The hands are shaking cause

“Oh, how tired I am today, even my hands are shaking.” For various reasons, every woman, young, old, and very young, has experienced such a state at least once in her life. What is behind this common and quite ordinary phenomenon, and what can it tell about? Let’s think about why and in what cases the hands of an adult and a child are shaking, and whether it is possible to somehow get rid of this unpleasant condition.

Causes of shaky hands

So, there are a lot of reasons why hands are shaking. In some cases, this is a simple overwork, in others — a nervous breakdown, and thirdly — some kind of disease. But whatever the cause of this trembling, it must be established. Then it will be much easier to bring yourself back to normal when she attacks you again. Below we will consider the main reasons due to which hands and legs tremble in adults and children.

  1. Excessive physical activity. This is the most common and common reason. It is not unusual for hands to shake during prolonged exertion or after a workout in the fitness room. The muscles are overworked, and trembling in this case is their physiological response. You just need to rest a little, sit quietly or lie down, and soon everything will pass.
  2. Emotional outburst. Another common reason why an adult or a child’s arms and legs are shaking badly is stress. Fright, anger, a quarrel with a friend at school, an emergency at work, an accident on the way home, all this can greatly upset the nerves. And trembling in the arms and legs in this case will be a kind of response of the nervous system to an external stimulus. Soothing drugs and the elimination of the irritant itself will help relieve tremor.
  3. Poisoning. Which one, whether it is food, alcohol, or something else, it doesn’t matter. With any of these poisonings, toxins entering the bloodstream are carried throughout the body and, entering the brain, affect nerve cells. First of all, they attack the vestibular apparatus and the occipital lobes, which are responsible for the coordination of movement. It is this fact that gives the answer to the question of why hands are shaking after alcohol, especially if you use it often and systematically.
  4. A symptom of a serious illness. In some cases, trembling in the hands may indicate that something is wrong in the body, and play the role of a symptom of some internal disease. And this is no longer a joke. What disease causes trembling hands? Most often it can be Parkinson’s disease, hyperthyroidism or diabetes mellitus. In the first case, the cause of trembling lies in the violation of nerve conduction, and in the last two — in hormonal failure. Only a doctor can help here.

Exercises to keep your hands from shaking

Many patients, coming to see a psychoneurologist or bringing their children to him, ask the following question. “Doctor, are there any exercises so that your hands do not shake?” You can understand these women who want to swallow pills and, moreover, feed them to their children. Exercises to keep your hands from shakingIt would be nice to pick up a set of simple exercises, strengthen the muscles, and that’s it. But not everything is so simple. Firstly, because there is simply no such special complex, no one has yet invented it. Secondly, as noted above, physical exertion on the muscles during trembling can only aggravate the condition. Judge for yourself, if the hands are shaking after a workout in the gym or began to shake due to physical activity, and we will force them to do something else, what will happen? That’s right, overload and the result is the opposite of what you want. If you already choose not medical, but sports treatment, then it is better to turn your attention to swimming and hiking out of town. They will strengthen the muscles in a natural way, and calm the nerves, and tighten the figure without any simulators.

Well, if your hands are shaking, and you don’t know the reasons, go to the doctor so as not to miss a serious threat to your health. It is better to play it safe in advance than to reap the bitter fruits of your own irresponsibility.

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