobe, which will always emphasize femininity and sophistication in the image, is the dress. These clothes are relevant at any time of the year, in combinations of any style and for any type of figure. The mustard-colored dress is especially in demand in the cold due to the cozy warm colors. Knitted elongated sweaters and knitted tight-fitting bangs have become fashionable styles for every day. Given the subdued intensity of the coloring, this design also looks great in collections of strict cases, successful for a discreet business dress code.

mustard dress

mustard sweater

A cozy sweater has become a mandatory element of the basic wardrobe. These clothes will provide practicality for a casual look in cold weather, and in warm weather will be a stylish alternative to a windbreaker or light jacket. A mustard-colored sweater looks very beautiful and impressive in the technique of coarse knitting or thick yarn. For such products, textured knitted patterns are irrelevant, but a voluminous silhouette will stylishly complement a comfortable design. There may also be a thick throat or a wide neckline on one shoulder. Shortened styles in an ensemble with high jeans or a skirt remain a fashion trend.

mustard sweater

mustard skirt

Another relevant element of clothing is the skirt. This piece has never lost popularity thanks to the possibility of combinations with different types of tops, which will help you create different looks every day. The mustard-colored skirt is presented both in strict styles, for example, a case or a schoolgirl, and in romantic products — flying maxi, spectacular sun, flowing pleats and laconic trapeze. A trendy choice for everyday street looks is the slim knit model, which goes well with sneakers, tractor boots, boots and even dress shoes.

mustard skirt

Mustard pants

What modern fashionista can do without comfortable and functional trousers? These clothes are capable of emphasizing sophistication and femininity in an image no worse than a skirt or dress. However, trousers remain a more comfortable and practical option for active everyday wear. Rich colors feature classic 7/8 cropped cuts with creases ironed down the center of the legs or a high waist. This choice will be successful for both business and romantic bows. A spectacular wide cut is also in fashion — sails, mustard-colored flared trousers, riding breeches, bananas and chinos.

mustard pants

mustard suit

Sets have become a fashionable choice for modern girls in the trend. This option always looks harmonious and stylish in the image. However, the main advantage of the suits is the saving of time for searching and selecting separately the lower and upper parts in the bow. Women’s mustard suit is presented in a classic style with trousers or a skirt and a jacket. A practical sports style with a sweatshirt and knitted or flannelette pants is also in trend. Saturated deep colors will be a stylish solution for an exit look. In this case, a suit with wide trousers and a top would be a good choice.

mustard suit

Mustard T-shirt

In the warm season, a T-shirt is considered an integral element of a functional image. Designers offer many original and stylish models. The tight-fitting jersey model remains the most popular. In the trend and free hooligans of a voluminous or asymmetric cut. A women’s mustard t-shirt can be complemented with a print in the form of an inscription or a large pattern. A stylish finish is often a cutout on the back, open shoulders, lacing on the neckline and more. Designers offer combined ideas in contrasting colors or a combination of fabrics of different textures.

mustard t shirt

mustard hat

Stylish accessories can not only complement the image, but also provide comfort and protection from the cold. One of these was headwear. And in a bright and rich design, fashionable hats will help dilute the bow and attract attention, emphasize the originality and individuality of style. The mustard-colored hat is popular with yarn. The most fashionable are voluminous products made of thick threads or coarse knitting. This option often comes with a scarf and mittens. A more concise design would also be a good solution — beanie, beret, felt hat.

mustard hat

mustard bag

Rich warm colors have become popular for bags. In such an attractive design, a stylish accessory will become a spectacular accent in the image. Using fashion bags as an example, the designers showed how shades of mustard color change intensity depending on the fabric. If you’re looking for a catchy option, opt for shiny pieces such as patent leather. A gentle romantic look is perfectly complemented by neat suede models. To emphasize your individual style, stop at bags with decoration — embroidery, rhinestones, embossed reptile patterns.

mustard bagshades of mustard

Mustard manicure

Shades of mustard are relevant not only in fashion design, but also in nail art. Stylists offer many interesting and original ideas using this varnish. In the latest reviews, every fashionista will choose a stylish versatile option for every day or a design for a specific look. This color looks great on both short and long nails. Soft streamlined borders are considered a good shape — square, oval, almond. But even on a pointed contour, a warm color will be an effective solution. But let’s see the most fashionable mustard-colored manicure:

  1. plain. A win-win choice for everyday looks is considered a monochrome coating. If you want to add originality to your manicure, complete it with a matte top that always emphasizes the neatness of the hands.

mustard manicure

  1. Knitted. The warm, cozy coloring is great for interpreting knits on nails. Fashionable ideas with textured braids and arans can decorate both all fingers and highlight one or two in the Feng Shui style.

mustard color manicure

  1. With drawing. Colorful abstractions and patterns always attract attention and emphasize an outstanding style. On a warm background of a mustard shade, drawings of a geometric or floral theme will become a stylish addition. Use the sliders to keep the images sharp and symmetrical.

what goes with mustard color

  1. With rhinestones. Sparkling crystals will make even the most modest look attractive and spectacular. On a mustard background, you can make a beautiful composition of rhinestones of different colors and sizes, or decorate one nail with an abstract scattering.

with what mustard color

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