Gray is one of the most popular colors in modern fashion.


Gray is one of the most popular colors in modern fashion.

Universal colors in modern women’s fashion never lose popularity. Stylish and at the same time restrained shades can not only become a good background for any elements in the image, but also emphasize the sophistication and elegance of the appearance. One of these solutions is gray.

Gray color in clothes

This popular shade is considered a good solution for fans of the classic scale, but excluding the already boring tones — black and white. If you are looking for a universal solution that looks great both in elegant and casual, and simple style, then just such a choice will be a stylish find for you. In addition, designers use all tones of colors, which helps to emphasize both romance and restraint in the image. Let’s see the most fashionable shades of gray in clothes:

  1. Gray graphite color. If you remain practical in your choice, then a rich dark color will be the actual solution for you. Graphite has become a fashionable alternative to black, but it looks less gloomy and more noble.

dark gray color

  1. Dusty gray. For fashionistas, whose images correspond to the gentle feminine direction of the romantic, a pastel shade will be suitable. Dusty tones are perfectly combined with each other, but they can also become a beautiful background for bright accents.

light gray color

  1. metallic. Another popular choice would be a shiny silver shade. This option is perfect if you want to make this coloring the main detail and attract attention.

shades of gray

  1. Prints. In addition to monophonic solutions, abstract drawings are also in trend. The most popular are geometric prints — stripes, cages, peas. Unusual muted floral and openwork patterns are also in fashion.

gray color in clothes

Gray coat

This fashionable coloring has become a popular solution in the collections of classic outerwear. In addition, designers call this choice the most successful, because during the rainy and slush season you will not have problems cleaning the product, but at the same time you will not look dull and gloomy. If you want to add more flair to the look, opt for a style with a contrasting pattern. In this case, a gray coat with flowers is perfect, where the decoration can be not only a graphic print, but also embroidery or appliqué. The trend is strict and original models with a strip and a cage.

gray coat

Gray dresses

Another important element of the wardrobe is the dress. These clothes will always emphasize your sophistication and femininity. Warm everyday models look especially impressive in non-marking design. The most popular were knitwear and knitted stockings with a tight-fitting cut. However, silver tones are also actively used in collections for going out. The gray evening dress features beautiful and exquisite materials. Translucent chiffon, tulle and lace, flowing silk and satin became successful fabrics. But luxurious velvet remains not the best choice.

gray dresses

Gray skirts

If you have space in your wardrobe for a skirt in silver tones, then this item will become one of your favorite items for every day. This is due to the fact that such a bottom looks great both in total look ideas and with a bright or contrasting top. A gray pencil skirt remains a classic of modern fashion. But this option is relevant not only for strict business bows, but also for romantic and even mixed casual combinations. If you want to make an accent on these clothes, pay attention to metallic pleated A-line or suede models.

gray skirts

Gray suit

One of the most successful in this color scheme is considered a classic suit. Today, designers offer many interesting models, which helps to eliminate the gloom and despondency of a strict image. Styles with trousers, a skirt, a jacket, a vest, a wrap jacket and others are in trend. Gray women’s suits are also presented in a sporty style. In this case, pants, leggings or shorts can be combined with a T-shirt, sweatshirt or longsleeve. And the trend of recent seasons has become knitted or knitted sets with a skirt and a short crop top, both summer and warm for the winter.

gray suit

Women’s gray trousers

Pants are a stylish alternative to skirts. This element of the wardrobe has become an integral part of the women’s arsenal, as it will always provide comfort, practicality and functionality. For business bows, the classic is best suited. In the trend of the model of standard and shortened length. Romantic combinations are perfectly complemented by flowing styles — sails, culottes, hip and knee flares, and others. When asked what to wear with gray trousers in the city, stylists offer joggers, jeans, leggings. Solid colors and ideas with prints are in fashion — geometry, flowers, openwork patterns.

women's gray trousers

Gray sweater

Cozy versatile coloring looks great in the design of warm knitted sweaters. Tight-fitting models with a high neck, aura knitting with a free cut on one shoulder or with an open back are in trend. Gray-blue color perfectly complements the voluminous oversized style, adding tenderness and grace to practical clothes. In addition to plain solutions, various prints are also considered popular. One of the most fashionable will be the choice of clothes with a gradient transition, both in one color palette and in combination with other pastel colors.

gray sweater

Gray shoes

An excellent solution in any image is the completion of a universal coloring. This option is well suited for both bright and printed clothes, and strict discreet combinations. Classics in modern ode are shoes. However, designers offer many interesting design variations, which helps to choose shoes in a romantic, casual, grunge and other styles. In addition to the style itself, the choice is diverse and material. Let’s see the most popular shoes in gray tones:

  1. Leather. This option is considered the most practical for any weather. Leather oxfords and boats are especially in demand. For such models, both a monophonic design and combinations of tones, for example, black and gray, are relevant.

gray shoes

  1. Suede. A touch of tenderness and accuracy to the whole image will be added by the completion of a pleasant soft material. Suede shoes, complemented by a bow, rhinestones or a flower will be a stylish choice for an evening outfit or a romantic look.

grey-blue color

  1. Lacquered. If you want to draw attention to shoes, then shiny patent leather products are the actual choice. An embossed reptile pattern or perforated abstractions will add even more attractiveness.

light gray color

Gray bag

Fashion accessories often act not only as a stylish addition, but also as an integral assistant in the image. The advantage of products in classic colors is the ability to combine such an element with different clothes and accessories. For active fashionistas, a capacious gray women’s bag — a tote, a hobo, a shopper made of suede or leather — will be a good purchase for every day. For romantic walks, a small cross-body is suitable. An evening bow will perfectly complete the clutch. A backpack is considered an ideal addition to urban casual ensembles.

gray bagwomen's gray bag

Gray nail design

This stylish shade is also in demand in modern nail-art. Designers offer many interesting variations of nail design, where every fashionista will find the best solution, taking into account individual style and personal preferences. The advantage of such varnishes is their versatility, not only in combination with clothes and shoes, but also for any length and shape of the nail plates. The trend is laconic and catchy decorated ideas, ensembles with other tones and unusual performance techniques. Let’s see a fashionable manicure in gray:

  1. plain. A win-win addition to any bow is considered to be a monochromatic coating in one tone. To diversify this design a little, use a matte top or pearl rub.

gray nail design

  1. Feng Shui. Laconic monochromatic ideas will help dilute the design by one or two fingers. In this case, it is mono to use a contrasting varnish or decor. In the choice of finishes, the most popular were drawings and sliders, rhinestones, knitted patterns and modeling, and much more.

manicure in gray

  1. French and holes. French style remains a classic of modern nail-art. A stylish alternative with a crescent at the root of the nails is also in trend. Over a long length, the edge can be highlighted with both dark and light varnish. For natural nail plates, universal colors are best used in gentle tones for the base.

what goes with gray

  1. With design. On such a non-marking basis, any decor looks great. The trend is overhead jewelry — rhinestones and stones, kamifubuki, sparkles and glitter. Drawings always look original. And the originality of your choice will be emphasized by the ombre technique, rubbing, foil and other additions.

shades of gray

gray hair color

No matter how surprising it may sound, but a beautiful classic shade has become a popular solution in hairdressing. Do not worry that gray hair will add years to you. Today, silver blond coloring is considered a very fashionable solution, which, especially in bright light, looks very attractive and beautiful. Light gray hair color can be diluted with dark or bright strands. The trend of the latest shows was the idea of ​​a gradient transition in an ensemble with pastel colors — peach, turquoise, lavender and others.

gray hair color

Combination of gray with other colors

The main advantage of a fashionable shade is appreciated by all women of fashion who want to be in trend. After all, the versatility of such a color scheme helps to combine contrast and conciseness, restraint and sophistication, elegance and simplicity in one image. In addition, clothes, shoes and accessories are absolutely not picky in choosing the rest of the details. After all, silver tones are perfectly combined with rich and muted design ideas. Let’s take a look at what colors go with gray — fashion stylist tips:

  1. With pastel colors. Light and dusty colors go well with each other. Therefore, such shades have become a popular addition to delicate romantic solutions — peach, lavender, turquoise, mint and others.

combination of gray with other colors

  1. With black and white. Contrasting ensembles in the same color palette remain win-win. In addition to two-tone combinations in the trend and a combination of all three shades of the classic range and even with the addition of a bright accent.

what colors go with gray

  1. With bright colors. If you want to add saturation to the image, stop at design options such as red, blue, yellow, purple, orange. In this case, you can use multiple shades of gray.

combination of gray in clothes

  1. total look. Ensembles in one color have become a fashionable choice for every day and for the office. At the same time, stylists do not insist on the selection of all the details of an identical tone. You can combine light and dark colors, as well as different textures.

gray color in clothes

Dark gray color

Deep graphite colors and wet asphalt have become a fashionable alternative to classic black. But such solutions look softer, but remain universal. In the question of what gray is combined with, stylists suggest focusing on bright contrasting additions. In this case, products and accessories in red, yellow, purple tones and rich prints are ideal. A win-win choice would be white in the image. But black will add gloom.

dark gray color

light gray color

Delicate and dusty shades remain a popular choice for feminine soft combinations. In this case, romantic images and ideas with a dress or skirt are considered especially successful. The combination of gray in clothes can be both catchy and saturated, and concise. In the first case, products of deep tones are suitable — marsala, sapphire, emerald, eggplant and others. To accentuate your femininity and sophistication, add pastel colors of pink, mint, lemon and any of the nude palette to the bow.

light gray color

Who suits gray?

A variety of shades in this range helps every fashionista find their actual tone. When choosing a particular color, it is important to consider your color type. The same rule applies to the question of who suits the gray color. For autumn girls with a bright appearance, it is better to stay on prints, where the main thing will be dark graphite or a deep color shade, for example, emerald. The gentle appearance of spring and summer fashionistas goes well with products in pastel and dusty colors. And attractive winter beauties will emphasize their brutality with dark solutions.

who suits graywho suits gray


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