Dark manicure 2019 - fashion trends for short and long nails

In the new season, stylists offer a wide variety of beautiful and original nail-art ideas. Particular attention is paid to the dark manicure 2019, which always looks expressive and attractive. In the latest reviews, each fashionista will choose a spectacular option for an individual style and taking into account the shape and length of nails.

Dark manicure 2019 — fashion trends

The main advantage of saturated colors of varnish is the ability to smooth out imperfections in the surface of the nail plates. However, at the same time, such solutions are ways to reveal and emphasize the flaws of unkempt hand skin and cuticles. Therefore, before choosing a decorative coating, it is worth carrying out cosmetic procedures — moisturizing, peeling, nutrition and others. Manicure 2019 dark shades are relevant for looks in any style. In the latest shows, you can choose both an expressive decorated version and discreet solutions. But let’s see the most popular ideas:

  1. Evening. Saturated deep tones are great for going out. Such solutions, as a rule, are complemented by sparkling and catchy decor — rhinestones and stones, sparkles, foil, rubbing and other additions.

dark manicure 2019 fashion trends

  1. Business. Deep colors are also suitable for strict bows of a business lady. In this case, black, blue, brown, gray and red varnishes are considered the most relevant. But the main criterion is the absence or minimum amount of any decor.

manicure 2019 dark shades

  1. Romantic style. Saturated colors are also suitable for feminine sophisticated combinations. But in this case, it is important to pay attention to the finish. The most relevant solutions are drawings in floral and animalistic themes, rhinestones, sparkles, rubbing.

dark manicure 2019

Dark manicure for short nails 2019

For girls with a natural length of the nail plates, it is especially important to pay attention to the care of the skin of the hands and cuticles. Saturated colors can visually shorten the nail, so stylists recommend making a finish that stretches and lengthens the surface as much as possible. The actual choice in this case would be geometric patterns with stripes or tape foil, a frame, concave holes. The dark manicure of 2019 is also represented by monochrome solutions. To make a monochromatic design look neat, add a matte top. And the most successful are the ideas of Feng Shui.

dark manicure for short nails 2019

Dark manicure for long nails 2019

Girls with beautiful long nail plates are not limited in choosing a stylish design. You can stick to a catchy decorated direction or stay on restraint and conciseness. Pointed and almond-shaped contours are considered the actual form for rich varnish. The most fashionable dark manicure for long nails 2019 is presented with a rub. And in this case, a different pigment can be applied to each finger, which looks very unusual in the ensemble. Solutions with rhinestones, stones, drawings, modeling, variations of holes and jackets remain win-win.

dark manicure for long nails 2019

Dark Manicure Ideas 2019

This season, saturated shades of all the most popular colors are considered relevant. Often fashionistas prefer natural palettes. This includes solutions such as Marsala and Bordeaux, sapphire, emerald, chocolate, mustard. Mixed colors are also in trend, for example, purple, sea wave, malachite and others. The main advantage of such tones is the versatility in the choice of decor and finishes. Any addition will look expressive and catchy. But let’s review — popular manicure 2019 trendy dark shades:

  1. Dark manicure 2019 ombre. Gradient color transitions on nails look very impressive and stylish. Any rich varnish can be combined with black or deep gray tones. But in the trend and contrasting transitions.

dark manicure ideas 2019

  1. Dark manicure 2019 feng shui. An actual solution for those who adhere to a restrained style, but want to add a catchy accent, would be to highlight one or two fingers with contrasting varnish or decor. And light additions are better suited for decoration.

manicure 2019 trendy dark shades

  1. Monochromatic Solutions. A win-win choice for every day is considered to be a one-tone monochrome coating. And in order to diversify this design a little, a matte top or rub on all fingers will become a stylish finish.

manicure 2019 dark color

  1. Invoices. A stylish and very attractive addition to a rich background is considered an unusual pattern of acrylic modeling. Floral arrangements are considered especially relevant. In cold weather, a knit design with textured braids and aranas will be a stylish choice.

manicure 2019 in dark colors

Manicure 2019 — dark shades with a pattern

On saturated deep varnishes, any drawings look very expressive. However, the painting should be done in bright colors. At the same time, stylists often use such additions as sparkles and glitter, foil, rubbing. Fashionable manicure in dark colors 2019 is presented in a floral theme. And in this case, both laconic single buds and large-scale compositions with a transition from finger to finger are relevant. A touch of romance and grace will be added by openwork monograms. For evening looks, the interpretation of black lace is perfect. And to make the drawings clear, use the sliders.

manicure 2019 dark shades with a pattern

Dark manicure 2019 with rhinestones

Sparkling crystals remain the most beautiful and sophisticated type of decor. Such a finish can make even the most modest bow elegant and attractive. Manicure 2019 in dark colors will perfectly complement transparent rhinestones and pixies. A stylish solution would be a beautiful composition in the form of a butterfly, dragonfly or flower on one finger from stones of different colors and sizes. Crystals go well with other additions, such as rubbing, foil, art painting, matte top. Rhinestones can also be used for feng shui ideas, highlighting one nail.

dark manicure 2019 with rhinestones

Dark manicure 2019 «cat’s eye»

Another stylish solution that is best suited for ideas in rich colors is the interpretation of the cat’s eye. This effect is done using a special magnet that gives a surface glare. The strip can be vertical, diagonal or on the side of the nail plate. Black design will be universal for any clothes. But ideas of rich color tones look more impressive and unusual, for example, dark green manicure 2019. “Cat’s eye” is suitable for highlighting one or two fingers in Feng Shui and goes well with rhinestones and rubbing.

dark manicure 2019 cat eye

Dark matte manicure 2019

The design with a non-reflective coating always looks neat and tidy. The matte top is a particularly good addition for rich deep-toned polishes. The simplest, but very attractive, will be monochrome nail-art in color, for example, dark blue manicure 2019. Any brilliant decor can be applied to a matte base — from simple glitter stretching to complex compositions of rhinestones and stones. However, sparkles under a non-reflective top look very unusual and original. In this solution, you can use kamifubuki, yuca flakes, liquid foil.

dark matte manicure 2019

Dark manicure 2019 with foil

Foil trim has been a fashion trend for several seasons in a row. This tool is of two types — tape adhesive strips or patches and liquid paste. With the help of stripes, you can make intricate geometric patterns. In this case, both colored and metallic foil will do. Tape trim is often used for french and holes. Liquid paste helps to make unusual abstractions. This type of foil on a black base looks especially impressive. And here the decor of deep saturated shades is suitable, for example, dark purple manicure 2019.

dark manicure 2019 with foil

Dark manicure 2019 french

The French style remains a classic in contemporary nail art. The combination of a white smile and a neutral base is considered traditional. But if you are looking for an expressive option, then ideas with rich colors will suit you. Fashionable dark manicure 2019 French can be more restrained. In this case, black varnish is used only to highlight the edge, and the base remains transparent or light. This option is more suitable for long nail plates. If you want to make a rich design, then it is better to highlight the edge with a pastel-colored varnish in combination with a deep background.

dark manicure 2019 french

Dark moon manicure 2019

The selection of the crescent at the root of the nail plates has become an alternative to the classic French style. In combination with a rich base, a transparent hole helps to wear the design longer, since the overgrown border remains invisible. The dark moon manicure for short nails 2019 is considered especially successful. However, such ideas can also be contrasting. In addition to combining different colors of varnish, you can use the finish. A stylish choice would be foil, both tape and liquid, rhinestones and stones, sparkles and glitter. The shape of the hole is also unusual — concave, geometric.

dark moon manicure 2019

Dark manicure 2019 geometry

Geometric patterns remain a fashion trend and are represented by a separate line in the latest shows. Using lines of different directions and thicknesses, you can visually adjust the shape and length of the nail plates. Dark manicure with design 2019 is best combined with light varnishes or shiny foil. In addition to simple patterns, complex combinations of geometric shapes are in trend. Ideas with animals look original and very unusual. However, the trend of recent seasons has become a geometric ombre. In this case, the gradient is made with a clear border.

dark manicure 2019 geometry

Dark manicure 2019 with sparkles

The simplest, but very effective type of decor are sparkles. Designers use two types of such a tool — varnish, which includes glitter, and loose powder. With the help of powder, very beautiful and unusual textured patterns are obtained, for example, a sweater. Stylish dark manicure 2019 is complemented by beautiful stretch marks. And for this effect, a shiny varnish is better suited. Glitter can be combined with other types of finishes. Glitter and rhinestones, a matte top, gradient transitions, as well as various variations of a jacket and holes became excellent combinations.

dark manicure 2019 with sparkles

Dark red manicure 2019

The red palette of varnishes remains a fashionable solution from season to season. Such colors always emphasize femininity, determination and even sexuality in the image. The novelties of dark manicure 2019 are presented in both simple and complex designs with decoration. A popular solution for every day would be a monochrome coating in the color of Marsala, Bordeaux, wine. In this case, a matte finish is considered an excellent addition. If you want to add sophistication, then rhinestones, sparkles, rubbing, foil will be the most successful decor. A touch of romance will be added by floral and openwork patterns.

dark red manicure 2019

Dark manicure 2019 with gold

Ideas with gold trim always look elegant and expensive. In this shade, stylists use many original tools. The simplest addition will be sparkles, abundantly decorating one finger in the style of Feng Shui. This option can be combined with both classic black lacquer and color coating. Manicure 2019 dark color perfectly complements the golden foil, both liquid and tape. A stylish addition to the evening style will be gold casting. And to make such a design look expensive and rich, add a few liquid stones or rhinestones.

dark manicure 2019 with gold

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