Extended nails 2013

What woman doesn’t want to be always attractive? You can have your hair styled, flawless makeup and just be beautiful. But if at the same time your hands are suddenly unkempt, your nails are inaccurately trimmed, then the whole picture is immediately smeared and loses its reference appeal. Well, it’s absolutely terrible when you sin with the habit of quietly “nibbling” your cuticles, it’s definitely time for you to go to the salon, to the manicurist!

The spring and summer periods of 2013 are a great opportunity to become the owner of a chic fashionable design of extended nails. We will open the veil of new fashion for decorating your nails.

Fashion for extended nails in 2013 still adheres to their natural length. Your fingertips will complete the free edge of the shape: from «soft square» to «almond». Fashionable nail design 2013 assumes the most natural appearance of women’s hands.

Drawings on extended nails 2013

The appearance of French manicure for many women has become just a lifesaver. This classic option is always relevant and is kept from season to season. In the design of extended nails in 2013, the French remains in the favorites. It goes equally well with any style of clothing, and is perfect for any event. Choose the colors of the jacket according to your desire, and the free edge can always be improved with an original and fashionable print or rainbow floristry. This season is marked by bright ornaments and lace.

The fantasies of extension masters this season can be vertical and horizontal lines along the entire nail plate. You can diversify fashionable extended nails in 2013 with a geometric ornament: cells, rhombuses, circles and their combination. Just keep thinking!

With the help of broths, you can even create a “caviar manicure” by generously sprinkling colored grains on the wet surface of the varnish. At the same time, leave a couple of nails in plain colors — for contrast.

Fashion designers this summer give scope for choosing bright outfits. The same trends are typical for manicure. A rainbow of varnishes, as well as fabrics, will be at the height of fashion. A cheerful palette will add mood and creativity not only to you, its owners, but also to everyone who is nearby.

For lovers of floristry, nail designs will come to life and come to life in all kinds of floral ornaments created with paints and multi-colored gels. You can stick them on your own, with ready-made applications — there are a lot of options!

The spring-summer season of 2013 for the fashionable design of extended nails added another spectacular option for your approval — «glass» nails. Masters will create it in the salon, without tinting gel or acrylic, but leaving the entire base of your nail plate transparent. It can only be slightly supplemented with elegant modeling or a delicate pattern.

Manicure set is a necessary attribute of extended nails!

You have grown beautiful nails — it’s wonderful! But such a step obliges you to have a good manicure set for their perfect maintenance.

Extended nails will always look incredibly impressive if you periodically file them, remove the cuticle and make corrections in a timely manner. Lacquer on such nails lasts a very long time, retaining shine and exquisite colors. And now — you are the standard of beauty!

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