Delicate manicure 2020 - fashion trends for nails of any length

Depending on the mood and lifestyle, a woman can choose a variety of images. Gentle manicure 2020 will perfectly fit into any of them, it will emphasize the romance of an everyday look or harmoniously complement an office outfit. This nail art can be successfully combined with an evening dress.

Delicate manicure 2020 — fashion trends

Many stylists offer manicure 2020 to the attention of fashionistas, the delicate design of which is characterized by extreme diversity:

  1. To decorate nail art, different options for glitter and decoration are used, these are feathers, dots, gold, silver, stripes, stickers or glitter.
  2. To embody a trendy manicure, you can decorate your nails in a variety of techniques, among which you can see the original French version, airy ombre, a delicate design with flowers and other cute patterns.
  3. On delicate nails, there may be a mother-of-pearl shine, beautifully designed modeling, marble pattern.
  4. Transitions from one color to another will look beautiful. In terms of color combination, it can be white with nude tones or a tandem of pink with blue, purple, and other options. At the same time, transitions can be vertical, horizontal, it looks interesting if the color is located diagonally.
  5. French gentle manicure 2020 is able to demonstrate romance. Blue, pistachio, peach or purple tones can be used as the main coating.

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Delicate manicure 2020 for short nails

In the 2020 season, short nails will be relevant, where the edge does not exceed 5 mm. Gentle manicure 2020 in this case is represented by the following ideas:

  1. The short length of the nails is often characterized by an oval shape. The classic jacket on short nails is still relevant.
  2. An unusual option would be a combination of matte and glossy lacquer.
  3. If you don’t want to experiment and look very bold, then you can simply highlight one of the fingers with a different color or some pattern. The 2020 season allows the addition of a variety of images, while the pattern can be anything. Squares, triangles and other geometric shapes are applied to short nails.
  4. Lunar delicate nude manicure 2020 looks stylish on a short length. To bring variety, it can be decorated with rhinestones, metallic varnish or foil.

gentle manicure 2020 for short nails

Delicate manicure 2020 for long nails

The significant length of the nails makes it possible to create all kinds of compositions:

  1. On a gentle manicure in pastel colors 2020, you can apply voluminous single elements that will bring a kind of charm to the design.
  2. Unique nail art is obtained with flowers. As a complement to a monochromatic light coating, watercolor images of peony, violet, greenery or lilac are applied.
  3. Delicate manicure 2020 looks great in an ombre or gradient style. It can be elegant nail art in white and beige colors, which are loved by romantic natures.
  4. The effect of tenderness and weightlessness can bring a matte design, made in light shades. In this case, geometric shapes may be present on one finger.
  5. On long nails, a beige gamma in nude color, which has many shades, is perfectly applied. On the nude coating, you can depict different options for decor or patterns. New for 2020 is marble nude.
  6. A brilliant note in such nail art can be brought by single stones, mother-of-pearl and pearl rubbing.

gentle manicure 2020 for long nails

Gentle manicure 2020 on square nails

The original gentle manicure for short square nails 2020 can be made in the following variations:

  1. In the 2020 season, motivating slogans and logos of famous brands will be relevant.
  2. The geometry should be located on 1 or 2 fingers, with the help of this technique the necessary accent will be created, and the gentle manicure 2020 will attract attention.
  3. A triangular jacket can be done using stencils or a manicure brush. The triangle can be found both on a monophonic colored varnish, and on coatings made in different shades.
  4. Marble manicure looks unsurpassed, it emphasizes nobility. The trend is a design that imitates natural stones and minerals.

gentle manicure 2020 on square nails

Gentle manicure 2020 for almond-shaped nails

  1. Lovers of the classics will appreciate the gentle manicure 2020 on the almond shape:
  2. A win-win solution will be beautiful nude designs. The chic colors of the nude design are perfectly complemented by kamifubuki, dots, lettering and other minimalist patterns.
  3. Wanting to slightly transform the gentle nude manicure 2020, you can decorate the almond-shaped nails with foil. Rainbow foil, glitter stripes, wrinkled or mirror foil can give your nails a variety of effects.

gentle manicure 2020 for almond-shaped nails

Gentle Manicure Ideas 2020

To create a gentle gel polish manicure 2020, stylists offer all sorts of ideas:

  1. It is recommended to choose light and soft shades of varnishes.
  2. A gentle fashionable manicure 2020 with sparkles in the form of foil or glitter will look beautiful.
  3. The shiny decor on a matte base looks especially bewitching.
  4. For spring and summer, a floral design, twigs and leaves in a delicate design will be suitable.
  5. Do not forget about geometric design, where simple shapes, stripes and dots are used.
  6. In the 2020 season, marble design will be relevant, which creates different patterns of natural minerals on the nails.

gentle manicure ideas 2020gentle manicure gel polish 2020

Pale pink manicure 2020

A beautiful and stylish gentle manicure 2020 is often created using pink:

  1. A pink gradient color looks spectacular using other shades, such as blue or indigo, so the pink shade will look extraordinary.
  2. French design can be complemented by glitter, foil, zigzags or color stretching.
  3. The velvet effect also finds its admirers. The matte version looks great with geometry and abstraction in white and gold.

soft pink manicure 2020

Delicate manicure 2020 ombre

The gradient technique does not lose its relevance, with the help of which a beautiful gentle manicure 2020 can be performed:

  • to create an ombre effect, two or more shades are used;
  • the color scheme for the embodiment of nail art is light, for example, this is a delicate lilac manicure 2020, turning into a pink shade.

gentle manicure 2020 ombre

Monochromatic gentle manicure 2020

Such an option as a gentle shellac manicure 2020 is performed in light and soft colors, showing airiness and fragility. Any look becomes more feminine with this design. Popular and commonly used colors are:

  • pink;
  • coffee;
  • blue;
  • white;
  • pink.

plain gentle manicure 2020

Delicate matte manicure 2020

The most delicate matte manicure 2020 is often performed in beige, cream and other nude tones. It can be used for everyday looks to keep hands neat and beautiful. this option will appeal to refined and romantic girls who do not like to attract undue attention to themselves. For an image for a date, you can choose a pink or peach shade. In addition, they decorate the nails with lace and delicate patterns, modeling and sparkles.

gentle matte manicure 2020

Gentle French manicure 2020

Gentle French manicure 2020 is very popular among fashionistas:

  1. Much attention should be paid to the selection of the shape of the nails. In 2020, neat smooth lines are relevant — the almond shape is suitable for this. Such nails provide an opportunity to realize almost any idea.
  2. The square shape is no longer so popular. Short nails with rounded edges look best. To implement this option, you do not need great skills.
  3. Delicate and beautiful can be not only a classic design. Often girls choose a colored delicate manicure for oval nails 2020, this is especially true for the warm season. However, the colors should be muted, discreet.
  4. If desired, the line of the hole can be emphasized with a neutral varnish color to focus attention on it. In addition, the design looks perfect, complemented by rhinestones or any other decor. This will give an image of festivity.
  5. To emphasize the tenderness of the design, it would be nice to use lace. Such a manicure looks spectacular and attractive, but at the same time it is moderately restrained. In addition, the French floral print perfectly complements. This pattern is perfect for any season.
  6. Many girls choose the image of butterfly wings for a gentle French manicure. It will look especially beautiful in the technique of minimalism. If you want to try something original, then you can use imitation marble.

gentle french manicure 2020

Delicate glitter manicure 2020

Extremely relevant light gentle manicure 2020, complemented by sparkles:

  1. It looks beautiful and catchy, fashionable and original. Glitter goes well with colors such as pink, beige, baby blue and white, cream and a variety of pastel colors.
  2. You can draw different patterns with sparkles or just apply them in a chaotic manner. In addition, they look great complementing prints or other nail design elements.
  3. Glitter manicure is ideal for a wedding, because it looks modest and feminine. But for evening design, you can choose your own options.

delicate manicure with sparkles 2020

Delicate manicure 2020 with inscriptions

The trend for inscriptions on nails has appeared for a long time ago, but this year a very gentle manicure 2020 has received the greatest prevalence:

  1. Nail art in this design can be done for a themed event or for everyday wear. The combination of delicate pastel colors with inscriptions looks very interesting and is played out in different ways.
  2. You can highlight the inscription with sparkles or add drawings to other nails to make the design look organic. The content of the inscriptions itself is not limited in any way, it all depends on the tastes and mood of the girl.
  3. Appropriate inscriptions are acceptable for holidays. The words can be performed both in English and in Russian.

gentle manicure 2020 with inscriptions

Pale blue manicure 2020

If you want to try something soft and stylish, then you should give preference to such an option as a gentle manicure 2020 containing a blue tint:

  1. This tone looks best on square nails with rounded corners, but is also suitable for almond-shaped nails.
  2. Like any pastel shade, blue goes well with glitter and sequins, rhinestones, stones and beads.
  3. Drawings look beautiful: geometric or on the theme of spring and flowers.
  4. Prints in the form of cute animals are very popular.
  5. Inscriptions for this design are also appropriate.

pale blue manicure 2020

Gentle wedding manicure 2020

Wedding beautiful gentle manicure 2020 is an integral part of the image of any bride:

  1. In 2020, it is advised to pay attention to delicate designs with various additions. The glitter of rhinestones is especially appropriate in a wedding manicure, while a variety of patterns can be laid out of them. Kamifubuki will also fit perfectly here, they must be silver in color.
  2. In pastel colors, you can try to make a wedding ombre. The gradient looks beautiful and catchy, it goes well with any dress.
  3. If you want to be a sophisticated bride, then it is ideal to use a pearl rub, which will give your nails elegant overflows. In addition, floral prints are combined with a delicate wedding design, this allows the girl to look charming and beautiful.
  4. French manicure is also appropriate for a wedding. The most important thing is to make it in pastel colors and complement it with any other elements.

gentle wedding manicure 2020beautiful gentle manicure 2020

Delicate office manicure 2020

In pastel colors, office gentle classic manicure 2020 is very often done. These colors give the girl femininity and make her more charming. Among the fashionable shades, the following are distinguished: milky, nude, pale pink and translucent. It should be noted that additional decorative elements should not be added. More than two colors in one design cannot be combined either. It is advised to adhere to a concise design and a minimum of bright details.

gentle office manicure 2020gentle classic manicure 2020

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