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Matte manicure 2019 is one of the leaders of the new spring-summer season, it can be catchy and concise, both with additional decorations, and in one color, in a beautiful retro style. Chic options in dark and saturated shades will be in fashion — a great choice for the evening, and for everyday life, stylists offer to design in bright colors.

Matte manicure 2019, fashion trends

What beautiful matte manicure in 2019 will be at the peak of popularity?

  1. If we take into account that retro dominates the world catwalk, and minimalism does not lose its positions, then the original design with an emphasis on one finger in the form of a pattern, rhinestone inclusions or glitter, stylishly in green tones, will fall into the trends of the season. In the spirit of the time, there will be an option in purple hues, with a laconic abstraction made in “silver” or “gold”.

matte manicure 2019 fashion trends

  1. An excellent solution will also be a matte gentle manicure 2019 with an openwork pattern, monograms, curlicues, or with plot drawings, inscriptions, notes and other musical signs, in a nude or pastel palette. The matte multi-colored manicure 2019 with abstract geometry enjoys well-deserved popularity.

beautiful matte manicure 2019

Matte manicure for short nails 2019

Spring-summer matte manicure 2019 for short nails is presented in a variety of options, all of them deserve attention, because they can add a certain zest to the finishing touches of any bow, depending on the chosen solutions. The trend setters include:

  • original matte manicure 2019 with an emphasis on one finger in tones of fresh greenery, cat’s eye, can be diluted with rhinestones and glitter; your fingers will look great in emerald, dark blue, burgundy and brown shades;

matte manicure for short nails 2019

  • delicate design in a nude or pastel palette with exquisite drawings in the style of Japanese or ethno-Russian painting.

matte manicure 2019 for short nails

Matte manicure 2019 for long nails

Do you want to make a stylish matte manicure 2019? Feel free to choose an original nail shape, a non-sharp square or a “ballerina” and experiment with design by adding several techniques to one solution, including deep design, negative space and hand or screen painting or stepming. An excellent choice would be options in coffee brown, red, blue, white and black, with the addition of rhinestones or glitter. From the drawings, you can choose not only stylish geometry and abstraction, but also inscriptions, bows, flowers and elements of floral patterns.

matte manicure 2019 for long nails

The true hit of the season is a 2019 matte manicure on sharp nails, which will look great in burgundy, purple, red, orange tones, which also combines several techniques and patterns. Tempting — stylish geometry, concise, but suitable even for going out and under evening dresses — matte monochromatic manicure 2019 with a concise addition of glitter or confetti.

stylish matte manicure 2019

Matte Manicure Ideas 2019

This season, not only chic fashionable matte black manicure 2019 will be in trend, but also nail art in delicate pastel colors, gray, beige and coffee shades. Excellent variations can be obtained, both in a single-color coating, using glitter and rhinestones, and in two or even three-color solutions in one design. Leading masters offer to combine contrasting shades or similar in tone, creating original eye-catching transitions, both in the accent version and in gradients, or gentle combinations.

matte manicure ideas 2019

Dark matte manicure 2019 is not only a solid black coating, but also patterns in a given color, lace or pattern elements. Combinations of black and gray varnishes, pink, red, burgundy, yellow and even orange with black look tempting. Where not the base will be saturated, but an ornament or rhinestones. These solutions look great on ovals and sharp nails.

trendy matte black manicure 2019

Matte red manicure 2019

If you want to have a classic catchy design, use a rich red and burgundy matte manicure 2019, both in plain colors and patterned. Excellent combinations are red-white and black-red solutions, where the emphasis is on a maximum of one nail. A red manicure will also look stylish if you make a combination of a matte and glossy base, in the form of a jacket or highlighting the moon, or one or two fingers.

  matte red manicure 2019

To make the 2019 matte manicure stylish, you can choose not only hit retro or minimalist solutions, but also a patterned version. For example, an asymmetric pattern on a nude basis, consisting of three colors, with geometric elements and an envelope jacket. An excellent solution could be a design on soft squares or “pointe shoes” in a plain burgundy design with the addition of metal volumetric jewelry or rhinestones.

burgundy matte manicure 2019

Matte black manicure 2019

Another classic of the genre is a chic matte dark manicure 2019 in black. Experts consider such options to be the best in matte design, and the most suitable for an elegant evening, glamorous and club events, even for special occasions, if it harmoniously fits into the overall conceived image. What new ideas did the trendsetters come up with this season?

  1. In addition to a combination of two colors, you can add an openwork pattern, modeling or glitter with rhinestones.

matte black manicure 2019

  1. In addition to multi-colored and painted options, you can’t go wrong if you choose a solid black matte manicure 2019, which is the undisputed leader, regardless of seasonal changes.

matte dark manicure 2019

Nude matte manicure 2019

An excellent solution not only for an elegant evening and stylish everyday life, but also for business style is a gentle matte manicure 2019, made in one tone. This solution on ovals or sharp nails is a real retro classic that will immediately draw attention to your well-groomed hands. Also a great option would be a design on short soft squares, combining several similar shades and a diverse pattern, from modeling to painting.

nude matte manicure 2019

If you want your matte manicure 2019 to be suitable for all occasions, from strict everyday life to festive events, pay attention to a laconic design in the style of Japanese painting, or a variant with a contrasting floral pattern. Patterns in the form of green leaves of diverse trees, fern leaves and tropics fell into the trends of spring and summer. Also, leading masters advise to combine floral ornaments and inscriptions, you get a real hot squeak of the season.

gentle matte manicure 2019

Matte manicure 2019 with an openwork pattern

Who decided that the matte light manicure 2019 is just pure conciseness? Openwork patterns and monograms, paintings in oriental style are unlikely to leave the world podium this season. Style trendsetters offer sophisticated variations that combine not only contrasting patterns, but also several color schemes in one manicure. For example, blue, pink and red are stylish, catchy and gentle at the same time, because openwork adds a touch of feminine romanticism. A design in creamy white or white and pink with a lace pattern is a great choice even for brides.

matte manicure 2019 with an openwork patternmatte light manicure 2019

Matte manicure 2019, geometry

Red, gray, black and blue matte manicure 2019 will immediately fall into the trend of the season if it has a geometric pattern, both clear and abstract, but consisting of lines, squares, circles, triangles and other geometric shapes. It is possible in a single version, but it is better if they are combined in one set. Leading masters offer interesting solutions not only for the combination of shapes, but also for colors, for example, white and blue, red, black, khaki and white. Gray with black and white, and you can dilute it with metal jewelry, drops or rhinestones.

matte manicure 2019 geometryblue matte manicure 2019

Matte gold manicure 2019

Do you want to make a stylish matte manicure in 2019? Leading masters advise using golden shades of varnishes, sand, powder and glitter. An excellent choice would be a dark design using foil, very beautiful — on a black, emerald, purple and dark red base. Another wonderful nail art will turn out if you combine glitter or gold lacquer in the form of patterns not only with black and dark blue, but also with rich brown, where the golden sand accent will become a fashionable solution, and highlighting the “gold” elements of the ornament.

matte gold manicure 2019stylish matte manicure 2019

Matte manicure 2019 with rhinestones

A chic matte manicure in 2019 can be obtained on any form of the nail plate, if it is additionally decorated with small and large rhinestones, it can be in a laconic single version, one small pebble in the moon, or combine rhinestones and large colored stones to get an excellent and beautiful accent on one or two nails. Another welcome asymmetrical decoration of the nail along the oval, on one side, either on its outer side or on the inside.

matte manicure 2019 with rhinestones

An excellent magnificent matte manicure 2019 is an inlay with stones of sharp nails in a two-tone design, with the addition of a cold “silver” or warm “golden” shimmer, depending on personal preferences. Still the same beautiful evening design can be presented in a combination of warm and cold tones between themselves and rhinestone patches along the moon, or a pattern in the center of the nail.

chic matte manicure 2019

Matte manicure 2019 with sparkles

Style trendsetters in the new season presented a dark, multi-colored and gray matte manicure 2019 with the addition of glitter, which also took an honorable leading place among the spring and summer trends. With the advent of heat, a manicure with sparkles, kamifubiki, sand or rubbing will decorate your fingers in a very timely manner, adding even more animation to the overall conceived images. Especially if the sequins are not only the main pattern, but harmoniously add accents to the selected pattern.

matte manicure 2019 with sparklesgray matte manicure 2019

Bright matte manicure 2019

Yellow, green and pink matte manicure 2019 with additional designer decoration in the form of patterns, rhinestones, kamifubi and glitter will turn out to be beautiful and rich in spring colors. Openwork lace and stylish geometry will add a spectacular look. If you want to get nails that cannot go unnoticed, then it is better to choose a sharp shape and a multi-colored design.

bright matte manicure 2019

For lovers of delicate accents and natural length of nails, a bright pink matte manicure 2019 with a transition to purple or lilac colors will be an excellent choice. A successfully strict version will turn a rhinestone decor into a festive design, and emphasis on conciseness can be made using a combination of matte and gloss and thin wavy shiny lines, both in “silver” and “gold”.

pink matte manicure 2019

Matte French manicure 2019

Matte French manicure 2019 will never go out of fashion, especially in black, or in combinations of black with other tones. The mixed version on soft squares, both long and short, which successfully combines two jackets — a French and a moon smile, or an envelope, remains in demand among real fashionistas and adherents of matte design.

matte manicure french 2019

The hit matte manicure 2019 is a classic French manicure on an interesting basis, not only bodily, but also rich, without any additional decor. These solutions look great on square and oval shaped nails. If you want to make such a manicure that will immediately become trendy in spring and summer, then choose a sharp shape, a multi-colored jacket and a dark laconic pattern on it.

matte french manicure 2019

Matte manicure 2019 with inscriptions

The main seasonal leader and hot novelty is a stylish matte manicure 2019 with diverse inscriptions. Words, letters and phrases can be placed on one nail, or they can be scattered all over, where an element of one inscription or word is applied on each finger. Also, these hits include options with plot drawings containing inscriptions. Leading masters suggest using bright contrasting combinations, but if you prefer pastel or delicate shades, then no one has canceled successful experiments.

matte manicure 2019 with inscriptionsstylish matte manicure 2019

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