How to strengthen nails

The beauty of our hands, first of all, depends on the condition and health of the nails. Lack of vitamins, nutrients, cold weather and dryness — these factors have an extremely adverse effect on the nail plates. Therefore, you should take care of regular nail care and strengthening, especially in winter and spring.

There are many ways to strengthen nails at home. These include a variety of baths, creams, masks, as well as nutrition rich in vitamins and calcium. A variety of nail strengthening products can be purchased at a pharmacy or prepared independently. In this article, we will tell you how to strengthen your fingernails and introduce you to the most effective methods for caring for them.

How can you strengthen your nails?

Manicurists advise using the following tools to strengthen the nail plate:

  1. Vitamins for strengthening nails. The strength, structure and growth of our nails depend on the sufficient availability of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients in the body. If the nails exfoliate and break, this indicates a lack of calcium and iodine. Restoring the balance of vitamins is the first step to strengthening nails. Vitamins can be obtained with food or take special vitamin complexes that can be purchased at any pharmacy. Products that affect the strengthening of nails: honey, nuts, cheese, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables.
  2. Strengthening nails with gel. To date, you can strengthen your nails by applying gel or acrylic on them. The layer of the applied substance protects the nails from any mechanical influences, but does not violate their structure. Under the gel, the nails become stronger and do not exfoliate. Also, biogel smoothes out any defects and gives our hands a neater and more attractive look. You can strengthen your nails with acrylic at home or in a beauty salon. An important point — before strengthening the nails with biogel, you should make sure that the substance does not cause allergic reactions.
  3. Strengthening nail polish. Strengthening nail polish contains nutrients that have a beneficial effect on the structure and protect nails from harmful external influences. Hardening nail polish is usually colorless, so it can be used as a base under colored polish.
  4. Strengthening baths for nails. Baths for nails have a strengthening effect, and also soften the cuticle. The most effective recipe is warm baths with iodine or salt.

How to strengthen nails with folk remedies?

Folk remedies are no less effective than the ones offered to us in salons and pharmacies. We offer several ways to strengthen your nails:

  1. Oil for strengthening nails. Nails should be lubricated with sunflower or olive oil 2 times a week. This procedure makes the nail plate more even.
  2. Iodine. Once a week, nails should be covered with iodine — this allows you to make the nail more durable and prevents delamination.
  3. Wax. Dip your fingertips into the melted wax and then run them under cold running water. Hardened wax on nailsHow to strengthen nails after building hold all night, wearing fabric gloves on top. In the morning, clean gently. The procedure should be performed 1 time in 2 weeks.

How to strengthen nails after building?

Extended nails in some cases have a negative impact on our native nails. To return your hands to a healthy look, you should refrain from applying decorative varnish for a month, and also use all the methods listed above. In more severe cases — if the nails completely exfoliate, change their structure, become bumpy — you should consult a dermatologist.

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