Matte manicure 2020 - fashion trends for short and long nails

Matte manicure 2020 has always been, is and will be popular among fashionistas around the world. This coating option is no worse than ordinary glossy colors. But the velvet effect on the nails looks much more elegant, refined and more sophisticated. Modern nail technologies allow you to embody the most amazing ideas on your nails. So get acquainted with the trends and sign up to your master!

Matte manicure 2020 — fashion trends

Any image will look more luxurious if your nails have a 2020 matte manicure on your nails. Modern trends have no boundaries, so any author’s idea will look fashionable and unique. A rich color palette will prevail in fashion, in such shades:

  • red;
  • nude;
  • black;
  • violet;
  • wine;
  • grey;
  • dark blue;
  • emerald and similar deep colors.

New design ideas suggest different styles from minimalist to spectacular shiny decor. Additional floral patterns, bright acid colors, geometric ornaments will help you stand out from the crowd. Glamorous girls will suit trendy options with rhinestones or gossamer. And lovers of the classics will definitely like the elegant velvet jacket.

matte manicure 2020 fashion trends

Matte manicure for short nails 2020

All depending on the length of nails, matte manicure 2020 will look stunning. First of all, you need to consider the color scheme. It can be versatile, bright, delicate or acidic. The only thing to avoid is large superimposed drawings or large rhinestones. Since, such elements can visually change the nails to even shorter ones.

The classic nude design looks better on longer nails, so for short or medium nails it is better to choose peach, light yellow, light blue, lilac. If you have long dreamed of making a bright coating, but were afraid to look defiant, try a red matte manicure for short nails 2020. This option will be popular for the next few warm and even cold seasons.

manicure for short nails 2020

Matte manicure for long nails 2020

Young ladies with long nails always want to show off a fashionable manicure. This year you can do it by any means. After all, the longer the nails, the larger the canvas for the realization of unique designs. Leading nail maters showed new ideas with a variety of textures, additional elements, floral or animal patterns and similar decorations.

Chic matte manicure 2020 for long nails is fashionable to perform in bright colors. Yellow, orange, red or pink are perfect for spring and summer time for every day. And autumn-winter suggest cold shades of dark blue, purple, gray or black tones. Do not forget about rhinestones, cobwebs and sparkles that will add sophistication to a holiday or evening meeting.

matte manicure for long nails 2020

Matte manicure for sharp nails 2020

Some girls think that the sharp shape of the nails looks defiant and unusual, but this is a big mistake. This type of outline allows you to apply the most sophisticated ideas. And then the matte manicure of 2020 will look chic with any look. To make your fingers look harmonious with sharp nails, you need to choose nude, light and powdery shades. Basic tones of black and white will also be at the peak of popularity. If we talk about additional details, drawings, then it is better to give preference to sparkles, geometry, animalistic or floral coloring.

manicure for sharp nails 2020

Matte Manicure Ideas 2020

New arrivals for nail design made a splash among fashionistas and nail artists around the world. Matte manicure 2020 novelties involve the use of voluminous decorative elements, drawings of twigs, flowers, geometric figures. Minimalistic and animalistic designs have become even more relevant. Autumn and winter seasons broadcast cold tones, for example: blue with sparkles, blue with white polka dots and the like. And the spring and summer period mean bright sunny colors with additional colorful patterns.

matte manicure ideas 2020

Red matte manicure 2020

Red color on nails always looks impressive and charming. Even lovers of the classics will approve of the 2020 matte monochromatic manicure in bright colors. Among the fashion trends, it is important to notice the combination of red with silver or white accents. And combinations with black or nude varnishes look elegant and elegant. Rhinestones, additional sparkles and other details will become very popular.

The use of various techniques with geometry, floral or animalistic motifs is welcome. For going to work, you should choose a harmonious coating of red and beige gel polish. For every day, a monochromatic design with dark or white accents is suitable. And evening manicure 2020 with a matte effect can be decorated with metallic, rhinestones or foil.

red matte manicure 2020

Nude manicure 2020

In the velvet version, nude shades look even more sophisticated. Beige and powdery colors will add femininity, luxury and elegance to any look. Such natural tones are suitable for all sorts of activities, whether it’s an obligation at the office, a walk in the park, a meeting with friends or a romantic evening. To highlight your nails on a date, you can decorate the design with glittery details or rhinestones.

Best of all, nude nails are suitable for long nails. It is especially important to paint over all the fingers with a beige color, and cover the nameless one with a layer of golden sparkles. Delicate matte manicure 2020 with any design will look great, so it’s time to sign up with your favorite nail artists and consult with them about upcoming trends.

nude manicure 2020

Black matte manicure 2020

The most versatile and practical option for a velvety finish for your nails. Black goes with everything like white or gray, so it will be the basis for an excellent design. In monochrome, gel polish will look just amazing. However, with the design, the manicure will look even better. Today, the most requested idea is the pattern over the black velvet coating on 1-2 fingers.

Dark matte manicure 2020 is more suitable for autumn or winter. In the warm period, it should be avoided, because it is better to make bright nails. But in cold weather, a black finish with additional thematic drawings or voluminous seasonal decorations will be an appropriate design. For evening walks or parties, you can decorate the black design with sparkles, glitter or massive rhinestones.

black matte manicure 2020

Matte manicure with a pattern 2020

Although the velvet cover looks beautiful and original on its own, it can be made more exclusive with the help of special surplus patterns or patterns. The combination of a velvet base and a glossy image on top will look stylish, especially based on French design. At the peak of trends there will be geometric ornaments on all or some of the fingers.

A beautiful matte manicure 2020 will be loved by fashionistas and nail artists, as it will become an excellent basis for floral motifs. Spring twigs, flowers or buds will look great on scarlet. And textured ornaments with sparkles will arouse special interest and admiration of others. Therefore, in any case — make a colorful design with drawings and sparkles.

matte manicure 2020 with a pattern

Bright matte manicure 2020

Warm and hot days broadcast juicy deep shades, so you can’t do without bright varnishes. If you are tired of solid colors, then it’s time to try colorful colors. Matte pink manicure 2020 will be especially popular in sunny times. Such a rich color scheme will not only emphasize your femininity, but also add brightness to your image.

The autumn-winter period suggests purple, dark blue, emerald or silver colors. Everyday coverage can be decorated with geometric or animalistic ornaments. The working version broadcasts a monochromatic color. And decorations for parties or dates broadcast additional decorations in the form of rhinestones, glitter or shiny elements.

bright matte manicure

Matte manicure 2020 with rhinestones

To find the best shining option with rhinestones, you need to understand a little more with rhinestones. They are different, large, small or very small. Green matte manicure 2020 for cool evenings, it is better to decorate with medium-sized rhinestones or cover only one ring finger with a layer of sparkles.

And dark blue, purple and other cool colors for the winter require exquisite glitter in moderation. Warm shades for a hot season, it is not necessary to decorate with rhinestones. However, nude, powder and beige tones with small or large rhinestones will look not only very feminine, but also elegant. With this design, you can go to the office or on a date.

matte manicure 2020 with rhinestones

Matte manicure with gossamer 2020

An ultra-modern technique in nail art, which appeared recently. This method of decoration quickly gained popularity among fashionistas and other female representatives. The same type of stylish matte manicure 2020 in pink, blue, black, beige or white colors look great with this technique. This design does not spread, guarantees clear lines and a 3D effect.

Combining a variety of color shades with radiant and other details seems possible for the next few seasons. A harmonious combination of colors with an exquisite chaotic cobweb is well suited for friendly meetings or for every day. And adding glitter, shiny lines or rhinestones will add glamorous accents and help you stand out from the crowd.

matte manicure with gossamer 2020

Matte manicure with a pattern 2020

Although the topic with additional drawings has already been raised before, it’s worth talking separately about matte white manicure 2020 with an unusual design. Exclusive requires special, minimalist drawings. Your friends and loved ones will not be able to miss the light cover with amazing images of miniature twigs, buds, inscriptions or leaves. To emphasize the overall beauty, you can add glitter, shine or rhinestones. The effect of foil and metallic will find its use in creating such a design.

manicure 2020 matte french

Manicure 2020 — matte French

Lovers of classic styles will love the updated design of the matte French manicure. Neutral velvet nude base looks very sophisticated with white lines along the contour of the nail plate. Glamorous girls can afford shiny coatings with glitter or rhinestones, which will look not only chic, but also very gentle.

Fashionable matte manicure 2020 is also possible in other colors. Based on the French nail mater, a new trend has been created. The method of designing nails is the same, but instead of the usual colors of beige and white, you can use all sorts of desirable shades of dark blue, purple, burgundy, red, orange and other bright colors. The line along the edge can differ not only in shade, but also in the type of coating, often glossy.

matte manicure 2020 with geometry

Matte manicure 2020 with geometry

Geometric ornaments gained popularity a few seasons ago and are not going to lose ground. Further periods in every second girl on the nails you can notice:

  • circles;
  • points;
  • strokes;
  • rectangles;
  • diamonds;
  • parallelograms;
  • ovals;
  • cones and the like;

Manicure in matte colors 2020 with the reception of geometry is suitable for bright or nude colors. You should not worry about the shape of the nails, since this variety looks harmonious with short, long, sharp or square outlines. Nails will look fashionable if all fingers are of the same color, and some are decorated with geometric ornaments.

matte manicure with a pattern 2020

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