Gatsby style - 52 photos of fashionable images for the brightest events

Fashion is diverse, and it is simply not possible to count all the available stylistic trends. Gatsby style is very interesting and diverse, it is chosen by many fashionistas around the world when it comes to original themed parties.

Gatsby clothing style

This style gained popularity after the release of The Great Gatsby. Clothing suitable for creating retro looks, restaurant visits or themed parties. Gatsby style for girls has gone from the 20s and 30s and is the choice of many people to this day:

  • clothing should be as follows: it can be a cocktail dress of delicate color to the knee, in some cases there are elongated options;
  • the cut often does not imply a waist (or it is lowered to the level of the hips);
  • the sleeves are short, or there are none at all, since the image is often complemented by long gloves;
  • clothes are trimmed with fringe, beads, feathers;
  • popular shades — pink, milky, peach, black, flesh;
  • the silhouette is either simple or with a fluffy skirt;
  • if it’s cold, you can put on a shawl;
  • shoes that complement the Gatsby style are similar to men’s in style. Oxfords are often used. Laces are replaced with silk ribbons;
  • a handbag is mainly a clutch or an envelope;
  • if a man wants to dress in this style, he should wear a waistcoat and a shirt with a golf collar, and a tuxedo is acceptable. Following the rules of that time, the image was complemented by a cane.

gatsby clothing style

Gatsby clothing style

gatsby style for girlsgatsby style outfit

Gatsby style dress

When choosing a dress in the style of the great Gatsby, certain points are taken into account:

  • it is important to choose the right fabric: it should be silk, velvet, lace, chiffon;
  • pastel colors, although black is also allowed;
  • a dress of this style will suit almost any girl, regardless of her figure;
  • the use of a rectangular style allows you to hide body defects: remove the stomach, do not focus on the waist, do not show the difference between the chest and hips;
  • in addition, the dress will emphasize the existing dignity of the figure. You can choose an option with both a large neckline and a modest one, decorating this area with a boa;
  • any girl who puts on a dress really changes: she becomes several times more beautiful and tender, and the image turns out to be very feminine;
  • the dress is often complemented by earrings with rhinestones or feathers, brooches, massive rings;
  • many girls love strands with pearls, boas with feathers and a small handbag;
  • shoes should be closed, with a round toe and lacing. Fit models decorated with bows. Heel height allowed up to 7 cm.

gatsby style dressgreat gatsby dresses

Gatsby costume

A men’s suit involves the use of a tuxedo or vest. The most popular accessory is the straw hat. The suit is complemented mainly by oxfords, and the number of colors in the wardrobe is limited. All shades are restrained, not striking, although ties and bow ties were chosen in a variety of colors. Women’s Gatsby style costume consists of a dress, boa or cape, original accessories. The image is suitable both for visiting a restaurant and for walking — admiring glances are provided.

women's gatsby costume

Gatsby accessories

Accessories that complement the Great Gatsby style are very interesting and varied:

  1. For example, a mandatory element of any female image is a removable fur collar or boa. They were thrown over the shoulders, covered their necks, giving their owner luxury.
  2. Another characteristic accessory is a feather boa in bright colors. Feathers can also be added to wardrobe items.
  3. Popular are different shawls or scarves, which in some cases look even more spectacular than a dress. The length of the accessory often reached half a meter.
  4. A frequent element of the image that complements the Gatsby style is a bow, ribbon and other similar accessories.
  5. The handbag mainly performs a decorative function, since its dimensions are very small.
  6. A characteristic feature is the cloche hat, which perfectly complements the image.
  7. Jewelry is presented in the form of pearls strung on strings, bracelets, similar to ancient ones, large clip-on earrings. Another image can be supplemented with a wrist watch.

gatsby style accessories

Gatsby Jewelry

Gatsby style jewelry is extremely popular. No look is complete without the following additions:

  • big brooch;
  • brilliant flowers and petals;
  • patterns made from ribbons;
  • bracelets adorned with diamonds, sapphires and pearls;
  • earrings, rings, pendants with large stones.

It is best to choose the jewelry that comes with the kit — their style should be approximately the same. It is recommended to give preference to floral and plant themes, stars. The image should look pompous and gorgeous, the girl should attract attention with her unusualness.

gatsby style jewelrygreat gatsby style

Gatsby style headband

If a girl does not like the hats that often complement this look, you can choose an option like a Gatsby-style headband. This accessory will give the appearance of unusualness and piquancy. This decorative detail is decorated with pebbles, rhinestones and flowers. An alternative to the accessory is a floral headband with feathers.

gatsby style headband

Gatsby hairstyle

Girls in those days tried to cut their hair short. Long curls were replaced by a boyish haircut «a la garcon», which turned out to be very effective:

  1. Proper styling in the Gatsby style will help to focus on the girl’s beautiful neck, while the image itself looks sophisticated and elegant. This haircut looks very nice complete with a hat.
  2. If you do not want to cut your hair short, there is an alternative: you can curl long hair and fix it with varnish. Hair should be neatly combed on the forehead and temples. The caret can be wound from below and smoothed near the roots.
  3. Another option that accompanies the Gatsby style is a bouffant bun (suitable for long hair or strands of medium length).

gatsby hairstyle

Gatsby hairstyles for long hair

Girls can look chic and glamorous if they embody the Gatsby style with long hair:

  1. Styling can be chosen for any type of face, since there are a lot of options. The main thing is that the girl be bold and decisive, not afraid of the views of others.
  2. The hairstyle does not involve bangs, so it is covered with a lowered wave or a wide bandage (if the girl does not want to get rid of the bangs).
  3. As for color, hair of such colors looks most advantageous: bright blond, deep black, dark chestnut and fiery red.
  4. Complemented with liquid crystal styling.
  5. A common hairstyle that characterizes the Gatsby style is cold waves. You can also make soft curls. Any styling is complemented by beautiful accessories.

gatsby hairstyles for long hairgatsby style for long hair

Gatsby hairstyle for medium hair

A win-win solution would be a Gatsby-style hairstyle for medium hair:

  1. The most curious option is styling done on wet strands.
  2. You can wind curls by styling your hair in almost the same way as long ones.
  3. Any hairstyle should be firmly fixed with varnish so that it does not get disheveled at an unnecessary moment.
  4. For decoration, rhinestones, crystals, headbands, bandages or feathers are used.

gatsby hairstyle for medium hair

Gatsby style — hairstyles for short

Hairstyles for short hair are the best option in which the Gatsby style is expressed for women, since initially the girls strove for “boyish” haircuts:

  1. It can be a pixie haircut, garcon, bubikopf. Although the hair is very short, the styling is feminine and gives the image beauty.
  2. Short haircuts look very interesting, coupled with soft waves or curls. Bangs and side parting are popular.
  3. As in previous cases, the hairstyle, reflecting the style of the Great Gatsby, was complemented by headbands, headbands, feathers and other accessories that gave the image shocking.

short gatsby hairstyles

Gatsby makeup

Makeup is designed to harmoniously complement the image in the style of Gatsby:

  1. It should be bold, bright and catchy. The eyebrows are clearly defined, the lips are painted with bright red or dark pink lipstick, the eyes are emphasized by arrows and decorated with long eyelashes.
  2. A worthy addition to the image is pale skin. Often a girl uses a thick layer of powder, eye shadow and lipstick. For every day, such a make-up, reflecting the style of the great Gatsby, will not work — it is exclusively evening.

gatsby makeupgatsby style look

Gatsby Manicure

Manicure is also important to complete the Gatsby look:

  1. Based on the overall picture of the image, it is worth giving preference to bright, almost flashy tones — burgundy, red.
  2. Drawings and ornaments are acceptable, golden stripes are common.
  3. The final option should be chosen from the clothes that the fashionista will wear. As for the shape of the nail plate — it should be oval or pointed.

gatsby style manicuregreat gatsby style

Gatsby style photoshoot

Everyone wants to take part in a photo session at least once. The Great Gatsby style for women is a good option for themed photos. Having decided on this, you should be fully aware of what you want from the photo:

  1. For a photo shoot, you can even choose clothes that are not very comfortable to wear, but look spectacular or outrageous. Hairstyles are kept in the general style.
  2. The main thing is to try to look as relaxed and catchy as possible. Dresses and suits look interesting in photographs, it is only important to choose the right angle.
  3. Some even do family photo shoots in this style. There is room for creativity here — everyone can realize all their ideas.

gatsby photo shootgreat gatsby style for women

Gatsby style wedding

An unusual marriage process will turn out if the girl gets an outfit in the Gatsby style:

  1. Optionally, the dress should look rich and be decorated with a lot of accessories, you can take a simple straight model with a low waist (or no accents on this part of the body at all), complementing the image with a headdress, bracelets, beads, headbands or feathers.
  2. It is not necessary that the dress is fully consistent with the style. Now there are models even with corsets. It is worth noting that most of these wedding dresses, especially the free silhouette, are suitable for girls in the body.
  3. A man will also be able to choose a suitable outfit, they often use a three-piece suit or a tuxedo, shirt.

gatsby style weddinggatsby style outfit

Gatsby style wedding dress

A Gatsby-style wedding look for women will turn out to be exquisite and memorable. When choosing a dress for a wedding, you should focus on the following nuances:

  • silhouette — no waist, or maximum understatement;
  • length — below the knees or to the floor;
  • openness — deep cutout in front or behind;
  • sleeves — straps or complete absence;
  • hem — asymmetrical or in the form of a fringe.

The color is often chosen pastel, the texture is lace, with the addition of a fringe. They make gold or silver inserts for greater showiness of the dress. The image is decorated with a boa made of fur or feathers. A bandage, veil or hair chain is put on the head. Shoes should have a round toe and a low, up to 6 cm, heel. Shoes can be decorated with silk ribbon lacing or bows.

gatsby style wedding dressfemale gatsby style

Gatsby style party

Themed parties are not uncommon. It’s easy to dress them if you know the style features:

  1. For girls, this Great Gatsby style of clothing like loose knee-length dresses, soothing tones and a straight cut is suitable. This item of clothing does not imply emphasizing the waist, so the outfit is also suitable for curvy shapes. The dress will hide the flaws of the figure and present dignity in a favorable light. A man can wear a suit with a vest and an interesting-looking shirt.
  2. Gatsby party accessories are a very important part of the look, sometimes they look even brighter than dresses. Hats, headbands, headbands, feathers, fur boas — all this is possible and necessary. The image is complemented by a massive bracelet or ring, pearl beads, folded several times.
  3. Shoes must be with a round toe and a small heel, oxfords are suitable for men.

gatsby style party

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