Hardware manicure

Well-groomed hands and a beautiful manicure — this is the necessary minimum that a woman needs to conquer any peak. But so often, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we don’t have time to make pens irresistible. A revolutionary technology in the field of cosmetology — hardware manicure helps to solve this problem. It involves softening and removing the cuticle, polishing the nail and “sealing it”, removing keratinized and dry skin areas. Hardware manicure is relevant, both for extended nails and for “relatives”.

Hardware manicure procedure

Among the services offered by beauty salons, this relatively new procedure has already taken a strong position — labor automation has always yielded results. What’s with the automation? Yes, despite the fact that hardware manicure makes a special machine. The master only has to get used to the cutters, but this is still easier than using a spatula, scissors and other clumsy tools of a traditional manicure set.

A pleasant bonus of the procedure is the availability of a machine and nozzles for hardware manicure — the purchase will pay off in just a few sessions, and in order to make your nails neat and healthy, you will not need to sign up for a salon, go to the other end of the city and wait in line. In addition, there is such a thing as trust in the master, but, alas, it is not always justified. Doing a hardware manicure at home, with your own hands, you do not risk being deceived in expectations. And if the miracle machine inspires fear, then this is not for long — after the first procedure you will be with the technique on “you”.

Getting to know the cutter

A set for hardware manicure consists of a machine (milling cutter) and nozzles (milling cutters). It is preferable to buy an amateur category router — it is not inferior in quality to a professional one, but it has a lower nozzle rotation speed (which is safer for an inexperienced user) and a more affordable price. Also, for the hardware manicure procedure, emollients will be needed to treat the cuticle.

Before doing a hardware manicure, it is important to make sure that the hands and nails are dry and not steamed — otherwise the procedure will harm the structure of the nail.

Cosmetologists recommend home hardware manicure for people with a problematic nail plate and rapidly growing cuticles. Emollients and nourishing oils contain keratin and a spectrum of vitamins. The procedure for “sealing” the nail involves stopping (closing) the pores with oil, so that moisture will not evaporate and the nail plate will not suffer from dehydration (dehydration).

The procedure is delicate and gentle, because the risk of cuts and cracks is practically eliminated thanks to the competent design of the router and nozzles. Cutters for hardware manicure should be held like a fountain pen, at an angle of 45 °. Movement should be directed from the center to the edges. Periodically, you need to turn off the device and give your hands a rest from vibration.

How to make a hardware manicure?

The sequence of the procedure is quite simple:

machine for hardware manicure

  • remove the remnants of the old varnish from the nail;
  • disinfect handles with a spray;
  • gently push the cuticle with a wooden stick;
  • with a nail file we give the nails the desired shape and length;
  • apply a cuticle softener;
  • with a needle-shaped diamond fine-abrasive cutter, we process the cuticle from the side of the side rollers;
  • with the same cutter we move along the cuticle, lifting it;
  • we remove the prepared cuticle with a “truncated cone” diamond cutter, it is important not to touch the surface of the nail;
  • using a bullet-shaped cutter, we grind the cuticle;
  • apply nourishing oil (for example, almond oil) to the nails and cuticles;
  • we grind the nails over a layer of oil using a double-sided polisher — this is the “sealing” process;
  • degrease the nails and apply a layer of varnish.

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