French manicure, summer 2020 - stylish ideas for a beautiful nail cover

Summer jacket on nails 2020 is a great seasonal idea for any occasion. Classical performances are especially popular this year. They are amazingly suitable for all young ladies, regardless of lifestyle, age category and taste preferences. A variety of outlines of the nail plate, various lengths and additional decorations are welcome.

French manicure — fashion trends summer 2020

Leading fashion trends presented a wide range of original stylistic solutions. Girls choose all sorts of ideas, but the most common today are French — novelties, summer 2020. Oval, sharp, square and almond-shaped nails are acceptable, the design can be applied to short or long interpretations. Girls often prefer such nail art:

  • in neutral white, black, beige shades;
  • with bright saturated tints;
  • multi-color, contrasting options;
  • with beveled lines, double smiles on the edges of the nails;
  • with additional drawings.

When choosing color varnishes, you should pay attention to red, orange, yellow, blue, emerald, purple tones. Brave girls can afford an incredible colorful summer jacket in neon colors. Cutting-edge techniques broadcast matte, glossy, pearlescent coating, rubbing effect. Geometric patterns, images of fruits became favorite patterns over manicure.

french manicure fashion trendstrendy jacket for summer

Summer jacket for short nails

The hot period inspires girls to pick up exquisite fresh French-themed nail applications. First of all, you need to decide on the size of the nails. If your plates are not too long, do not rush to build up artificial ones, as exclusive varieties are also provided for you. Summer French manicure for short nails can be denounced for square, oval, almond shapes.

Often, the main part is painted in nude, pastel, beige shades, and the edges take on the colors of black, white, milky. To personify bright interpretations, it is better to give preference to raspberry, lemon, peach, brick, azure and purple varnishes. Delicate velvet variations, iridescent smiles with rubbing techniques are welcome. Do not forget about diverse rhinestones, sparkles, interesting overhead drawings.

summer jacket for short nailsshort nails with a summer jacket 2020

Summer jacket for long nails

French for long nails for the summer is considered the most popular this season. Many people think that such designs are uncomfortable for everyday wear, but the masters convinced them otherwise. Meet exquisite feminine sketches for your nail plate. The favorites of the modern public have become square, almond-shaped and sharp outlines. In combination with double and beveled interpretations, the manicure will look stunning.

The color palette presented neutral universal colors, discreet light tones and bright color shades. Be sure to consider the summer 2020 French manicure using exclusive stylistic solutions in the rubbing technique, matte, glossy finish. The most relevant decorative elements in this are original ornaments and patterns, voluminous shimmering details, and shiny pollen.

french long nails summersummer french long nails 2020

Summer jacket on almond-shaped nails

This year, incredibly delicate nail art deserves special attention. French manicure has been in great demand among ladies of all ages for a long time. Now is your time to try this neat design on your own fingers. A summer jacket on almond-shaped nails will look very charming, elegant and feminine.

Any length is acceptable, the average is best combined with the almond outline. You can choose the color yourself, at your discretion. Classic ideas in neutral shades are suitable for any life occasion. Saturated color solutions will become an excellent bright accent of a festive bow, business attire. Exclusive alternatives with double or oblique edges, additional inscriptions, drawings are acceptable.

french summer on nails almondsalmond-shaped nails french summer 2020

Summer french on square nails

Seasonal trends gave a summer jacket on square nails. An ultra-modern outline provides sharp or smoothed corners. Among the wide abundance of lengths, you will definitely find the perfect interpretation. Don’t forget nude colors for the body and neutral tones for the crescents around the edges. More colorful designs include menthol, cherry, purple, lemon shades. Representatives of the street trend prefer neon original colors, silver or golden varnishes.

New-fangled techniques broadcast neat matte, glossy and mother-of-pearl coating options, rubbing effect, cat’s eye. French manicure for the summer of 2020 is conducive to the selection of exquisite shining details. Additional elements can decorate the recreated sample with pretty images, diverse rhinestones, geometric patterns.

square nails summer frenchsummer french on square nails

Summer french on oval nails

French manicure this season looks perfect on an oval nail plate. This is always a great solution for ladies who like neat nail art. Similar silhouettes look chic with short, medium and maximum length. Before heading to your favorite master, pay attention to the chic jacket summer 2020 with ultra-modern velvet or iridescent surfaces.

The tonal range presented light vanilla, beige, milky, light green, peach, powdery and lilac varnishes. Among the colorful shades, it is better to use brick, coral, lemon, orange, violet and cobalt colors. Don’t overlook the neutral black and white colors. Your idea will look more sophisticated with additional embellishments like 3D modeling, shimmering rhinestones, minimalist dot patterns.

summer french on oval nailsoval nails with a summer jacket

Summer jacket on sharp nails

Summer manicure 2020 — French has become the most popular among girls who follow trends and trends. The French design suits all shapes, but sharp variations of the nail plate deserve special attention. It is generally accepted that such a form looks defiant and bold. But with the help of a qualified craftsman, you can embody a truly elegant design.

Newfangled trends suggest diverse coatings with the effect of rubbing, cat’s eye and velvet layer. Fans of extraordinary color interpretations often prefer a bright summer jacket in crimson, blue, purple, emerald, golden hues. Delicate tones broadcast cloudy, strawberry, sand, fawn, aquamarine, lilac, mint colors. Black shades and additional elements have been waiting for your approval.

jacket for the summer with sharp nailsfrench on sharp nails summer 2020

Summer white jacket

Revising the current color palette, the stylists highlighted white colors. This is an amazing alternative for everyday life or going out. Options for every day, romantic dates suggest exquisite novelties for oval, almond-shaped outlines of medium length. A white jacket for the summer in combination with a square shape is perfect for going to work or walking with friends. A festive outfit is best emphasized with long nail art with a sharp outline.

All sorts of ways to apply varnish are acceptable, but matte, iridescent and mother-of-pearl looks have become the most popular. Double or beveled lines along the edges of the nails are welcome. As decorative details, it is better to choose geometric or floral patterns, a variety of rhinestones, shiny pollen.

white french summerwhite classic jacket for summer

Summer french red

Seasonal French manicure summer 2020 will look perfect in red, scarlet, pomegranate, wine, coral, cherry, brick colors. Choosing the length and contour of the nail plate, you should focus on your own taste preferences. However, sharp, square, oval, almond-shaped outlines have acquired the greatest distribution. Cutting-edge trends broadcast original performances with a diverse top layer.

Interesting designs are available with a double smile at the edges in unusual configurations. Don’t forget the original oblique crescents. An ordinary jacket for the summer can be brightened up with the help of additional coloristic images, minimalist bitmaps and three-dimensional modeling techniques.

red jacket for summer 2020red summer jacket

Multicolored summer jacket

Leading stylistic motifs and trends gave the young ladies impressive bright multi-colored ideas. They can be applied to the nail plate of any shape and length. Particularly popular are the square and almond outlines of medium length. The most beautiful design provides exquisite wide or thin contours of different colors on each finger. An interesting summer jacket 2020 is available, fashionable with a rich color gradient on a smile along the edge.

In most cases, crescents are painted in all the colors of the rainbow. However, the abundance of shades broadcasts raspberry, lemon, orange, lilac, emerald and many other varnishes. as a base layer, you can use beige, white, pastel, powder colors. Nail art will look very gentle and neat in a matte or glossy finish. Among the decorative details, it is worth highlighting additional drawings, voluminous stickers.

multicolored jacket summer 2020multicolor jacket for summer

Manicure french gradient summer

With the advent of the hot period, summer jacket nail design has not gained its former demand. Stylists and leading craftsmen have tirelessly developed variations of unconventional designs to please the modern fashion audience with fresh novelties. Get ready for some extraordinarily elegant French-themed ombre designs. Most manicure ideas involve color stretching from one tone to another.

Gamma broadcasts a gentle transition from beige, powdery, pastel, vanilla to white. However, do not forget about the bright saturated shades of cherry, purple, menthol, pear, orange, yellow. French manicure summer 2020 will look as relevant as possible in the rubbing technique, velvet, glossy and mother-of-pearl top layers. The range of decorative elements includes rhinestones, sequins, floral or geometric patterns.

french with transition to summer 2020summer jacket with a transition

French double summer

The list of non-traditional designs was supplemented by a French design with double smiles at the edges. These can be two semicircular lines of contrasting colors, stripes with a crease in the middle, or additional thin parallels in the center of the nail plate. Square, sharp and oval outlines perfectly emphasize the jacket on the nails 2020 summer. When choosing a length, it is better to give preference to medium or short options.

Minimalist design includes neutral black, white, beige, nude polishes. However, for a more colorful performance, you should familiarize yourself with a palette of bright colors. The most popular are coral, canary, golden, saffron, azure, amethyst, jade tones. Do not forget to decorate the nails with shimmering elements, exclusive miniature images.

double jacket for summersummer double jacket

Oblique summer jacket

This year, a beautiful summer jacket with bevelled edges has been waiting for your approval. Such ideas instantly won ladies’ hearts. Representatives of the street trend prefer to file their nails in the way that a line is drawn along the silhouette. More classic interpretations go well with almond-shaped, square, sharp plate shapes.

The color palette has a choice of rich tone shades. First of all, pay attention to the tones of red, green, pink, blue, cyan and purple. The most daring young ladies can afford incredible neon colors. French manicure for the summer of 2020 can be distinguished with the help of velvet or iridescent coatings with a rub-in effect.

lazy beveled jacketoblique jacket for summer 2020

Matte summer jacket

First of all, every girl dreams of picking up a universal feminine nail art. First of all, it is worth considering the exquisite matte finishes in the original colors. What could be better than a soft velvet cover? It can be combined with a variety of lengths and all kinds of nail shapes. Stylists recommend giving preference to neutral, delicate or colorful colors.

A chic matte design will perfectly highlight a bright summer jacket on nails. However, if you are a supporter of classic French motifs, you will like pastel, powdery, vanilla, aquamarine, lavender, sky blue tones. A combination with a rub or a glossy appearance on smiles along the edges of the marigold is welcome.

oblique jacket for summer 2020french for summer 2020 matte

Summer jacket with rhinestones

Glamorous girls will definitely appreciate newfangled ideas with diverse rhinestones and shiny elements. A variety of outlines gave square, oval, almond and sharp shapes. The base layer can be a classic French summer design or a colorful design using cutting-edge techniques. The shimmering decorations themselves can decorate the chosen interpretation on one or more fingers. In most cases, rhinestones can form an original ornament or be part of an overhead image.

french with rhinestones summersummer jacket with rhinestones

summer yellow jacket

Saturated coloristic designs are gaining more and more popularity every day. Particular distribution is due to the onset of the hot season, because the girls want to pick up bright accents for their seasonal outfit. With the help of your favorite master, the summer yellow jacket will sparkle with updated spectacular colors! It will look as elegant as possible with almond-shaped or oval shapes of the nail plate in a matte or glossy finish. Additional details are often presented in the form of rhinestones, beads, ornaments.

yellow summer jacketsummer yellow jacket 2020

Summer jacket with sequins

Another stunning iridescent alternative for lovers of the glamorous trend is a brilliant decor. Stylists advise using glossy polishes to apply a neat smile around the edges of the nail plate. A beautiful summer French manicure with sparkles or shiny pollen is ideal for everyday life, romantic dates, working days and special occasions. The tonal range broadcasts not only delicate light shades, but also bright saturated solutions, neutral colors in black and white.

shiny jacket for summer 2020jacket for summer with sequins

Summer french with fruits

Leading trends presented chic options for current design. First of all, pay attention to classic ideas with overlays or stickers in the form of seasonal fruits and berries. Supporters of coloristic designs will definitely appreciate the summer french manicure with fruits. Diverse length and shape of the nail plate is acceptable. It is better to consider oval, almond and square silhouettes.

Common types of matte, glossy, mother-of-pearl layers are welcome. The most popular were interpretations with the effect of rubbing, a cat’s eye. The color palette includes colorful tones and fresh light shades. Watermelon, lemon, papaya, orange, avocado, strawberries and cherries have become favorite fruit images that adorn summer 2020 French manicures.

French summer with fruitsfrench with fruit drawings for summer 2020

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