Bright manicure 2020 - fashion trends for short and long nails

What could be more relevant and in demand among ladies of all ages than a trendy manicure? This season, every lady will find her perfect color and pattern. Bright shades are here to stay this year, they will be the headliner of spring-summer 2020. Fashion trends in manicure are creative, unpredictable and easy to implement.

Bright manicure 2020: fashion trends

The Pantone Color Institute named the 12 most fashionable shades of the spring-summer 2020 season, including: classic blue, fiery scarlet, saffron (yellow-orange), orange peel (rich orange), Biscay green (shades of turquoise). They will set color trends in clothing, makeup, manicure and other fashion areas.

What will surprise bright manicure 2020:

  • bold neon colors;
  • updated french;
  • animalism;
  • rich matte;
  • nail art with a logo;
  • ombre technique;
  • plant motifs;
  • minimalism.

Bright manicurebright spring manicure 2020fashionable bright manicure 2020neon manicuremanicure ideas

Bright manicure for short nails 2020

Fashionistas choose short lengths for practicality and ease of care, but keep in mind that cuticles must always be perfect. Bright manicure for short nails spring 2020 is a design with coral, violet, mint, lime shades. Although the space of the nail plate is limited, rich colors look great at such a length, as do abstract designs, floral motifs. Monochromatic shading and vertical pattern of nail art visually make the nails longer, which owners of a short manicure should be aware of.

bright manicure for short nails 2020bright manicure for short nails spring 2020trendy nails 2020

Bright manicure for long nails 2020

Fashion trends for nails are developing as actively as for makeup or hair. Beautiful bright manicure for long nails 2020, which always attracts enthusiastic looks, also fell under the influence of trends. In addition to rich colors, stylists advise paying attention to animal print, ombre technique, floral ornament, foil design. The stiletto shape for long nails remains the most popular this season. For special occasions, to make an impact among girlfriends, add one of the types of nail decorations to your manicure:

  • rhinestones,
  • kamifubuki,
  • broths,
  • sequins;
  • mica.

  bright manicure for long nails 2020  Bright manicure for short nails spring 2020

Bright manicure for square nails 2020

Summer involves violent colors not only in nature, but also in manicure. Square nails are the easiest way to decorate the nail plate, and bright colors accentuate the design. The fashionable form of a ballerina (pointe shoes) has been in trends for more than one season. It is a square, narrowed up, and is suitable for long and medium nails. To emphasize a bright manicure for the summer of 2020, choose a “ballerina”. It looks advantageous on square nails: non-standard jacket, minimalism pattern, rich matte colors, stamping, techniques: marble, mirror, cat’s eye.

bright manicure for square nails 2020bright manicure for summer 2020

Bright manicure for almond nails 2020

Inspired by the silhouette of the almond, this shape features a wide base, rounded sides and a pointed tip. As with square nails, medium and long nail lengths are most suitable for her. With the help of an almond shape, a beautiful bright summer manicure 2020 is created, in which nail art fashion trends and dazzling colors are organically intertwined. It is considered ideal, almost all nail design techniques, different types of decor and jewelry are suitable for it. On an almond-shaped form, they will be especially beautiful: a solid rub, geometric abstraction, stamping and a gradient.

bright manicure for almond nails 2020bright summer manicure 2020

Bright Manicure Ideas 2020

Manicure 2020 in bright colors is suitable for the spring-summer version of the painting. The most popular idea for summer are flowers that look great on nails. Other natural motifs also dominate: fruits, floral ornaments, rainbow gradient. If there is no time to create a complex design, cover your nails with a plain varnish, choosing any bright color: lemon yellow, pink, light green, purple. They will go well with any summer outfit. Girls who prefer short nails should experiment with a mischievous dot manicure.

bright manicure ideas 2020manicure 2020 in bright colors

Solid bright manicure 2020

A monophonic manicure captivates with its conciseness and simplicity, therefore it remains relevant in any season. It is performed on nails of any length and shape, you just have to choose the right shade that will be in harmony with your summer bow. Since a rich palette of colors is in fashion, green, pistachio, plum, bright pink 2020 manicure will be very popular. You can dilute monochrome with stencil drawings in the style of minimalism or a fashionable gold stripe. Focus on one nail: apply glitter, rub, rhinestones, foil or another color.

  plain bright manicure 2020bright pink manicure 2020

Bright matte manicure 2020

Fashionable bright manicure 2020 in matte shades gives the nails a velvety effect and is combined with many nail techniques. You can experiment not only with pure colors, but also with shades — make a smooth transition of tones on the nails from the thumb to the little finger. Matte monochromatic manicure looks very nice on long nails. If monochrome is too boring for you, design in a trendy negative space style. It involves unvarnished areas on the nail plate in the form of geometric ornaments, monograms, lace, abstract patterns.

To create a matte manicure, nail experts advise using the following colors:

  1. hot pinkfuchsia.
  2. Ultramarine — Effectively combined with white.
  3. Bright red and its shades — carmine, scarlet, coral. Combinations with a golden accent and rhinestones are popular.
  4. Yellow — the brighter, the better, because this is a favorite of the spring-summer 2020 season.

bright matte manicure 2020stylish bright manicure 2020bright manicure 2020

Bright glitter manicure 2020

“Shine bright like e diamond” will help girls with a bright manicure with rhinestones and sparkles 2020. It is easy to make it shiny — you need to add a little glitter to the main nail design. There are dry and wet glitters, with which you can make a radiant manicure at home. You can decorate them with the entire design or one accent nail, you can experiment with different types of shining material for all nails. For spring and summer, choose bright shades of glitter, mixing them with matching polish or creating an ombre effect.

There are many options for glitter, as well as application techniques:

  • sugar, holographic, mirror powder;
  • aluminum flakes;
  • broken glass;
  • foil casting;
  • shimmer;
  • glitter sand;
  • kamifubuki.

  bright glitter manicure 2020  bright manicure with rhinestones and sparkles 2020

Bright manicure with rhinestones 2020

Add some sparkle to your nails to create a bright beautiful 2020 manicure. Nail-art with rhinestones used to be considered a festive option for an evening out. Now this type of nail decor has migrated from the category of solemn to everyday. Manicure with rhinestones is a constant companion of brides and graduates when modeling, gradient or patterns interspersed with crystals are done on the nails. It looks very advantageous in a matte nail design in rich shades. The abundance of rhinestones on the nails has gone out of fashion, now pebbles are used as light accents that endow the image with luxury and chic.

bright manicure with rhinestones 2020bright beautiful manicure 2020

Bright neon manicure 2020

Acid colors are one of the main summer trends that many stylish girls like. If you don’t want to look too provocative, combine your favorite nude or bright red 2020 manicure with neon accents. In acid nail art, you can safely combine geometric ornaments, rhinestones, gradient, inscriptions and logos, floral designs, French. As for the dazzling colors, they are well combined with each other. In one manicure, using different techniques, you can simultaneously use bright pink, lemon, orange, light green shades.

bright neon manicure 2020bright red manicure 2020

Bright French manicure 2020

The French manicure is back this season, and this time with a splash of color. This versatile design is suitable for women of all ages and for any look and style. Bright French manicure 2020 will be the undisputed favorite of the season, because it makes our hands elegant and well-groomed. French is done on nails of any length, and following fashion trends, a “smile” is painted with varnish of bright colors. The shape also succumbed to metamorphoses — it can be not only straight, but also triangular, diagonal, zigzag.

French is recommended to be done on square nails, but today’s fashionistas have gone further. Masters got the hang of drawing «smiles» not only on oval and almond-shaped nail plates, but also on sharp forms — pointe shoes and stilettos. Do you like French and want to be in style this season? Color the tip of the nail using any of the trendy ideas:

  • neon color — suitable for sports girls;
  • yellow french manicure;
  • multi-colored nails;
  • gradient jacket of bright red shades.

bright French manicure 2020Bright French manicure 2020trendy manicure

Bright manicure 2020 with a rub

For those fashionistas who want to amaze at first sight, a rubbed manicure is ideal. This relatively new direction will give a mirror shine and an amazing image to its owner. This effect is achieved thanks to a special powder and requires special skill and skillful polishing. Rubbing on a mega-fashionable “foamy” design will look luxurious. There are different types of pigments that give new manicure ideas 2020 and bright colors: pearl overflows, Maybug, metallic sheen, holographic glow.

Nail design options with rubbing:

  1. Multi-colored rubbing. Suitable for every day, relevant for the office bow.
  2. large flowers. It is carried out using modeling to make the petals voluminous and realistic.
  3. Mirror matte combination. This trend is starting to gain momentum due to its contrast.

bright manicure 2020 with rubmanicure ideas 2020 and bright colorsmanicure with rubbing

Bright manicure 2020 with a pattern

Creative drawings on nails can dilute any design and attract interested glances. Manicure 2020 in bright colors is achieved with catchy colors of nail art drawings. The length of the nail plate and the color of the design should be taken into account so that the result is perfect. It is not necessary to make a picture on all nails, select one of them so that the trendy bright manicure 2020 will be transformed and become original. A modular pattern is popular, which is performed on several adjacent nails and forms a solid image when the fingers are brought together.

What designs on nails are fashionable this season:

  • fruits (kiwi, watermelon, orange);
  • flowers (daisies, violets, orchids, roses);
  • graphic arts;
  • ethnic motives;
  • animal print;
  • floral ornaments;
  • inscriptions;
  • brand logos;
  • silhouettes of animals, birds, insects (flamingos, bears, dogs, giraffes);
  • complex design: landscapes, faces, architecture.

bright manicure 2020 with a patternmanicure ideas 2020 and bright colors

Bright manicure 2020 gradient

The gradient technique, or as it is also called — ombre, will create the coolest bright manicure of 2020 for you. It is a smooth transition from one color to another. It turns out very interesting if there is a transformation from dark to very light. On one nail, you can combine 2, 3 or more colors, creating a complex of rainbow transitions. On long nail plates, you can try a French manicure with a gradient effect — on the main surface or on the free tip. In this technique, you can paint all the nails or focus on one finger.

Decorated in bright colors, this manicure looks very stylish and extravagant. Any girl can master it and make a stylish gradient at home, and the longer the nail is, the more transitions you get. How to make ombre nails at home with a sponge:

  1. Treat the cuticle, cover the nail plate with a base and dry.
  2. Paint the nail with a base light background.
  3. On the sponge, apply several types of varnish with lines (depending on how many transitions you want to get), overlapping each other a little.
  4. Quickly transfer the rainbow design to the nail with patting movements, or by broaching, when the varnish dries, repeat this step if necessary.
  5. Cover the manicure with a transparent top-fixer.

  bright manicure 2020 gradientcool bright manicure 2020

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